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[Recap] Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 2 (2014) Episode 1 : I See Myself as A Top Model

The Girl Who Walks the Walk

The girls arrive at Kuala Lumpur. Nadya tells the reason why it is held in Kuala Lumpur because of Visit Malaysia 2014. And of course, Visit Malaysia 2014 is one of the sponsor ! Sneha from India tells her story that she had no passport and visa before joining Asia's Next Top Model.
Jodilly tells her background story. She was born in poor family and proud of that. She wants to join this competition for her mom. As a contrast for Jodilly, the girls arrive at Ritz Carlton Kuala Lumpur where the new Top Model house is. They are amazed with the luxurious room they get.

Nadya comes to their room. The girls are excited for Nadya. Nadya tells that their first challenge will come very soon. The girls go around their room. They are crazy and they scream because they are excited. However, Sheena from Malaysia and Janice from Indonesia can not stand that. Josephine from Malaysia, Bona from Indonesia, Jessie from China, and Thao from Vietnam are roommates. Janice is so confident about herself and she is only focused on herself.

The girls share their background. Bona tells that she is the oldest and she has one daughter. Katarina is not that confident because almost all of the girls say that they are model. Nicole immediately worries about the hygiene of the house. So, she creates house rules and the girls immediately suspect Nicole has OCD. Sneha is the one who is horrified the most because she likes messy.

Nadya Mail ! You've talked the talk now you've to walk the walk. Joey Mead King, model mentor and Adam Williams, the new movement coach and resident judge welcome the girls in the swimming pool. Joey announces their first challenge is to walk on water. Water is Jessie's biggest fear. So, if this challenge eliminates one girl, Jessie has 95% to go home. 5% is her chance to conquer her fear and surprises the judges.

Jodilly opens the runway and Joey feels that they already get the winner. She slips once, but the judges praise her for a nice safe. Elektra slips a lot and excuses that the runway is very narrow. Nicole walks shaky. Marie gets a shout from Adam not to wet the jacket because he wants to wear it. She slips in the end of the runway, but two shirtless guy saves Marie the jacket. Poojaa walks calmly. The judges feel that Tia brings too much hair in the runway which should not be the focus of the runway.

Sneha gives a walk that Adam nor likes it or hate it. Katarina falls and she is the only one who falls. Janice slips a lot. Thao gets subtitles and I have predicted that when I watched her intro video. She makes sure herself not to fall. Jihye has the legs that Adam is craving to die for. Jessie does not even walk like in a runway. She looks down all the time and stops every few centimeters. Later on, she cries in the backstage.

Back to the house, Elektra is the least favorite girl in the house. Nicole feels that Elektra does not connect with anybody. Janice feels annoyed with her. Janice also thinks that she is an attention seeker. She likes to "sing" opera song that annoys everybody. Elektra states that she does not want to find friends, but she does not want to find enemies either. Janice and Nicole seem to be the loudest one and the storyteller throughout the competition.

The girls are having their first photoshoot in the competition. They will wear Innai Red's dresses and shoot their opening title. They have to walk with attitude and pose that will be shot by the new resident photographer and judge, Mike Rosenthal. As speculated, Nadya has to send someone home that day based on their performance in the runway challenge. Katarina is castigated for being the only one who falls, while Jessie is a real disaster and starts to cry.

The girl that goes to penthouse and packs her bag and goes home that early in the game is ... Jessie.

So predictable. Poor Jessie, but I have to agree with the judges. I saw her promotional photo and I knew that she will be the first few girls to go. She is so far below the standard of the latest China's Next Top Model Cycle 4. Asia's Next Top Model should be bigger and better, right ?

Damn ! The opening title as the first photoshoot is not creative, especially we have seen the photos weeks before the first episode airs. It is not interesting and surprising anymore, but we will see.

The girls only get ten frames. When they are photographed by Mike, another team shoot the photoshoot session as the opening title. That's why most of the shots are from sides and in profile.

