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[Recap] Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 1 (2012) Episode 3 : The Girls Go Up and Down

There are two boxes when the girls go back. They open the box and there are lot of wigs and Nadya Mail. Tomorrow is the make over time. Some of the girls are excited about it. Kate wants to get her hair shaved, while Filantropi wants to get a look that makes her look younger. Aastha is worried about the make over and she does not want to get her hair cut short, while Jessica wants to go short and has fun with it. Helena wants to get bang and long hair, but she will pretend she like her new look if she goes short.


The winning team get their photo screened in the house, but Helena thinks that Aastha does not deserve to get the best photo and also to stay in the competition because she does not look like she wants to be there. Rachel goes back and she looks like a robber that comes in the middle of the night. If Helena or Melissa does that, they will be crazy and makes all girls come to them very fast. The girls care about Rachel's health and everything is okay. I can see from the camaraderie that this modeltestants are way friendlier and care too each other than its original franchise.

So, Stephanie reveals something ! She is a mom. Her son's name is Kim Han Seol because the father of her son is Korean. She STATES that the girls are shock, but it does not show the girls look really shock like in the preview. I think they exaggerate the unimportant thing or information way too much.

Make over time !
Bei Si waits this from long time. She wants to get curly hair, but she gets blue black with bang. I prefer her old look. If I were Nadya, I would give her curly hair. NAY !

Helena wants to get a long and thick hair, but she gets a sharp edgy bob, same as Victoria Beckham's hair. She looks so much edgier than before. YAY !

Stephanie gets a wave and her hair becomes bigger with a little bit red-ish color. No comment on this style. If I were Nadya, I would give her thicker hair and straighter.

Sofia goes jet black. YAY !

Jee gets a bang and goes red. YAY ! That day is Jee's birthday and she likes her 'present'.

Aastha is nervous with her new look. She will go short. It helps her to show her feature, her bone structure. She does not like it. She feels it too short and she looks like a guy. I like her new look as much as the judges like it. So, YAY ! I know it is hard to get a short haircut for the first time.

Trang gets a mushroom bob style. NAY ! I prefer her previous bob. It is way better and more high fashion.

Rachel goes short to show her strong face. NAY ! I do not know why the judges want to keep Rachel and Aastha look similar. If I were Nadya, I would give her jet black and thicker hair. Rachel wants to get her hair shaved for cancer, but she is satisfied with her new look though.

Kate gets layers and goes blonde. She does not like it much because she thinks that it is too stereotypical. YAY ! She looks prettier with her new look.

Filantropi gets a deep red and balanced haircut. It is similar to Trang's makeover. Wish me luck in recognizing which is Filantropi and which is Trang. YAY ! It fits her, but I do not see the red colour in her hair. Filantropi feels younger in this hairstyle. Helena thinks that Filantropi is getting Trang's previous look, but it fits better in Filantropi. I smell hatred from Helena.

Melissa gets Kimora's hair, blonde and curly. NAY ! Curly YES, blonde HELL NO.

Jessica goes deep chestnut and short. She loves it. YAY ! She looks edgier with this look.

They go home and celebrate Jee's birthday. Rachel and Kate bake a cake for her. The girls give her letter and all of them laugh. They seem to have a good time. It is very different with ANTM that has more tension among the girls in the house. Jee usually does not remember her birthday. So, this celebration is special for her.

Nadya Mail ! Rat, Pig, and Racing ! It is Chinese zodiac ! Helena is the first one that notice that because she is Chinese. She writes down all the animals and the girls guess who is what. Melissa do not want to be pig. Helena says all the animals, including cock. Jee feels that word is inappropriate, she should say rooster instead. Jee wonders what animal fits with her hair and Helena says "COCK". I think Helena and Kate are the girls that make the house live and funny. The next morning, Melissa eats a lot for her breakfast. She has noodles, toasts, chips, and orange juice for her (usual) breakfast. No wonder she is a plus size fiercely real model.

Photoshoot ! The theme is Chinese zodiac and it takes place in Hong San Sae Temple. They will wear outfit from Tube Galler from Thai designer, Saksit and Phisit. The photographer is Akif Hakan Celebi from Hong Kong. As you can guess, Helena knows him and he is her favorite photographer.

Jessica (Rabbit) needs to work with the outfit more. She might be in danger.

Melissa (Pig) is pissed off when she gets pig, but she tries her best. She interprets pig as lazy. She takes direction well. She does good this week. She will be saved.

Trang (Goat) tries to softer her look and it does not work. It is a disappointment.

Filantropi (Dragon) improves and she becomes fierce. Her eyes also give fierce look.

Sofia (Snake) tries to be mysterious.

Kate (Monkey) gives too much same poses and it is not good.

Rachel (Horse) is very strong. She works the dress. The dress is actually longer, but it does not show. I do not see horse thing in her dress, but I think she does well.

Stephanie (Rooster) rocks it.

