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[Recap] Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 1 (2012) Episode 4 : 14, 13, 12, 11 and ...

The girls praise Helena's photo. It makes Helena feels stronger, while Jee is very happy that she is third. Aastha cries because she worries that she will be eliminated and she feels that she gives effort and emotion in the photo. Trang and Stephanie try to make her calm. Nadya Mail ! It is about sexy back. Stephanie thinks that will be runway again, but Melissa doubts it because they have two runway challenges in a row.


Joey comes to the house. She gives lesson about bringing sexy back from body movement, curve and confident. They need to change position and face. She teaches them how to be sexy and high fashion. Stephanie feels that sexy is not strength, while Helena is very confident about being sexy.

Challenge time ! Joey gives the girls 20 minutes to put sexy make up and match with their sexiest outfit. Joey gives them another one minute to pick up household item to be used. More out of the box the item, more chances to win the challenge. Melissa brings vacuum cleaner. Jee brings tissue box because it is white and matches with her outfit.

Sofia with frying pan feels awkward. Helena feels that Sofia gives same pose and she does not use her potential.

Helena with phone gives sexiness up and down. She looks like that she wants to say "call me maybe" in very sexy way.

Rachel with mixer, Filantropi with teapot, Aastha with CD, Melissa with vacuum cleaner, Kate with umbrella, Trang with book, Stephanie with spoon, Jessica with bowl. They are not that lucky to get screen time enough :(

Jee with tissue box blows the tissue, wipes her tears with tissue and covers her face with tissue. It looks funny instead of sexy and high fashion.

Joey thinks that Jessica is out of the box. Joey is happy that Aastha improves with her eyes. Joey also thinks that Jee is out of the box too, but she is out too far. However, Joey likes how Jee thinks. And the winner is ... Helena ! How come Joey's comment to the winner is not shown. It is so weird. Yeah, Helena is so happy. She gets a dinner in Australia Osia with Todd and Joey. She also can pick two girls to join her, she chooses Rachel and Jee. Helena says that she chooses both of them because they are the only girls who accept them, while the other girls do not like she does well. Wow, I smell drama and fake.

Aastha thinks that Jessica should win the challenge because Jessica smiles and looks so good, while Helena is lucky because she chooses phone as her prop. Helena asks the girls to swim together, but all of them refuse. They are starting to be annoyed by Helena with her over confident and "friendliness". Helena knows about it and chooses not to care about that. Finally, the drama comes to the house and Helena is the next victim.

Helena, Jee and Rachel have a dinner with Todd and Anthony. Helena talks to much and feels as if she owns that dinner. Rachel just keeps quiet because she feels it is not her personality to be talkative like Helena. They went home and Rachel directly shares to the other girls about the dinner. Helena tries to be friend with Jessica. Sofia thinks that Helena manipulates things and she does not trust Helena though. Helena who appears to be very funny and kinda adorable in the first three episodes, but now she looks like as if she is fake. Poor Helena. Nadya Mail ! It is about sweat and tears. Will it be ... onion ?

The theme of the photoshoot is boxing and sexy, not slutty. The international model, celebrity and also host, Jason Godfrey will be their partner for the photoshoot. The photographer is Todd Anthony Tyler. I wonder how many times that they will use Todd over and over again. Lack of budget maybe ?

Aastha is ready to punch someone if she needs to. She feels that she is not sexy, but surprisingly she gives curves and makes progress. Todd is happy about that.

Jee does not like to work with male model because she does not know what to do. Her pose is all over the place. Not a good week for her.

Sofia is nervous. She even tries to shorter her body for Jason and does not look sexy, but she does not make her body look shorter anymore and works it.

Stephanie worries with shirtless Jason.

Jessica does weel, Rachel does well.

Trang gets her period. She is not prepared to always use G-string and it makes Daniel mad at her. Trang also does quite well. Jessica, Rachel and Trang do not get much screen time, so there is almost no comment of their photoshoot.

Kate warms up and makes her knees dirty. Daniel gets angry to her and suddenly she becomes quiet and serious. She is not crazy as Todd expected. She does not want to touch Jason because everyone will think that she flirts with him.

Filantropi gets full body covered outfit. She tries her very best, but she is still flat. She does not know how to be sexy.

Melissa is versatile and unstoppable. She tries different poses and Todd is happy about that.

Helena looks fat and she is on the edge for being overly sexy. Todd is not impressed. Helena knows that she is not getting good photo, especially because she does not get Daniel's praise as usual.

Kate worries about elimination. She wants to write something to talk to the judges. Rachel and Filantropi encourage her to do it. Helena really worries about elimination and she cries. She shows that she really wants it.

Judging Panel :
The guest judge is Jason Godfrey. Joey Mead King replaces Daniel Boey for this week's panel.

Melissa works really hard and nails it. Todd praises her for being sexy all the time.

Trang looks modelesque and sexy. The judges see improvement from her.

Jessica still looks shy in the photo. She needs to be sexy and confident and work with her mouth.

Jee gives funny face. Joey thinks that modelling might not right for her.

Sofia serves sexiness. Joey thinks that it will be bad, but Sofia surprises her. She should use her height more.

Stephanie gives a good connection. Jason thinks that sexy is her thing.

Filantropi is a memorable name, but not memorable shoot for Jason. She is afraid to be too sexy and slutty. She ends up look flat.

Rachel is the only one who looks at Jason and that's the only good photo of her.

Aastha gives emotion through her face. She needs to be more confident.

Helena's best shot is the only photo that is not too sexy. She does sexy agressive during photoshoot.

Kate should use her energy and be happy, but she also needs to control it. She writes letter for them because she thinks that she does not do good. She writes about her seriousness in the competition.

Nadya's Call-Out :
Best picture goes to ... Sofia.
It is good-but-not-great photo in my opinion.
2. Aastha
3. Stephanie
4. Kate (I think Kate should get the best photo instead of Sofia.)
5. Melissa
6. Jessica
7. Rachel
8. Helena
9. Trang (It is a little bit shocking because I think the judges like her photo.)

Another predictable bottom two. Who stays ? The girl who stands out in person, but fades away in photo ? Or the girl who has potential, but she has not really improved ?

Unfortunately, both of them are eliminated ! This is Asia's Next Top Model version of shocking elimination. Not that shocking though because it is already in last week's preview. Filantropi and Jee do not hug the girls. They directly leave the room. Jee does not expect to be eliminated this week. Filan writes a letter for the girls. Her last statement is "I'm not catastrophe, I'm Filantropi." A good closing statement, Filan !

Next Week : Filantropi's farewell gives a shocking news ! Melissa cries because she feels unfair of something ! Daniel Boey shouts at one girl to ask if she does not understand (It might be Trang) !

You can watch it here.

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