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[Recap] America's Next Top Model 2.0 Guys Girls (2013) Episode 11

Back to the panel ! Jeremy, Mike and Phil compete for the last chance to comeback. Tyra announces the guy with lowest social media score. It goes to ... Mike with 5.20. Phil is shaking when it comes to the guy who comes back, while Jeremy looks really red. The guy who comes back is ...
Jeremy ! Jeremy gets 6.70, while Phil gets 5.50. Renee and Cory shock. Tyra warns the new Top 9 that there is no comeback anymore.

Back to the house and we are brought back to Renee and the guys's agreement. Renee promised not to speak for a week if one of the guy wins a best photo. Chris wins, but we do not see Renee's silence. A liar. Chris invite Alexandra to the Guess closet and of course, Nina is very upset with his choice. Jourdan dislikes the fact that Jeremy is back, while Jeremy regrets for having a crush on her before. Marvin is happy when Jeremy is back. Not only because Jeremy is one of his closest friends, but Jeremy can distract Jourdan.

Challenge time with Kelly Cutrone. The task is to do a commercial for Quaff. They will be working on green screen. The twist is the commercial is a prank ! The director is a comedian, Reggie Watts. He asks the models to do weird things, like the one that Bryanboy and Perez Hilton conquered. Alex and Jourdan shine, while Renee is terrified because she has fear in things in suit, especially if it is bigger than her. Her commercial is so-so for me, but the director and Kelly like it. I think Renee is overrated by all of the judges. Kelly reveals the prank. Kelly tells them that she tests their commitment, professionality and believability. Jourdan wins the challenge !

Challenge Score :
1. Jourdan 9
2. Alexandra 8
3. Don 8
4. Nina 8
5. Jeremy 7
6. Marvin 7
7. Renee 7
8. Chris 6
9. Cory 6

Jourdan gets a package of prizes. Renee is relieve with a 7. And the drama begins. Chris sees unwashed dishes and he starts to clean the dishes, even though none of them is his. He leaves notes for Alexandra and Renee to clean their dishes and their unwashed dishes. Renee confronts Chris and she tells him that she will not wash it. Jourdan defends Renee by saying that Chris should know what love is to respect and Renee says it to Chris out loud. Jeremy defends Chris by saying how does she know love is if she divorced at nineteen to Jourdan. Basically, there is a war between guys and girls in the house. Jourdan feels hurt with Jeremy's word. Is it a love Jourdan ?

Cory tries to reconcile four of them by asking them to apologize to each other. Actually, this is a simple case. Renee washes her dishes and voila ! No drama in this house, except Renee wants to start one by doing that. Jourdan apologizes to Chris and Jeremy apologizes to her, but Renee does not want to apologize to Chris.

Photoshoot time ! The theme is flawsome in school. Tyra has a formula about flawsome.

you + your flaws + awesome = FLAWSOME
There will be an albino model, Shaun Ross and Zendaya who gets freckles for joining them in the photoshoot. The photographer is Sarah Silver who shot them in sexy fierce photoshoot.

Cory gets widow's peak as his flaw. Johnny feels the improvement, but he is still lack of fierceness.
Renee gets Tyra's flaw, five head. She takes direction well.
Don gets skinny leg as his flaw. It is his flaw since forever and he nails it.
Chris gets Leila's flaw, gap teeth. He can not balance in showing the gap without looking like a chipmunk. Chris and Cory seems to be worry about him, while Renee is very happy about that.
Jeremy gets duck lips. He lets Johnny down by not showing improvement after coming back.
Marvin gets the mole. He worries, but Johnny does not give any feedback.
Jourdan gets unibrow. She is still irritated because Jeremy keeps talking to her wherever and whenever he gets a chance. He distracts Jourdan by coming to the set.
Alexandra gets big hips. She is not confident about the shoot. Johnny tells her that she is too posey.
Nina gets a chance to shine with her big eyes. She is AMAZING. She should get her first best photo with this shot !

Judging Panel :
K: 7, T: 10, R: 8
Was : 7
Now : 5

Boring ! I think Cory is not progressing, he steps backward. It is one of his weakest.
K: 8, T: 7, R: 7
Was : 8
Now : 8

It is not her best photo, but I like something awkward in this photo.
K: 8, T: 7, R: 8
Was : 7
Now : 5

He is just standing there. I even did not notice the mole when I voted.
K: 9, T: 7, R:7
Was : 7
Now : 8

I love his quirkiness. He looks nerdy in a good way.
K: 7, T: 10, R: 9
Was : 8
Now : 9

He looks like the most popular guy in the school. His small legs looks good.
K: 8, T: 9, R: 6
Was : 5
Now : 7

The duck lips makes him looks better in most of his shot in the past. It is good, but it is not enough to win ANTM.
K: 9, T: 10, R: 10
Was : 8
Now : 10

K: 7, T: 7, R: 7
Was : 6
Now :5

Boring ! She looks even she does not want to be there.
K: 10, T: 9, R: 9
Was : 4
Now : 7

I used to hate this photo very much, but her body looks great. I think that she still needs to work on her face.

Alexandra suddenly leaves the panel. She tells that she is sick and she has a heart problem. The panel continues without Alexandra.

1. Nina 43.9 (Fan Votes : 6.9) OBVIOUSLY
2. Don 40.1 (Fan Votes : 6.1) WELL DESERVED
3. Renee 39.7 (Fan Votes : 4.7) OVERRATED
4. Jourdan 37.1 (Fan Votes : 6.1) SHE SHOULD BE THIRD
5. Cory 37 (Fan Votes : 6.0) HE SHOULD BE CALLED LATER
6. Jeremy 35.7 (Fan Votes : 5.7) OKAY
7. Marvin 35.7 (Fan Votes : 5.7) OKAY
8. Chris 34.8 (Fan Votes : 5.8) HE SHOULD NOT BE IN THE BOTTOM TWO

Ken Mok comes to Alex and tells her a bad news.
Next Week : Bali ! Under the Sea Runway ! Don cries ! Marvin vs Renee !

Comeback Series :
Was : 3
Now : 4

Her body is good, but her face is a no-no.
Was : 5
Now : 5

His pose is awkward, in a bad way.
Was : 6
Now : 5

Her facial expression is odd and it destroys a good photo.
Was : 7
Now : 6

Jiana is getting weaker and weaker. It is logical if she does not bring her best anymore since it will not give her a justice.
Was : 6
Now : 6

It is a good photo for him, comparing to his other messy shots.

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