Photoshoot :
Sheena (Malaysia) is first. Nadya and the notorious Kenneth Goh from Harper's Bazaar likes her poses because it fits with her personality.
Nicole (Singapore) is scared and it is translated into her films. Nadya feels that she is uncomfortable.
Adam asks Elektra (Hong Kong) to smile. Nadya, Kenneth, and Mike agree that she looks angry and needs to softer.
Poojaa (Singapore) does not give variety in expressions that Mike asks.
Jihye (South Korea) tries hard, really hard and Kenneth will give her 100 ... for her effort. Not a good comment.
Katarina (Philippines) is beautiful, but Kenneth feels that beauty is not enough.
Natalie (Taiwan) receives good, good, and good from Mike which is confusing for her. Mike still feels that she needs to find her angle and body position.
Josephine (Malaysia) does so well that makes Adam's day.
Sneha (India) is too pageantry and stiff in Nadya's opinion.
Mike feels that Marie (Japan) does not how to follow the direction and her body and pose.
Jodilly (Philippines) only gets a comment from Adam to close her mouth.
Nadya feels that Tia (Thailand) brings her personality into photoshoot.
Bona (Indonesia) gives strong pose and expression, but Mike feels that she is a little bit lost.
Thao (Vietnam) convines Mike that she is one of the strongest. She gives natural expression and variety of expressions.
Janice (Indonesia) is distracted with Mike's sexiness and she can not concentrate. Nadya and Kenneth feels that she brings the "attitude".

Nicole complains about the dirtiness in the house and how her rules do not work. Suddenly, she gets phone call from her dad that her grandma has passed away. She cries and she does not know what to do, whether she needs to go home or stay in the competition. In the end, it makes her wants to win more.

Judging Panel :
Guest judge is Kenneth Goh, the fashion director of Harper's Bazaar Singapore.

Josephine gives amazing cheek and present that Nadya likes. She likes the connection of her eyes. Joey adores her voice and thinks her photo is perfect.

Bona gives too much neck and nostrils and too safe. The judges like her jawline and elegant fingers.

Jihye looks stiff and lifeless.

Janice is disappointed with her photo, so are the judges.

Elektra is too fierce and looks like she is angry. She looks like that she is on the edge of building and trying to safe herself. The judges want her smile because they know her smile is good.

Marie gives a beautiful pose. Joey has faith in her.

Poojaa is emotionless and does not give variation in expression.

Thao looks disappointed, but Joey like it. She gives a perfect example how to pose fashionably aritistic in Adam's opinion.

Natalie does the opposite with the judges expectation to be angelic. Her face is too fierce and looks like demonic.

Tia gets a ten plus point for Joey. The judges praise her photo.

Katarina looks like she is in half-way posing. She brings chopped off fingers and scratches face fingers. However, Joey thinks that she is diamond in rough.

Nicole has to learn not to push her face because she already gets hard face. Her eyes is too squinty. She looks like she is in pain.
Jodilly gives a strong photo. Joey has in faith also in her that she can do more.

Sheena looks like a warrior. Joey warns the girls to watch out for her. Platinum blonde works with her.

Nadya warns Sneha not to take photo in profile anymore, because we want to see her face.

Nadya's Call-Out :
Best photograph goes to ... Tia !

2. Sheena
3. Josephine
4. Jodilly
5. Thao
6. Marie
7. Sneha
8. Janice
9. Bona
10. Katarina
11. Poojaa
12. Jihye
13. Nicole

The last photograph belongs to ... Natalie, but she needs to learn her features and angles.
Eliminated : Elektra

Elektra is relived to go home.

Thank God the photos are different. There seems to be another version for the opening title which is way better. The alternate opening title shows the girls from in front. However, some of the girls are better in the promotional photo than in the first photoshoot, such as Bona, Nicole, Katarina. I like her promotional a lot, but her first photo is too much in my opinion.

Tia is great, but I like Josephine's photo the best. As for Elektra, she also gets the least modelesque face in my opinion, both in promotional photo and her face daily in competition. I personally thinks that Nicole and Natalie have better photo than a quarter girls in the house. Elektra also has a better photo than Katarina, but Katarina is stronger, potential wise. So far, two great elimination. My favorites are quite similar with my early favorites. They are Josephine, Tia, Nicole and now Natalie ! I have to see Katarina and Thao more because they are quite under the radar in the first episode. Who are your favorites ? Tell me in the comment box ;) See you all next week !

Next Week : Nicole is under pressure and gets angry ! She even punches the wall and asks the crew to turn off the camera ! Tia vs Katarina ! Sneha vs Janice ! The girls meet the monkeys !

Watch Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 2 Episode 1 : here or here ! For Indonesian peeps, you can watch the official link here !


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