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[Recap] Asia's Next Top Model Season 5 (2017) Episode 1: Be prepared to expect the unexpected

The Girl Who Got Up and Walk Again

The girls arrive at Singapore. The twins rivalry starts from the beginning of the competition. Cara welcomes the girls as the new model mentor. Cindy comes and asks the girls to be prepared to expect the unexpected.
Their first challenge starts right away. Pia Wurtzbach comes along with 6 topless male models. Their first challenge is Guerilla lingerie catwalk challenge on the bridge, but of course, with a twist. There will be an action card at the end of runway where they have to do whatever written on the card.

Some of the girls, like Valerie and Shikin impress the judges with their walk. Shikin also shows that she can be both fierce and sweet. Some of them only impress in personality department. Clara and Jennica shows their personality with their walk, while their walks need to be improved.

Some of the girls are memorable for the wrong reason. Layla trips right before the action card. Tu faints when she is running before her second walk. Nametha chooses to kiss the model on the chest when the action card is to kiss him anywhere.

The girls go to top model house. There are goodie bags from sponsors; Colgate, Maybelline, and Neutrogena.

Cindy Mail! There is a video of Cindy explaining the scoring system. The combined score of challenge and photoshoot score will determine who stays and who goes.

Challenge score:
Shikin 8.9
Valerie 8.5
Maureen 8.2
Jennica 7.9
Anjelica 7.8
Tu 7.5
Dorothy 7.3
Veronika 7.0
Heidi 6.8
Clara 6.7
Alicia 6.7
Nametha 6.6
Cindy 6.6
Layla 6.2

Anjelica feels happy that she and her fellow Philippines models are in top 5. Layla feels ok at being in the bottom.

Cindy Mail! It's about confidence and run into the new you. The girls think it is a makeover.

The girls meet Cindy, Cara, and the photographer Joel Lim. It's about high fashion and high energy. The theme is a running model. Pia meets the girls and tells them that she will not be around all the time, but she will give tips through video.

There are only a few girls who impress the photographer and judges. Clara impresses the photographer from the first frame. Cindy and Cara also says ya, yas, and yas. Heidi impresses Joel with her performance.

Most of the girls got mixed bags and not-so-good reviews. Jennica is missing the beat and looks awkward. Anjelica looks like a bird instead of a woman. Shikin almost got the shot, almost. Valerie is nitpicked all the time. Nametha brings it too late. Maureen needs directions. Alicia is doing too much.

Cindy and Dorothy looks too sweet. Cindy shouts "what are you doing, Cindy?" and makes them surprised, but she refers Cindy to herself, not Cindy Bishop. Layla brings no energy and trips again. Cara asks her if she wants to be there, but Layla cannot answer and does not want to continue her photoshoot.

Tu is impressive for her poses and energy, but she asks Joel to wait for her, twice. Condy does not look happy about it. Tu tries to convince Layla. Layla decides to the photoshoot once again and seems to deliver this time.

Judging panel:
The guest judges for this week are Pia Wurtzbach and Joel Lim.

The prizes for this season's winner are Subaru Imprezza, cover and spread of Nylon Singapore, and trip to Europe for a chance to be represented by Storm Model Management.

Cara feels her energy is too much and out of control. Cindy likes her masculine feature which can be her strengtg if ahe does it right. I see a cool chic in her. She looks tall and good.

Cara feels she looks dead. Cindy thinks that her nerves get the best of her and her shot is a lucky shot. It is an semi-okay shot for me, but I agree with Cara that her face is so dead.

Joel loves her photo head down. Cara feels her eyes are almost dead. Cindy feels that she is still young and not be able to portray other emotion. I agree with all the judges. She needs to work wirh her face and expression.

Pia likes how she gives so much emotion. I want to love it, but I think she looks wide not in a good way. I think she does so much better on set.

Joel knows that she is daddy's little girl and it fits unexpectedly with the photoahoot. I think she looks great. A contender for best photo this week.

Cindy feels that she needs to be fiercer. Pia has seen her pose so many times. I agree thar it is not the most innovative, but it is one of the better ones.

Cara says that her photo is one of the few choosable. Joel feels her photoshoot is like trying to give high five but awkward and miss. I think she looks good and in the moment, but nothing special.

Joel feels that her photo is stunning, but the process to get that photo is tiring. Pia wants to show her how good she is. I think it is a bit too posey. She should have her chin down a little bit and it will be much better.

Joel loves her face and he can imagine doing lots of beauty commercial with her, but he hates her photo. Pia does not agree with Joel because she loves her photo. I think she looks beautiful, but it does not look special. She looks petite too.

Cindy sees the duck face from the firat frame, but she sees so much potential in her. She looks cool, but she looks a bit dead and her duck face is quite distracting.

Cara feels that she stands out in the challenge and has high expectation, but her photo is so disappointing. Cindy asks her not to let one mistake to let her down. Her pose is okay-ish. Love her leg position, but her facial expression is disappointing.

Tu apologizes for what happened in the photoshoot. Joel feels that she has a resting bitch face and it works. Joel even states that she has the most amazing resting bitch face in the photoshoot. Her face looks good, but I think she can work better with her body.

Cindy confirms to her that she is better at photoshoot than catwalk. So, Cindy has high expectation for her photoshoot as she does well in catwalk. Valerie likes her photo and asks her twin sister, Veronika to take a look at her photo. Cara feels that she is the most challenging to work with. Cara even needs to move her head during photoshoot.

Cara asks Valerie to take a look at Veronika's photo because Veronika kicks her sister's ass. It is one of Pia's favorite. Cindy feels joy to watch her during photoshoot.

The breakdowns of the score is Cindy's, Cara's, Pia's, Joel's, and challenge score respectively.

1. Clara 10+10+10+8+6.7=46.7
2. Valerie 8.5+8+8.5+8+8.5=41.5
3. Maureen 9+7+8+6.5+8.2=38.7
4. Veronika 8+7.5+7.5+6+7=36
5. Shikin 7+7+7+6+8.9=35.9
6. Heidi 8+7+7+6.8+6.8=35.6
7. Dorothy 8+7.5+8+4.5+7.3=35.3
8. Tu 8.5+7+4.5+7.5+7.5=35
9. Jennica 7.5+6+7+6.5+7.9=34.9
10. Cindy 7.5+7.5+6+7+6.6=34.6
11. Alicia 7.5+6.1+7+7+6.7=34.3
12. Layla 6.5+6+7+7.5+6.2=33.2

Who will stay? Will it be Anjelica who struggles and her best photo is not on par with the judges' expectation? Will it be Nametha whom the judges do not know if they can bring top model in her?

13. Nametha 6.5+6.5+5.5+5.5+6.6=30.6
Eliminated: Anjelica 5+4+7+6+7.8=29.8

Next episode:
Tu does not wanna be there anymore?
The girls gossiping.
Dorothy: It costs zero dollar to be real

Overall, it was a good first episode. To be honest, I had almost zero expectation of this season, especially the first photoshoot. It turned to be better than what I expexted. Maybe I should prepare to expect the unexpected, like the tagline of the season. Of course there are still questinable scoring in this episode, like Cara told Veronika that she did better than Valerie, but Cara gave Valerie a higher score.

Cara did good in the first episode. Even though she did have different style with Kelly, Cara seemed to mentor the girls to be better. After watching the first episode, my favorites right now are Clara and Heidi. What do you guys think about the first episode? Who are your favorites? Sound off below!

The official video of the first episode:

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