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[Recap] Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 1 (2012) Episode 1 : The Amateur Girls Try to be a Top Model

Finally, ANTM goes Asia ! After having Top Model series in some countries, Top Model series goes regional. The contestants from Asian countries of Top Model are allowed to enter Asia's Next Top Model. There is one girl from Vietnam who is 4th in Vietnam's Next Top Model Cycle 2. She is Thùy Trang Nguyễn or also known as Trang.

The prizes for the very first Asia's Next Top Model are a modelling contract with Storm Model Management UK, three months all expense paid trip to London, S$100,000, a cover shoot with Bazaar Singapore, Face of Canon IXUS 2013 and a Subaru car. Nadya Hutagalung will be the head of judge and host. She is accompanied by fashion photographer, Todd Anthony Tyler, fashion director, Daniel Boey, and model, Joey Mead King.


My first impression when the girls come :
Sofia (Japan) is the tallest girl and she is quite adorable.
Jessica (Thailand) is subtitled ! Her face is so strong. I think she will be one to watch since they show her picture on the internet.
Monica (Thailand) is adorable. She is typical girl next door and she can be sexy also.
Melissa (Malaysia) is kinda boring. She states that she only uses make up when she goes ... to ... PROM ! Interesting.
Aastha (Nepal) is not memorable enough for me because she looks similar to Rachel from India. She states that is her first time out from Nepal.
Trang (Vietnam) is subtitled (too) ! Her english is not that good and it will make the competition harder for her. I like her bone structure.
Helena (Hong Kong) is sexy, not a top model material.

All the girls are gathered on Orchard Road and they do not know what to do and what will happen. Filantropi (Indonesia) is subtitled too ! Wow... I bet there will be a lot of english subtitle during this competition. The judges appear and Nadya introduces her troops. They are Joey Mead King, Daniel Boey, and last but not least Todd Anthony Tyler. The girls have their very first challenge and it is a runway show on Orchard Road. They will walk on stairs too. The girls talk with each other in backstage. Bei Si (China) says that Trang is so high fashion. Trang is fantastic, but her languange barrier will be a big problem. There is a girl who uses a 17 cm heel and she is still shorter than Sofia who uses flats. I do not know who she is because this is the first episode and they do not show the name regularly. The editing is also too fast. I can not remember faces and names just by watching this episode.

Jee walks shyly.
Jessica makes a good and strong first impression. She is memorable and my early favorite !
Trang looks GORGEOUS. She looks like a pro and Jessica agree with my opinion.

They do not show all of the girls. Some of the girls just show really really in short time. It is not a good introduction.

Judges' Comments
Kyla is confident.
Stephanie gives the eyes expression always same.
Monica is praised by her good walk, but the judges have a problem when she skips a stair because she is about to fall.
Helena's mouth can not stop shaking and it is not good.
Trang WELL DONE. I think she will be the challenge winner.
Rachel looks very nervous and not focus.
Melissa gives the personality and the judges love that, but the judges do not like when she always look at the floor.
Sofia needs to learn how to be elegant.
The rest is unlucky. We can not hear about them :(

The challenge winner will get S$ 5,000 shopping voucher in Wisma Atria. The winner is ... predictable, TRANG ! Helena is disappointed with that.

The girls go to the Top Model house. It is quite good actually, but if it is compared to ANTM's house, it is too plain. It's Nadya Mail ! It is a clue for tomorrow's photoshoot. It is something about crowd and the girls are thinking about Indian people and curry. The girls are on the journey to the photoshoot location. Some of them are scared if it will be a nude photoshoot. Helena states that she has nude photoshoots for five times. Monica says that she would do that too if she had Helena's boobs to make people jealous of her ... boobs. It is funny ! Monica is adorable and I think she might be one of people's early favorite. They are right about the photoshoot ! Daniel welcomes them to Little India. They will wear dress from Reckless Ericka and they need to be QUIRKY. They need to impress in this photoshoot because Todd Anthony Tyler is the photographer. The girls will also get one exotic prop from that area to be utilized and support their photoshoot.

Monica (Thailand) does a good job, but Todd wants something crazier. She jumps a lot and I think she will be saved.
Stephanie (Philippines) wants to prove that she can give variation to her eyes. She whips her hair and works with her body. Todd says that she is quirky.
Melissa (Malaysia) can not fit her dress. She can not button her pants. She is a plus size girl, but Tyra will say that she is a medium size because she is not skinny and she does not reach plus size (yet). Melissa is boring. She is more hoochie because of her curvy body. She is too sexy. She will be in danger.
Jee (South Korea) is awkward, not quirky. She does not use her umbrella 'properly' for modelling.
Bei Si (China) gives beautiful poses and plays with her sari. I love her face and I think she will be saved.
Aastha (Nepal) is just being pretty and that's all. I do not think that she will go far if she still likes this.
Trang (Vietnam) is sexy. Love her bone structure ! She is high fashion, but she is not quirky enough for this shoot. Definitely save.
Sofia (Japan) is really stiff. She is not quirky.
Rachel (India) uses the advice that the judges give. Todd and Daniel like her.
Kyla (Singapore) 's poses are too amateur.
Kate (Taiwan) is the clown of the house. She is serving a sexiness, not a quirkiness.
Jessica (Thailand) is sooooo high fashion. She uses her body head to toe H2T ! I think she might get the best photo.
Helena (Hong Kong) is warned by Todd that she must impress him because she is the last one and most of the girls do not impress him. She asks Todd about the angle and  gives variation. Todd likes it.

