Wednesday, June 7, 2017

[Recap] Asia's Next Model Season 5 (2017) Episode 10: This is Asia's Next Top Model, not Asia's Next Top Best Friend

The Girl Who Became Friends and Foes

Cindy introduces Xiao Qing as a contestant who joins for the rest of the competition. Cindy also tells the girls that they are going to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The girls ask questions to their newest competitor, Xiao Qing. It turns out that Xiao Qing is an undercover judges. She is a fashion designer. She wants to make the girls feel less secure and push their competitive spirit.

The judges; Cindy, Cara, and Yu Tsai talk about Top 3 moments while enjoying a yacht in Sunway Resort and Spa.

Top 3 Model House Moments:
3. Moving In
2. Bad Girls vs Good Girls
1. Challenge Results

Top 3 Catfights:
3. Clara vs Tu
2. Jennica vs Maureen
1.  Nametha vs The Twins vs Clara

Top 3 Most Dramatic Judges:
3. Cara
2. Cindy
1. Yu Tsai

Top 3 Judging Highs:
3. Dark Horse (Heidi)
2. On point, On brief, On brand (Cindy)
1. Phoenix Rising (Dorothy)

Top 3 Flawsome Moment:
3. Daddy's Little Girl
2. Tongue Tied
1. LOL

Top 3 Frenemy Moment:
3. Tu vs Maureen
2. Clara vs Nametha
1. Dorothy vs Valerie

Top 3 OMG Moment:
3. Client from Hell
2. Stunt Models
1. Tu's Brave Heart

Top 3 Transformations:
3. Miss Edgy
2. Not just a pretty face
1. Baby Clara

Top 3 Spontaneous Moment:
3. Clara's Sexy Dance
2. Mannequin Challenge (never before seen footage)
1. Pool Party Gone Wild

Top 3 Emotional Farewells:
3. WiFi Trouble
2. Twin's Separation Anxiety
1. Double Elimination

They show the girls' confessionals to comment about Nametha's Wifi trouble as never before seen footage:
- Nametha, Dorothy, and Shikin talk about the WiFi.
The twins feel that Nametha needs to get out because Nametha wants get out to get her social life.
- Cindy feels everyone, including her, is pathetic.
Maureen does not think Nametha deserves to stay. If she is allowed to use WiFi, they all should be allowed as well.
- Clara is on Nametha's side. This is a modelling competition, not being honeat competition.

Next time: Runway on a bridge! Ice Skating Photoshoot! Xiao Qing gives 100% to make them feel frightened!


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