Wednesday, January 15, 2014

[Recap] Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 2 (2014) Episode 2 : This is a Competition and It's Getting Real

The Girl Who Attracts a Following

Nicole is so emotional after the elimination. She suddenly punches a board. The cameraman tries to record every single moment, but Nicole does not like and asks he or she to get the camera off her face. The girls try to make her calm. Nicole feels that happens because of estrogen bomb. Hmm... does she mean PMS ?
Jihye feels glad Elektra gets eliminated because she feels that Elektra is not a model. Josephine feels that Tia is her biggest threat because she does not expect Tia to get best photo in the first week. Janice and Tia are good friends. Janice loves Tia, whereas Natalie does not like Tia. Natalie feels that Tia shows off her big boobs way too much. Natalie is sure that she got bigger boob when she was seventeen, but she did not show off.

Adam comes to the house with Bip Ling who is model, DJ, and also blogger. Bip Ling shares tips and tricks in selfie. The girls are divided into three teams. Top 3 of last photoshoot; Tia, Sheena, and Josephine are team leaders. Tia is teamed up with Janice, Marie, and Thao. Sheena is teamed up with Poojaa, Jodilly, and Jihye. Josephine is teamed up with Natalie, Katarina, and Bona. No one picks Nicole and Sneha. So, both of them create the forth team.

Josephine feels that her team does many interesting and poses, while Team Sheena is not allowed to take pictures in public are by the security. Team Tia does what Tyra calls as random act of modelling. Nicole does not like the challenge, even though she is a photographer in real life. Sneha feels that Nicole is too bossy where it should be a fun challenge. Thank God, Nicole is Sneha's friend. Sneha allows her to do so.

The girls are back and Bip Ling will choose the winner. Their photos are reviewed in seconds. The winner is Poojaa. 

She looks surprised. Bip likes her curve, angle, and background. Tia does not feel the same way. She feels Poojaa's photo is boring and gives I-don't-care pose. Poojaa gets a one night stay at Pangkor Laut resort by luxury helicopter and she can pick one girl to join her trip. She picks Katarina.

The girls go to Batu Caves. Janice does not feel well during photoshoot. She feels sore throat and dehydration. Joey welcomes her. She tells that they will wear Melinda Looi's collection. The photographer is Mau Maricio. He has photographed some Top Model contestants, such as Sophie Sumner, the British winner of America's Next Top Model. They only get fifteen frames this week. The girls need to give offering before doing photoshoot in sacred place, but the monkey are ready to raid their offering during their journey to the top with stairs.

Joey is the creative director this week. I think they follow Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model where each of the resident judges become the creative director.

Thao is tired. She is scared that her tired face will be translated to her pictures, but the photographer likes her face and pose. Jihye gives artistic poses. The photographer feels that she starts slow, but she finishes strong. Jihye is confident that she will safe this week. The photographer feels that Janice is fun. She is sick, but she can hold her pose before he takes her photo.

Bona does not give variation. Even worse, she looks like she is doing taichi. The photographer feels that she does not get it in the first ten frames, but Joey thinks that she gets it in first few frames. The photographer still thinks that she does not get anything. Poojaa does not get any feedback. Katarina gets good feedbacks. Natalie is doing good. Sheena flows her dress. Joey gets her great fierce face, but she needs softer one. The photographer feels that she is consistent and delivers in 80% of the film.

Sneha thinks that her religion gives an advantage to her, especially with the background. The photographer likes her and reminds him of Joey Mead King. Marie does not give movements. The photographer feels that Tia tries to move, but she fails. She knows that she will not win this time. Jodilly is excited to work with Mau and Joey. The photographer sees that she tries to do anything to get a perfect photo. The photographer likes how her moving and she moves well. Josephine gets the shot. She has fun during the photoshoot.

Poojaa and Katarina goes to Pungkor Laut Resort. Both of them enjoy their short trip. The girls in the house get TRESemme bag. It has a lot of stuffs and they like it. Sneha puts her messed laundry near the ironing section. Janice does not like it because she feels disrespected, but Tia does not really care about it. Janice asks Sneha to clean it up, but Sneha does not want to do it. Janice puts gordyn on the messed laundry. Poojaa and Katarina are back. She does not want to show off if she is not asked. Tia does not like it and she chooses to talk with Janice about it.

Judging Panel :
The best photograph of each week will be on the center stage in panel. So, this week is Tia's photo on there. Guest judges are Melinda Looi and Bip Ling.

When Nadya sees Tia's best shot, she worries to look for the rest. Mike does not like her claw and unseen hand. Adam feels that she does four steps backward. I am not a fan of this photo. Her pose and expression do not do her any favor, but it is not the worst or second to worst photo this week in my opinion.

Sheena delivers amazing shot. The dress looks amazing and she also looks amazing. I like this photo better than Jodilly's.

