Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Hi all ! Long time no see. What are you doing ? I was busy and am still busy with my university project. All of my loyal readers might forget about my blog since I have not posted anything in the last four months.


After the quite long hiatus, I decided to change the format of my movie review and hopefully, my blog interface also somewhere around July or August. New format, new blog :)

This June, July and August, we have three new cycles or seasons of Top Model franchise. I is one of the reason why I decided to do a post again :) They are Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model in June, Australia's Next Top Model in July and the original of Top Model series in August. There are several changes or addition in the group of judges of BINTM and AusNTM. We will have to say goodbye to the fierce Whitney Port and the funny guy Julian Macdonald. They are replaced by ex X-Factor UK judge, Danii Minogue. We will welcome Australian actor model, Didier Cohen as the new judge and Miss Universe 2004, Jennifer Hawkins as the new host.

The good news is that I planned to do recap of three Top Model series. I also planned to do a new way to do a recap. It will be a surprise ;) However, I WILL NOT post a recap as fast as I did to Asia's Next Top Model since I live in Indonesia and I am not that free until early of July because of final projects, but I will try to post as fastest as I can :)

So, wanna be on top ?


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