Okay, Filantropi (Indonesia) 's photshoot is not shown or I miss it because they do not give the name and country regularly. I can not recognize fourteen girls directly in the first episode, especially if they do not put anything to introduce properly. I think that Trang is Filan for a few times. I wish they can show more name and show all photoshoot in the next episode. I am also disappointed with the girls because they look amateur and I heard that most of the girls are model in their own country. I hope they can be better starting from next week. Trang spends her winning prizes with the other girls. She shares what she shops to the girls. What a good start to attract fans !

Judging Panel
The Guest Judge : Lauren Clarke Jensen (Editor in Chief of Harper's Bazaar Singapore)

Jee (South Korea)'s photo is not quirky. The judges think that her photo is not memorable and she also looks angry. Yeah ! She is more angry than fierce.

Melissa (Malaysia)'s photo is laughable and cheesy. It is not a fashion shot, but the judges like her attitude that shows her eager to learn more. I love the moment, but it is not quirky.

Filantropi (Indonesia) uses the prop well, but it makes the drum is more interesting than her. It is a good-but-not-great photo.

Monica (Thailand)'s eyes are closed most of the time. I lover her pose and her body looks good.

Kyla (Singapore) looks nervous and expressionless. I do not like her picture. It looks boring and fake.

Kate (Taiwan)'s picture is great, but Daniel praises Todd's skill, not hers. However, it is not quirky and not special. I love the moment and it is good picture.

Bei Si (China) gives same poses for ten minutes. I think it is beautiful, but that's it.

Jessica (Thailand)'s photo is quirky, full of expression and movement. It is wonderful. I AGREE. She should get best picture.

Trang (Vietnam)'s photo is fantastic, but the languange barrier limits her. The judges think it is not quirky enough. I agree that photo is not quirky, but she is gorgeous.

Rachel (India) is praised by doing a good job. I think it is quirky, but it is just a good shot, not great.

Stephanie (Philippines)'s photo is wonderful and the judges love it. It is a real quirky photo in a good way.

Aastha (Nepal) looks intimidated. She looks boring and she just looks pretty.

Helena (Hong Kong) gives the vibe and the judges can feel it. It is a good picture and I love the moment, but it is not that great in my opinion.

Sofia (Japan) is just posing. It is not pretty and quirky enough.

You can see all the pictures here

Nadya's Call Out :
Best picture goes to ... Helena
I disagree, it should be Jessica or at least, Stephanie !

2. Stephanie
3. Rachel (What ? It is too early to call her)
4. Trang
5. Jessica (Really ? I think the judges praise this photo a lot, but she just scores a Top 5 picture only. Too bad.)
6. Aastha (Too early. She should be in the bottom five)
7. Monica
8. Filantropi
9. Bei Si
10. Kate
11. Sofia
12. Jee

It is between Melissa and Kyla. The judges love Melissa's attitude, while Kyla is not memorable. I think Melissa will be saved. Her personality and her curvy plus size look saves her.

13. Melissa

Eliminated : Kyla

My Call-Out :
1. Jessica
2. Stephanie
3. Trang
4. Rachel
5. Monica
6. Kate
7. Filantropi
8. Helena
9. Bei Si
10. Jee
11. Aastha
12. Sofia
13. Melissa
14. Kyla

I agree with the elimination because first, I do not like her picture and second, she is not memorable enough. This is TV show, honey. If you are not that strong or having a stand personality, you will never win.

Next Week : Group Photo ! Filan feels depressed because none of her photo is good ! One of the girl is taken by the ambulance !

My early favorite girls are the Thais (Jessica and Monica), Trang and Bei Si. Who is (are) yours ? See you next week. Hope you enjoy reading my recap :)

UPDATE : You can watch the full episode of the offical video here !


  1. Thanks for posting the recap, I enjoyed reading. I so wanna watch the show live

    1. don't forget to visit everyweek :D I try my best to do the recap directly after the show.

  2. next time can u post all the best photos pls? thank youuu

    1. Okay, but I can not post all the photos directly after the show because I wait for the offical photos to be published, it might takes around one day, but I will post it as soon as possible after they release the official photos :) I gave link to the official facebook of Asia's Next Top Model for this episode and you can open it to see all photos or you can open this : . Hope you enjoy reading my post and see you in the next episode's recap :)

  3. I think i prefer this show than ANTM. A lot of various faces, and culture. It will be more interesting. Can't wait for the pictures.



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