Thursday, December 18, 2014

[Recap] Fit For Fashion (2014) Episode 10

The finale's theme is about pride. Louise reminds them that after a physical challenge, someone will be eliminated and only three of them will compete in KL Fashion Weekend 4 months later. They meet Mitch and Christine at the gym for their last workout session. 

Mitch and Christine test their bio age for the last time. All of them show improvement within their journey in the competition.

Real Age
Week 1
Week 5
Week 10

Their final physical challenge reprises part of the physical challenges that they have done from jumping on waterfall, flipping a tire, hanging on a bar, carrying sand bag and walk on the water challenge. In the end, they have to open a treasure chest with new word that defines the new version of themselves. They will be battled two on two. The first round is between Matty and Citira and the second round is between Kristina and Vanessa.

Matty leads one challenge ahead from Citira. Citira starts to lose her energy on flipping tire. Citira struggles on the challenge and she falls one of her bucket when she is about to pour it. That starts to demoralize Citira. Matty finishes his course. His new word is open. Citira struggles once again and she falls on the platform, but she finally finishes her course. Her new word is unburdened. Now, Matty is part of the final 3, while Citira has to wait for the other round.

Vanessa surprisingly leads in the first challenge, but she loses her lead because she is stuck in the hanging bar and let Kristina passes her. Vanessa is terrified on the walk on water challenge because she fell twice in the same challenge before. Kristina is still leading, but she looks tired and unwell. Vanessa falls again on the platform, twice ! It makes Kristina wins over her. Kristina's new word is humble. Vanessa finally finishes her course. Her new word is centered.

Matty and Kristina as the winner of each round secure their place in the final 3. Matty's time is 12:08, while Kristina's time is 23:30. Vanessa's time is 35:30 and Citira's is ... 21:08. Citira even beats Kristina with her time. Citira is getting emotional and starts to cry. As expected, Vanessa's journey has to stop with a physical challenge, but she has one of the biggest transformation here. She should be proud of herself making this far.

Four months later, the final 3 are gathered back to Kuala Lumpur at Majestic Hotel. Louise gives three of them outfit from Zalora. Matty gets an additional prize from Fitness First as part of his prize from the previous physical challenge. The final fashion challenge is to walk on KL Fashion Weekend with famous designers' outfit, such as Dame Zandra Rhodes.

They get three times walking on the runway for various designers. Citira walks twice with Khoon Hooi and once with Zandra Rhodes, Kristina walks once with Khoon Hooi and twice with Zandra Rhodes and Matty walks three times with Lord's. They feel the experience like a professional model, especially the changing dress in between the show. Citira feels it is the hardest part, while Kristina enjoys the hectic backstage.

Citira transforms herself into confident and fierce woman on the show. She was a woman who walks slowly-but-sure on the previous runway challenge. I never expected that Citira will be this great. Kristina also transforms herself into sweet and sassy woman. Kristina is notoriously for being a fierce and almost arrogant woman. Both of the girls are doing well on the runway. Matty is still stiff. His walk is better, but his swinging hand is really distracting.

Louise, Todd and Dame are deliberating who will take the crown based on their performance on the runway. Dame feels that Citira looks beautiful and confident. Todd feels that Citira does a good job overall. Louise feels that Kristina looks approachable and elegant. Dame feels Matty looks lovely with his remote look, but Todd feels that Matty's remote look is his weakness.

Before crowning the winner, Louise announces the prizes one more time. The prizes are :
- a trip to London with British Airways direct flight from Kuala Lumpur which starts on May 2015
- stay on Baglioni Hotel in London
- Marks & Spencer shopping spree worth £500
- $100,000 courtesy of Fitness First

"The winner of Fit For Fashion is ..."
 Louise feels that Citira's transformation is more than just a physical transformation. Citira transforms inside and out that makes her the winner. Citira finally gets her self-esteem and dream back after winning this show.

Congratulation Citira ! When I saw the runway show, I knew it is between Citira and Kristina. However, Citira looks really confident and comfortable with herself. She will be such an inspiration for other people, especially mothers in the world who starts to take care their children more than themselves. Congrats once again and what a well deserved winner !

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