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[Recap] Asia's Next Top Model Season 3 (2015) Episode 2: "When in doubt, just stick with the basics."

The Girl With K-Pop Fever
The girls are back home and they see Shareeta leaving a message for them. Amanda feels happy for getting the stand out photo, but she feels that is luck. Celine is pretty sure that she will go back to Paris, but she is saved. Kiana talks a lot. She seems want to talk, but she does not want to hear other girls' stories.

Alex and Georgina come to the house in the morning to teach about modelling. The girls get 2 minutes to show their best casting outfit. Some of the girls look great, but some of them look like they are going to the club. Melissa, Gani, Amanda, Monika, and Tahlia impress Alex and Georgina, while KB, Aimee, and Rani look too much. Melissa gives a tip which is "When in doubt, just stick with the basics."

Joey is waiting for the girls to practice K-Pop dance routine of Tahiti's Oppa, You're Mine. Celine is not on the rhythm and she practices hard, but she is still out of the rhythm. Georgina Mail! The girls guess that they will do the flash mob of the dance routine they practice before. It is a dinner time and Kiana looks upset that the girls eat Gani's cook instead of hers. No one in the house seems to like Kiana.

The girls do the flash mob as their challenge in Clarke Quay in front of Joey, Will, and Ha Sang Beg, the fashion designer behind Shinee. The standouts in the challenge are Aimee, Gani, Melissa, Franchesca, and Celine, but there will be only one three winners. The winners are Aimee, Melissa, and Franchesca.

The winners get to choose 2 girls to be in their group for a group photoshoot. Aimee picks Barbara and Loretta because they have similar feature and it will look good in the photo. Melissa picks Celine and Gani because they are a good friends. Franchesca picks Monika and Amanda because they are from Philippines, but both Monik and Amanda are in Top 3 in the previous photoshoot.

The other four girls are the forth group. KB feels embarassed because she is not picked in the television. Kiana feels that she gets this in her bag because she has experience in dancing in ballet and jazz. So, she is very disappointed.

The girls are back home. They are welcomed by the video from Tahiti. The drama continues when Tahlia tells her that she is too bragging, too strong, and offensive sometimes. Kiana tries to clarify to the girls, but Monika only requests not to make drama out of it.

The girls go to Club Gossip at St James Power Station for the K-Pop Chic and Pop Star Glam photoshoot with Mike and Ha Sang Beg.

Aimee, Barbara, Loretta
Concept: Casual Chic
Team: Ja-Meh, which means sisters in Korean

Loretta and Barbara do the same pose, while Aimee seems lose in the group. Joey feels that Barbara is usually shooting solo. Ha Sang Beg feels that Aimee looks lazy. They do not play with the outfit. Mike feels that the group is not in sync and disappointed.

Melissa, Celine, Gani
Concept: Mannish Look
Team: Loup, which means wolfpack in French

Joey loves the wolfpack group. Gani delivers in every angle, Melissa shows her masculine charismatic side of her, and Celine shows a major improvement. Joey wants to book them right now. It is a good birthday present for Celine.

Franchesca, Monika, Amanda
Concept: Girly Girl
Team: Fliperinas

Joey feels that Franchesca is the star of the photo, while Monika blends in the group and Amanda drags the Fliperinas down by blinking most of the time.

KB, Rani, Tahlia, Kiana
Concept: Sexy Sporty
Team: Force

Mike feels that the photoshoot is so KB. Ha Sang Beg likes how Tahlia understands what she is doing with the fashion, luxury, and lighting. Rani is asked to show more attitude, but she gives angry face. Unlike Kiana who has no presence and feeling, at least Rani shows a story.

The girls are back to the house and celebrate Celine's birthday. If they are lucky, they can celebrate Kiana's birthday too on the next day.

Judging Panel:
The guest judge for this week is Ha Sang Beg. Alex Perry is not present in the panel.

Aimee, Loretta, Barbara
Mike is pretty disappointed with the group. He does not see them working as a group. Ha feels that Aimee looks lazy. Joey notices that Barbara is too get used to shooting solo and it is so obvious in the photoshoot. Georgina loves Loretta's awkwardness, but it does not match with the body.

I think this photo will be better as an individual shot rather than a group shot. It is a decent shot for the individuals, but they do not look like in a same photoshoot. I think Aimee stands out, while Loretta has an advantage with the checker outfits and Barbara looks too sexy for the concept.

Melissa, Celine, Gani
Joey loves the photo and she feels the K-Pop rock.Georgina likes how Melissa committed to the character. Ha feels that Gani is one of the Asian beauty and Georgina feels that Gani is born to be Asian supermodel. Joey sees how hard Celine works this week and shows her spark.

This is definitely the best group shot. Gani steals the spotlight, while Melissa stands strong. I can see this in the fashion magazine. Celine is outshone by Melissa and Gani, but she does not drag the group down.

Amanda, Franchesca, Monika

Georgina feels that they look like a barbie in an album cover. Joey tells Amanda how she only has four photos to choose because of her blinking. Mike feels that Amanda's blinking is frustrating. Gerogina feels that Franchesca bring the whole group up and this is her best shot so far. Mike feels Monika is flat because she puts her attention on her movement and she forgets about her face.

I think photo is too commercial. Based on what I see during the photoshoot, they spend most of their time flipping and doing the similar thing like this photoshoot. I have to agree that Franchesca is the star of the photo, while Amanda and Monika look awkward. This is my least favorite photo this week.

KB, Rani, Tahlia, Kiana
Mike likes this picture. They work as group and help each other. Georgina feels that this photo made for KB. Ha feels that Rani is hungry and thirsty, but it is too much. Joey likes how Tahlia taking risks and enjoys shooting her. Ha wants to work with Tahlia in editorial. Mike does not see energy and commitment in Kiana.

This is another good photo as a group, but I do not really feel the K-Pop vibe. It is more like a girl's group. Rani improves a lot from the previous photo. This is KB's element and she works it. Tahlia looks great. Kiana looks lost in the photo. There is no clear standout in this photo. They work well as a group.

The standout photo of the week is
Melissa, Gani, Celine

4. Tahlia
5. Franchesca
6. Loretta
7. KB
8. Barbara
9. Monika
10. Rani

Aimee, Amanda, and Kiana have the weakest individual shot. Aimee gives nothing in this photoshoot. The majority of Amanda's photo is unusable. Kiana looks disconnected and not present.

11. Aimee
12. Amanda
Eliminated: Kiana

I agree with the best photo and the elimination. If they are judged individually, Gani should take the crown this week. Kiana looks really lost this week. Her drama is also unclear. I do not see any reason for the judges to keep her in the competition. Do you agree with this week's elimination? Sound off below!

Kiana gets her cake when she pack in the house. She takes one slice and leaves the rest for the girls.

You can watch the episode here.

Next Week: Makeover! Barbara's Meltdown! Rani vomits?

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