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[Recap] Asia's Next Top Model Season 6 (2018) Episode 2

The Girl Who Had Two Chances

Some of the girls, especially Vy and Mia are sad because of Sharnie's departure. It reminds the quiet girls that it is a competition. The loud girls are happy for Jesslyn for surviving the elimination, except for Mia. And Rubini tells joke to Mia that there is an empty room in another room.

The mentors meet the girls. Monika is happy that her team is still full team. Shikin lets the girls to use Beauty to motivate them to beat her. Tu is not proud because 3 of her girls are in the bottom.

Makeover time! But this time is different. The girls will only know what they get after it is done.

Jachin wants to see someone crying because of makeover. Beauty, Jesslyn and Vy gets the same straight haircut. Vy demands different haircut and gets shorter hair. She cries at first, but she gets excited after it is done. Adela gets bangs which she feels makes it cuter and harder to work with. Han gets shoulder length perm with a bang which she kinda despises. Most of the girls do not receive drastic makeover. Han probably got the most drastic.

Cindy Mail! It's about ugly duckling. The girls think it is about looking ugly.

Mia comes to the quiet room because she feels Jesslyn, Pim and Rubini are too strong. She feels the quietest in loud room and the loudest in quiet room. The girls find out Mia makes note of everyone. Jesslyn feels creepy about it and thinks Mia is two faced. Jesslyn wants to confront Mia which we do not see.

The photoshoot is Swan Lake inspired editorial. The girls are going to be Black Swan or White Swan. Beauty gets a double chance as she wins best photo.

Mia is still talking about her beef with Jesslyn to Han and Jesslyn is not happy with it and wants to clear it out after photoshoot.

Han as Black Swan and Dana as White Swan starts boring as Han also struggles working with her long dress and jumping at the same time. Adela as Black Swan impresses Yu Tsai from the first frame, whereas Iko as White Swan struggles and overthinks.

Jachin as White Swan dominates the shoot since the beginning, while Beauty as Black Swan struggles. Jachin tries to retie her shoes, but Yu Tsai makes it as a part of the shoot. Mia as Black Swan and Jesslyn as White Swan shows their feeling in the photoshoot. Yu Tsai can feel the clashing of energy from them. Vy as Black Swan and Pim as White Swan struggle to work in the beginning, but they seem getting better. Rubini as Whit Swan is disappointed with Beauty who does not try to make a connection with her as Beauty tries to redeem herself from the first photoshoot.

Jesslyn confronts Mia again as she believes Mia tries to make her look as the bitch while she already apologizes. Dana and the others come and Mia feels ganged up. Adela asks Mia to remove herself from this situation. I love how they staged the drama! They show Jesslyn with White Swan gangs, whereas Mia is with Black Swan gangs.

Mia along with Adela and Vy packs her bag to move to quiet room. The girls seem so divided by their room.

The guest judge is a TV host Marion Caunter.

Dana & Han: The judges love Dana as Yu Tsai calls her Prima-Dana. Han gets mixed review. Cindy worries that it is just a lucky shot.

Iko & Adela: It takes an explanation to show what Iko is doing which is not good, while Adela receives all the praise with her performance.

Mia & Jess: The judges feel both of them do not really commit to the character, while Cindy thinks Mia is on the way there, but Jesslyn is not clicking at all.

Vy & Pim: Marion praises them for their good teamwork, but she wants more vulnerability from Pim and Cindy feels that Vy's emotion is too raw.

Beauty & Jach: Jach receives universal praise with her performance and how she transform it to be a beautiful mistake, while Beauty gets outshone by Jach, even though she is mid air and bigger than Jach in the shot.

Beauty & Rubini: The judges feel Rubini looks lost, while Beauty recover from the first photoshoot. However, Cindy feels her shot is almost identical with her shot last week.

The girl who has had the best performance is ...

1. Jachin 10+9.8+9.0=28.8
2. Adela 9.5+9.5+9.0=28.0
3. Pim 9.5+9.0+7.5=26.0
4. Dana 9.0+9.5+6.0=24.5
5. Vy 8.0+9.0+7.5=24.5
6. Mia 7.0+9.3+7.0=23.3
7. Han 8.5+8.5+6.0=23.0
8. Beauty 7.5+8.5+4.0=20.0
9. Rubini 6.5+7.5+5.0=19.0

Who will stay? Will it be Jesslyn who is just surviving? Will it be Iko who is lost in translation?

10. Jesslyn 17.5
Eliminated: Iko 16.5

Next week: Mia vs loud girls! Maureen's appearance! Someone is fainting!

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