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[Recap] America's Next Top Model 2.0 Guys Girls (2013) Episode 1 & 2

Hi all ! Long time no see. After having non-normal cycle started from Cycle 17 (All-Stars), Tyra continues her craziness by giving new competitors : GUYS ! So, some of the prizes are changed. Guys will not do pinky photoshoot for Dream Come True, right ? Except for Cory because he is fabulous in guy and girl form (FYI, he is a drag queen). So, the prizes are spread in Nylon magazine, a modelling contract with Next Model Management and $100,000 national campaign with Guess. And ... the voting is still part of the judgement.

So, we have seen their pictures during the journey. I have some early favorites guys and girls by seeing their photoshoot. My favorites based on the photoshoots are Nina, Jeremy, Jourdan and Chris H. Let's see if they are interesting as a person or just in photo !

Unfortunately, the first two premiere episodes are casting session. I always do not like casting session, especially ANTM's because we already know who make the cut into Top Model house. It will be different if they do not promote the finalist way before the episode airs, like Britain and Ireland's and Australia's. I expected casting session is just the first half, but the casting session this time takes longer time. I do not have the excitement to see semi-finalist who do not make the cut. I will only write the highlight of the casting session.

They have two round of elimination. First round is to have a runway in pair and kissing by the end of the runway. They meet judges in the next day and then there will be 26 semi-finalists from 36 semi-finalists who go through to second round. Top 26 lives temporarily in Top Model house which I think it is weird because it lost its exclusivity. Top 26 has a photoshoot that is reflected to the building. So, it is seen by people and they can vote for their favorites. That photoshoot is used for the promotional photos. Tyra will announce who Top 16 are.

Some of the finalists are quite interesting and some of them are not exposed as much as the others. My four early favorites get along with each other. Jeremy with Jourdan and Nina with Chris H. Jeremy is pushed by his mom to join this show. He is also a devout Christian. He is virgin, literally and virgin in wearing make up. He tries to flirt with Jourdan who married in her 18 and divorced in her 18. Unfortunately, Jourdan has boyfriend now. Chris H is socially awkward. He tries to "have fun" with the other guys by ... hmm ... punching their balls. It pissed Phil off and suddenly Chris H is isolated by the other guys. Nina, the hoola hoop girl who has quirky look is the only friend of Chris H so far. She tries to make Chris H more sociable. Nina looks like Allison, but she is weirder quirkier and her makeover differs her from Allison.

There are also some interesting contestants, like Marvin, Cory, Chris S, Phil and Alexandra. Marvin whose dad is a janitor is kinda boy next door. He is lovable and I think people will like him easily. He also has strong feature. Cory is a real entertainer and kind of diva. He is the most feminine and he is the fabulous "bitch" in a good way. He picks Rhyan for his partner in the runway and he kisses him ! Yes, he is openly gay. If he does not make it here, he might make it in RuPaul's Drag Race. We have Chris S who is only 5'8'', but they fake it to 5'10 1/4''. Some of the girls are even taller than him ! Phil is one of funny guy and he looks like more comedian than top model or even a model. Alexandra has white skin (?) or make up or burn around her eyes and it is so distracting. She is also full of personality, but I think it is quite forced and not that genuine. Her future makeover makes her looks better because she looks quite cheap now.

There are also Mike "The Ice Cream Guy", Don "The Rapper", Chlea "The Fiercely Real", Renee "Miss Trinidad & Tobago", Jiana who has a crush with beard Phil, Kanani who has one-and-half-years-old-daughter and Bianca who does not shine in casting.

There is one interesting guy girl, Virggg. She is a transgender. She is inspired by Isis and started to consume hormone after that. She is handpicked by Tyra via Instagram competition. She makes it into Top 26, but she quits due to her unstable health because of hormone. She is kinda fierce and has interesting guy look. I think it will be interesting if we see someone who used to be in between to compete. If she tries to join ANTM again in the future, Tyra will pick her as finalist. We can not wait to see you in the next cycle if there is one, Virggg !

It is very weird how Tyra exposed semi-finalists sad stories and past. Some of them are homeless and poor or even Jourdan who married and divorced in the same year and keeps telling it over and over. Come on ! We are not looking for America's Next Top Stories (to be filmed), we are looking for America's Next Top Model. So, it should be more about their modelling ability and competency and (probably) personality instead of their sad stories in the past.

Tyra announce the Top 16 who will have their first challenge : runway walk for Guess in front of The CEO, Paul Marciano. The call-out order is :
1. Alexandra
2. Mike
3. Renee
4. Cory
5. Jourdan
6. Don
7. Jiana
8. Chris S
9. Chlea
10. Jeremy
11. Nina
12. Phil
13. Bianca
14. Chris H
15. Kanani
16. Marvin

Tyra also tells more about the runway.

"The runway ends here (where Tyra stands), but it begins up there (the top of the building)."

I think it is going to be interesting to have the first ever vertical and horizontal runway. I start to support Marvin in addition to my early favorites.

Next Episode : Craziest Runway Ever ! Some models fall ! Marriage-themed photoshoot ! Jourdan and Jeremy are paired up !

Note : If you read my recap regulary, I am so sorry but I can not do recap of two following episodes because I will be out of town for two weeks starting by tomorrow, but I will catch up as soon as possible. See ya in two weeks ! Hope you enjoy reading my recap :)

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