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[Recap] Asia's Next Top Model Season 3 (2015) Episode 1: "You're a model, not a horse."

The Girl in a Spin
The girls arrive at Top Model House.The girls are separated into a group bedroom. They get a package from Close Up and TRESemme on their bed. Georgina Mail ! They are going to meet at Singapore's Highest Point, One Altitude.

Georgina and Joey test the girls' runway walk, but Joey shows it how it is done. The standouts from the runway walk are Barbara and Monika. Monika seems to be Georgina and Joey's favorite. The standouts for "another" reason are Melissa, Shareeta, and Rani. When Melissa walks, Joey immediately speaks "You're a model, not a horse." Shareeta looks to pageantry, while she has a background in pageantry. Rani is a pure train wreck. Georgina and Joey ask them to practice for tomorrow's runway challenge. Monika and Gani help the other girls by teaching them how to walk.

The guest judge for the runway challenge is Marina Fairfax from Storm Model Management. The runway has a twist in the end. There is a turntable in the end of the runway. Some of the girls slip. There is no epic fall in this runway like Katarina's in the previous season. 

The standouts are still Barbara and Monika, but Amanda and Loretta do improve in the challenge. The weakest girls in the runway are still the same. They are Rani for looking too intense, Shareeta for overthinking, and Melissa for being another train wreck. The winner of the first challenge is Barbara. She gets 12 outfits from Zalora as the prize. I watched the live runway and I was impressed with the girl with a green skirt. It turns out to be Barbara who wins the challenge.

The theme of the photoshoot is high fashion swimwear shoot. They get 5 minutes for the photoshoot with Mike Rosenthal as the photographer, Kenneth Goh, and Joey Mead King. Barbara and KB are confident because they have done swimwear photoshoots before. Melissa, Celine, Rani, and Sharetta struggles the most in the photoshoot, but Melissa starts to get better after doing a weird dance move to get into it.

When the girls go back to the house, Barbara gets her prize delivered to the house. Rani shows her drumming skills while Barbara walking the runway. Celine and Shareeta are nervous about the elimination because of their performance in the photoshoot.

Judging Panel
The prize for winning Asia's Next Top Model Season 3 is a Subaru XV STI, becoming the face of TRESemme 2015, cover and fashion spread for Harper's Bazaar Singapore, and modelling contract with Storm London.

The judges are Georgina Wilson, Alex Perry, Joey Mead King, and Mike Rosenthal. The guest judge is Kenneth Goh.

Joey feels she looks like a Polynesian princess. Kenneth likes how she has the face of angel and the body of devil. Mike feels that she owns the set. Barbara looks amazing, even though it is not that high fashion in my opinion.

Alex loves the photo. She looks soft and gorgeous. I like how simple the photo is, but it looks great.

Georgina feels that she makes it easy to get this photo and it is a sign of a top model. Kenneth names her as the girl with the flick. Mike likes how she does not wait for direction to give variety. I am not feeling the same vibe with the judges. I like her pose, but I feel something odd with her eyes. Not my favorite for this week.

Georgina feels that this photo is more appealing for men than for women. Kenneth wants to see different side of her. KB is definitely a bombshell who will do well in glamor. She serves sexy in this photo, but I agree with Kenneth about showing different side of her.

Alex feels that she is photogenic and that saves her photo. Joey feels that she doubts herself and does not fire in her. Her face is gorgeous, but her pose is boring and too safe. She did great in the promo shoot. I know she can do better.

George feels that she looks scared and unsure. Alex loves how she dresses for elimination, but it does not translate in the photoshoot. Kenneth wants to feature her in the magazine for her look in the elimination, but not for her photo. The very first thing comes in mind for a high fashion theme is this pose. The pose is not bad, but her face is lack of passion and emotion. She got a great fashion taste. I hope she can translate that for the photoshoot.

Kenneth feels her body is interesting because it is not big enough for plus size, but it is not skinny enough. Alex feels that her body needs to be more athletic. Her face is blank. She looks like just standing. It is not a good shot.

Georgina feels that she looks like a sexy woman. Alex sees this as a Victoria Secret model. Joey likes how she picks up fast and understands direction. Amanda looks stunning in this photo. She looks young, child-alike, and innocent, but she can transform into this sexy woman. What a great photo !

Alex feels that is more catalog, not a fashion magazine. Joey feels this is super safe. This photo is safe and beautiful. It works really well if the brief is a sexy photoshoot, but it is not.

Georgina feels high fashion, but more to men magazine because it is a lot sexier. Joey feels this photo represents women. Tahlia looks beautiful, but sorry, I think this photo's focus is on her booty rather than her face. It is too sexy for high fashion in my opinion.

Joey feels her body is fantastic, but this photo needs a life. Mike feels that she does not bring it. Ken feels that she is not a top model material especially after saying she feels that she does good by 85%. I feel that she looks like in a candid and think what I am going to do next after this photoshoot ends.

Alex feels this is beautiful and there is intensity in her eyes. Georgina feels that her face is striking and not looking anything else. It is simple and gorgeous. Her face and bone structure is amazing. This will work best if it is a close up shot.

Mike feels that she is striking in person, but not in her photo. Alex wants to pretend that this photo never happens. Georgina sees no confident in her. I have to credit her for being aware of her fat rolls, but if she already knows it earlier, she should have the solution to give her right angle in the photoshoot.

Alex feels that is an amazing fashion photo and she looks twice taller. Joey says that her photo is great because Mike and Kenneth help her to get there. It is an amazing shot, one of my favorites this week.

First model safe and still in the competition is ...
2. Barbara
3. Monika
4. Tahlia
5. Gani
6. Aimee
7. Loretta
8. KB
9. Franchesca
10. Melissa
11. Kiana
12. Rani

Who stays ? Will it be Celine who has passion and wants this, but she needs to improve ? Or will it be Shareeta who has to use her instinct and stop thinking ?

13. Celine
Eliminated: Shareeta

My Call-Out:
1. Barbara
2. Amanda
3. Aimee
4. Gani
5. Loretta
6. KB
7. Monika
8. Franchesca
9. Tahlia
10. Melissa
11. Kiana
12. Rani
13. Celine
14. Shareeta

I agree with Shareeta's elimination because she is very insecure in the whole episode and her performance this week in every challenge is poor. Celine deserves to stay because she shows something interesting from her. Do you guys agree with elimination ? Who do you think did the best this week ? Sound off below !

You can watch the episode here !

Next Episode: K-Pop Dance Challenge ! Celine is out of the rhythm ! Kiana makes the house full of enemies ! K-Pop Group Photoshoot !

The groups for next week photoshoot are:

Loretta, Barbara, Aimee
Melissa, Gani, Celine
Amanda, Franchesca, Monika
KB, Tahlia, Rani, Kiana


  1. Episode 1 link please. T.T

  2. Ed William BirkinMarch 27, 2015 at 5:18 AM

    Do you happen to have the full episode link to this one? :)

  3. link pleasseeeeeeeee

  4. where can i wath this pleassse

  5. @nukira @Ed William Birkin @Jesse hi guys, please check the sentence before next episode and click "here". better watch it asap :)

  6. The thing that annoys me is the lack of diversity, almost all the girls are from a South-east Asian background with some East Asian contestants of Chinese descent, Not a single South Asian/Desi looking contestant in the show, I mean are all of them dead? There are 3 Filipino contestants in the show, could they not make room for at least 1 Indian?



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