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[Recap] Asia's Next Top Model Season 3 (2015) Episode 12: It's really important in a picture to be convincing and to be authentic, and that's important in the cover shoot

The Cover Girl

The girls go the new house. There are a lot of Harper's Bazaar photos and magazine. The girls also get a white box on their bed. It is a bra from Triumph. The girls are amazed the facilities of their new house which are not that different with the previous house. Georgina Mail! It is time for a go-see.

The girls are divided into two groups. Monika and Aimee go to Pois first. It is not that usual go-see because they have to present designers' collection instead of wearing it. They meet model/presenter, Liv Lo and Harper's Bazaar fashion editor, Windy Aulia. Monika impresses Liv, while Aimee does a huge mistake by saying a top and bottom as a dress.

Gani and Barbara go to Braun Buffel for their first go-see. They meet Kenneth Goh and creative director of Braun Buffel, Damiano Biella. Both Gani and Barbara do not impress Kenneth and Damiano which is not a good thing.

Aimee listens to Damiano's direction and impresses Kenneth and Damiano with her smart, while Damiano considers to book Monika only by looking at her go-see. Gani shows her passion in clothes and performs well in the presentation, while Barbara is panic.

Later, the girls meet at Triumph to meet Alex Perry and the brand management, Kenneth Ang. The girls have to write down what they think their bra size is and it will be compared with their actual size. Gani gets her size right, 32A. Alex says her walk is a good lingerie walk. but Kate expects different pose for the runway. Aimee guesses her size to be 34A, but it turns out 32A. Kate likes how she tries to be sensual with her pose. Barbara guesses hers is 34C, but it turns out 32C. Kate likes how she is a natural palette. Monika underestimates her size with 32B, but her actual size 32D. Kate feels that she changes pose to fast.

There will be one winner. Kate's favorite is Barbara. Barbara wins $5,000 worth Triumph lingerie with her new right size. Aimee expects Barbara's winning because Barbara has big boobs.

The girls go back to the house. They see a red bag on their table with a hand-written letter from Kenneth Goh. The girl who gets the bag is Monika. Aimee and Gani are jealous because they get none from go-sees.

Kenneth and Georgina come to their house. They tell the girls that the photoshoot will be Harper's Bazaar cover. Kenneth has one-on-one session with the girls to discuss what it takes to be cover of Harper's Bazaar and how they achieve it.

The girls meet Alex Perry, fashion director for the photoshoot, Windy Aulia, and the photographer, Elvina Farkas. The them is fashion through the eras. Barbara gets 1950s, Aimee gets 1960s, Monika gets 1970s, and Gani gets 1980s.

Monika is first. She flips her hair for the million times, but Windy asks her not to much flip because the hair is so much and he wants to see her neck. She struggles in the beginning, but she is getting better. Windy is glad that they pick Barbara for 1950s because she fits perfectly, but he needs to see more personality and surprise from Barbara. The photographer feels she is giving a catalog, not editorial, but when they give direction, she starts to get it.

Aimee loves a lot of hair in her look. Windy feels that it could be better, but she tries to look innocent and she looks like a Korean pop star. Gani's pose is spot on. Alex tells that she is not into short girl, but Gani looks like the Asian version of Linda Evangelista.

Judging Panel:
The guest judge for this week is Kenneth Goh.

Monika sees the shape she makes. Alex loves watching her in the photoshoot and that's 1970s. Joey feels the music, tone, and era. Kenneth feels something missing from her which is the not friendly eyes. Once again, she proves us that she is a good poser, but her face is not so much. I do not get the feeling of her face. It looks a bit happy, but sad at the same time.

Aimee tells the judges that she is not familiar with the era. Georgina tells her that understanding references is important. Kenneth feels she looks scared and it is not a Harper's Bazaar cover. I agree with Kenneth that she looks scared. This is not a cover material and I think she can do so much better than this.

Barbara hates her face. Georgina imagines this as a cover from 1950s, but she needs to be more modern. Joey wants to see her more bold. Kenneth feels that she is always poise and perfection, but he wants to see an imperfection which will be a surprise. I feel this is too mom housewives look. I feel it targets a wrong market.

Gani likes the photo and she is so happy with the result. Georgina feels this is excellent and she looks like a top model. Joey feels B-A-M! Kenneth feels this says Harper's Bazaar from head to toe. When I saw the preview, I am not sure Gani will pull this look. After seeing this photo, this is amazing! It is a cover worthy.

The standout photo this week and our first Top 3 finalist is...

2. Monika

Who will be in Top 3? Will it be Aimee whose photo this week shows her lack of understanding? Will it be Barbara who is a beautiful accomplished model, but she cannot rely on her beauty all the time?

3. Aimee
Eliminated: Barbara

Congratulationsto our Top 3! I agree with the elimination because Barbara does not perform well based on the judges' critics. However, I feel Barbara is underrated by the judges. I would give her 4 best photos with the swimwear, TRESemme, Subaru, and Alex Perry. It is unfortunate that she cannot break the famous Japanese curse. I wish her good luck in the real life and I hope to see her more.

Out of Top 3, Aimee gets the best overall and the most consistent portfolio in my opinion, while Gani has the strongest face. I hope one of them wins. Who do you think will be the Asia's Next Top Model? Sound off below!

Next Episode: Season Finale! Final Runway!


  1. Portia Antoine GoJune 11, 2015 at 9:54 AM

    It would be monika. Go monika! :)

  2. Monika is the worst and I hope she loses.



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