Friday, August 31, 2012

[Recap] America's Next Top Model Cycle 19 College Edition (2012) Season Premiere Episode 1 : Could It be the End of Pot Ledom Series ?

The Girl Who Makes The Grade

After two High Fashion cycle of America's Next Top Model, Tyra made some mistakes that potentially reduce viewers. First is the extremely mysterious disqualification of Angelea. There are some rumours about the reason behind that, but two most believable reasons are Angelea (actually) won, but she published in social media and Angelea is pregnant, which was proven later via her twitter. Second, Lisa D'Amato won over the Ultimate-Top-Model-All-Time-Favourite Allison Harvard. In the end, it affects Cycle 18 and its season finale is the lowest rating ever in ANTM history. And the record continues.

New Cycle, New Concept, also New JUDGES. Tyra decided to fire the J(ay)s and Nigel Barker and replaced them with male model, Rob Evans as the new judge, Katy Perry's stylist Johnny Wujek as the new creative director, fashion blogger Bryan Boy as social media correspondent and last-but-not-least US, the audience can vote for our favourite. So, they uploaded each episode photos in website and we can vote based on the photo without knowing their personality. We might regret it know that we voted for the bitch.

It opened with Tyra's conversation with a weird long blonde haired bearded guy and talked about modelling, smize and other words in Tyra's vocabulary during ANTM. It is extremely weird, but it is so Tyra. Top 30 came to the house and Tyra introduced them to the new of ANTM. Later the 30 girls showed their walk in pairs. The next agenda was a photoshoot with Top Model T-shirt and bikini and then Top 30 met the judges. It was kinda weird that they exposed the weird girls and some of them did not even make the cut. I think they should be more focus to the Top 13 instead of weird girl or girl with drama story in the past. The editing is quite surprising because one of the early favourite, Kristin is bitchy. It is not clear, yet, but she is potentially bitch in this season. Some of the girls were surprisingly adorable and easily will be people's favourite. They are Leila, Laura and Kiara, but Victoria, Jessie and Brittany also have big potentially to be people's favourite. It is very shocking to see a runway, a photoshoot and a meeting with judges is enough to decide which girl will be in Top Model house. In the previous cycles, it took one more photoshoot to chose the Top 13 or 14.

It is disappointment to see this season premiere of Top Model. Even though some of the girls are great, but the concept of the upcoming photoshoot are not great, nothing special about it. Just wait and watch the next episode when the girls become Hunting Trophies. Last but not least, they did not open the casting for Top Model yet, could it be the end of Top Model journey ? Yes, probably Tyra need to take a rest, don't worry about the money, you will get it from better Top Model franchise, such as Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model and Australia's Next Top Model.

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