Helena (Tiger) gives great poses and ferocious look. She tries to be crouching tiger and hidden tiger. She tells in her funny way. You can imagine that.

Aastha (Mouse) complains a lot in the interview. Daniel is disappointed with her performance this week.

Bei Si (Dog) is too cute. Some of her shot do not work. She repeats the same pose all the time. I do not see dog thingy in her outfit. Not a good week for her.

Jee (Ox/Bull) is asked to look angry. She asks back the photographer to say something that can make her angry. She gives good poses, but she changes poses too fast. She also moves a lot and having a hard time to hear. She feels the photo session is too short because she wants to bring more. She needs time to balance the horn and the dress is too tight. This is kinda tricky because I think the photographer likes it, but Jee is very worried about her shot.

Judging Panel :
The guest judge is Saksit from Tube Galler.

Sofia needs try to fake it, even though she might not know what to do. Daniel does not like her photo.

Stephanie's photo is one of Daniel's favorite. She is stretching her neck. Saksit thinks her photo is high fashion. However, she needs to look more modelesque as a person.

Jee's photo is great and beautiful. Nadya states that Jee is the most improve girl that week.

Filantropi gets a welcome. She steps up her game before it is too late.

Trang does not give a goat. Saksit says that nothing special in her photo. Todd says that she is the weakest in front of camera.

Melissa serves a nice sad pig. Surprisingly, the judges think that she has better photo than Trang.

Rachel is wearing the outfit. She does not let the judges see that her dress is too long.

Kate is fierce, but she needs to tell story in her photo.

Bei Si does not show progress. She should communicate more with the photographer if she does not know what to do. Saksit feels that her photo works. A mixed review, but she might be in danger.

Helena embodies tiger, but she needs to remember to strecth her neck.

Jessica's skirt looks flat. She should give more choice and variation.

Aastha's pose is too weird. She says that she points her finger to show her mouse ear. Saksit feels that she has no energy and lack of confidence.

Nadya's Call-Out :
Best picture goes to ...

Totally agree !

2. Stephanie
3. Jee
4. Rachel
5. Filantropi
6. Sofia
7. Melissa
8. Jessica
9. Kate
10. Trang (She needs to give more expression.)

The predictable bottom two. Who gets the chop ? Is it a classic china beauty with no progress ? Or is it the girl with the most amaizng feature, but the judges not yet see emotion ? Another predictable elimination.

11. Aastha
12. Bei Si

Bei Si is eliminated because she is lack of instinct and she maybe, MAYBE not a top model material.

Next Week : Boxing with Male Model, Jason Godfrey ! Helena looks really fat ! Wardrobe malfunction drives Daniel mad, Trang is in trouble ! A Shocking Elimination !

My guess for shocking are Trang or Rachel. Do not hate me, Trang's fans. It is just my guess and you should proud of it because I consider Trang as a strong finalist and it will be a shocking if she is eliminated. However, my feeling says Rachel. I am also thinking about the possibility of double elimination too. Stay tuned for the next recap, this week's photo and link to watch (if any) :) 

For the official youtube link, you can watch it here.

You can watch it in four parts. Just click the word below. After that, you need to press play and wait for a while for commercial and buffering. Happy watching :)
Part 1 
Part 2 
Part 3 
Part 4 


  1. Thanks for the review!

    I'm glad they say "shocking" in next week's sneak peek... That can't be Melissa, of course. :P

  2. hi broo, its me again,,i'm so glad nd thanks lot for give me a link to watch it,, but honestly i don't understand how to play a video?, i already open that link and then the video comes out but then appears like a warning with ! marks,in chinese words,, so please help how to make it works, i'm sorry for always make you so annoyed by me, cus i really want it to watch so badly,,,thanks a lot for nd keep on love it,,heee peace VD

    1. It's okay ;) Thanks for your loyalty though :) I already open that again. All you need is just wait, it takes time to buffer the video like youtube video. Try it again maybe ? :)

    2. yap broo but,, it's look like doesn't work for me and i don't know why,maybe my connection cus first time it can to load but in a moment error again,so its fine and thanks for spend your time to get that link,, actually i never can't see it but don't worry i've already this site to read and imagine a review for that show from you,, i'll always look to this blog for what happen next,, thanks brooo,, hope u the best in all, byee love it, :D

    3. maybe you can wait for its official release in your own country's TV station or wait for the official team upload each episode in youtube :) btw are you from Indonesia ? your name sounds Indonesian or Malay :)

  3. Trang was eliminated last night. And we're angry. Unfair. Trang isnt good at English but she is profesional.

  4. Maybe , they didn't want Vietnamese model (Trang) to have a chance win in this year again.And her English is not good that doesn't mean her performance not well.They didn't give her chances.feel sorry for you(Trang).No one is perfect and they too.Finally, they are also humans.Human is jealous....Their teacher are given them many chances but they forgot how to give it to others.:(((

    But it is over.:))).Trang , you just think that is an experience to step up (strong step) .Nothing is end.keep it up and look up.proud of u.;).



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