Bip Ling likes Poojaa's chic pose. Boring ! She is a pretty girl who does pretty faces and safe poses. I hope her makeover can step up her game.

Sneha looks like a shapeshifter in Joey's opinion, but Adam does not like this photo. I like it ! I like her pose and expression. What a great shot !

Thao looks like a queen in Adam's opinion. Melinda feels that it is a nice photo to show the outfit. She looks gorgeous !

Adam feels that Jihye sells the dress, but Nadya feels that her face looks like that she is in trouble. Totally agree ! She gives good pose, but not good face.

Janice tells the judges that she had high fever during the shoot. Melinda likes her pose with stair, but it is better to sell the dress if she is standing. Joey feels that she looks not well in he photo and thanks her for trying. She looks sick and much older, but her pose is acceptable.

Bona's regal look is not translated into photo in Adam's opinion. I only like ... her elegant fingers.

Marie gives half-top that Bip likes and also half-bottom that Bip does not like. Her face is good, but her hand and leg is not good.

Natalie gives the pose and expression that Mike likes. Melinda likes how she shows the dress. I love everything in this photo, except her awkward hand.

Jodilly's photo is incridible in Nadya's opinion. Adam is jealous of her because she does so much better than him. I do not know the correlation, but this is amazing !

Nicole serves Joey a kung fu princess. Melinda even wants to borrow her photo for promotion. AMAZING ! She gives kung fu ballerina pose with fierce face.

Joey feels improvement from Katarina. Mike feels her happy face works. I feel this photo is quite awkward, but a plus point for her pointed toe.

Adam feels Josephine's photo is random, but her awkward poisiton works well with the background. Melinda knows that it is a hard dress to pose, but it is perfect for her. I like this photo. I like her cheekbone, but her cheekbone does not look good here. She looks like as if she is really thin and sick.

The drama starts during the deliberation. Katarina confronts Tia because Katarina gets the fact the Tia has problem with her from Janice. Cursing, cursing, and cursing. Tia speaks a super fatale sentence that might make her attacked in social media by fellow Fillipino. I know that she only refers slut to Katarina, but the Fillipino might be hurt because of that word. Katarina wants to wash Tia's mouth with soap because Tia says so many bad and rude words.

Janice whom other girls feel that she is Tia's follower confronts Sneha. Another cursing, cursing, and cursing. Katarina feels that Janice is a psychotic. Sheena also feels that Janice is too agressive. Janice is stressing that she is not there to make best friends. "This is competition and it's getting real".

Nadya's Call-Out :
The winner of best photograph this week is ... Nicole ! Well deserved !

2. Jodilly
3. Sheena
4. Thao
5. Katarina
6. Natalie
7. Sneha
8. Janice
9. Josephine
10. Poojaa
11. Jihye
12. Marie

The last photograph belongs to ... Tia.
Eliminated : Bona

Nadya thanks Bona's participation in Bahasa Indonesia. Bona is so grateful with her experience in Asia's Next Top Model. She says that this is not her last.

I think the elimination is on point. The judges doubt her age since the first episode and when Bona fails to impress, it is time to chop her from the block.

Next Week : Another Sneha vs Janice and Tia ! Runway on Top of the tower ! Photoshoot with ice ! Poojaa Cries ! Marie is brought by ambulance !

Watch the offical video of Asia's Next Top Model Season 2 Episode 2  HERE ! However, it is only available in selected countries. Other options are to watch in here or here!


  1. can you leave a Download Link for this EP ?

    1. I will post it as soon as I get it. Keep yourself updated to this recap :)

  2. Replies
    1. I just realized it after you posting this comment. Thanks !

  3. Thank you for keeping us updated! We appreciate it. A video of the episode on this blog site will be much appreciated. Thanks!

    1. Just check it. I have updated this recap with the link ;)

  4. Thanks for posting this one! I have been following your blog since last year. Well as a Filipino, I am surprised by what Tia said to Katarina. We know this is a contest but we also have to remember the power of social media. Many Filipinos poured their sentiments on Facebook and other sites over the incident between Katarina and Tia. But still, this is a reality show and brewing tensions and altercations among participants are common. I have nothing else to do but to cheer for my Pinay girls, Jodill and Katarina. I also love Thao! This Vietnamese girl is a silent killer and I just love her shots so far.

    1. Thank you so much for your loyalty ! I really appreciate that. I hope you can post comment each week. I am so opened for a discussion :) I think most of Filipino will take Tia's rude word to Katarina as racist. I think she only refers sl*t to Katarina, not Filipino. It is still a very rude word to say. This is a reality show. It gets money from drama. Luckily, the girls seem to reconcile with each other after the show. We can see it from their social media.

  5. can u post the episode 2 that can download like the previous episode

    1. Unfortunately, I have not found it, but I will always update this recap as soon as I get the link that can be downloaded. Keep yourself updated !

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