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[Recap] Asia's Next Top Model Season 3 (2015) Episode 10: It was like stony, faced bitch like all the way through

The Girl in the Driver's Seat

Gani and Barbara cry over Tahlia's departure. Gani misses Tahlia, Melissa, and KB as they are close. Gani and Barbara reads the note from Tahlia. They make promise to be in Top 3. Georgina Mail! Cruising through the competition. They are guessing that they are going to a cruise. They arrive at the cruise and they receive a note from Alex and Joey to find them in the theater.
The girls meet Joey and Alex at the Savoy Theater. Joey tells that Top 4 will have a holiday at the cruise, but they have to face their challenge and it is a runway challenge. The girls have three looks to model and they need to change each look in one minute.

Aimee is first. Aimee has a difficulty in her second look because she cannot button her dress and she tries to cover it with her hair, but Alex notices that. Overall, Aimee does a good job and shows variety. Next is Gani. Gani has a wardrobe malfunction. Alex likes her walks, but she needs to give variety because her walks look smilar.

Amanda has a difficulty in her second look. She cannot make it on time and she cannot go topless. So, she skips the second look. Her first and third look look similar. Monika faces difficulty in her last look and she ends up go out covering her upper body with her hands, but Alex feels she serves two great looks. Barbara has experience in changing outfits and she faces no difficulty in the challenge. Alex likes how she shows three completely different looks and still has a spare time to check.

The winner of the challenge will get a mentor session with Farah Quinn, celebrity chef from Indonesia. The winner is Aimee. Gani is surprised because she feels Barbara should win the challenge. Aimee has a good time with Farah and she feels inspired with the session.

Barbara books the next spot next to Amanda's last week best photo. She is worried because she is the only girl who has no best photo yet. Georgina Mail! Modelling is more than just photo shoots and runways. It's time to get your talents in motion and your skills on film. The girls guess it will be an acting challenge. Some of the girls worry to remember lines.

The girls meet Peter Wey, the award winning director for their Subaru Forester motion editorial. The girls each are assigned their role in the motion editorial. Aimee is a business woman. Alex feels that she gets it in the first scene and nails every takes. Gani is an architect. Alex feels that she does not where the camera comes from and she gives a blank face, but she starts to be much better and becomes okay in the end.

Barbara is a baker. Alex helps her by showing how it is done. Alex feels she looks like a beauty queen tries to make a dough and he does not believe it. Amanda is a tennis coach. Alex feels that she starts shaky, but she is directable. Monika is a yogi. Alex knows that she has not done yoga, but he believes what she is doing. Alex will tick the motion editorial on Monika's comp card.

Judging Panel:
The guest judge is Glenn Tan.

Here is the motion editorial of Top 5:

Georgina feels it is not bad, but she is definitely stronger in prints. Alex feels the beauty queen doing pretty, but it is not what they want. Glenn likes the energetic and it is not bad, but not the best either. I agree with Georgina. She is so much stronger in prints. She looks cute in nerd look, but it is not something special.

Georgina like how she is comfort in front of camera, but she feels she has seen the commercial before. Alex feels she should work with the authenticity, but she always listens and gets it in the end. Glenn feels she is always not confident and humble and she needs to be more assertive. It is a good commercial ... selling a housewife's lifestyle. It looks good, but I feel it is too old for the market.

Alex feels she does a good job. He is unsure in the beginning because she looks so young and she needs to command, but she gives confident in her face. Joey feels she is a smart model and gives a great working quality. Glenn feels that he is born to be a CEO. I love it! Aimee looks smart and looks like a boss. She also sells the car and herself. This is one of Aimee's best work so far.

Georgina really likes it, but she expects something different. Alex feels she needs more aggression and it will help a lot. Joey likes the cute and active energy. Glenn feels she does not look like a tennis coach and does not see the element of it. So, it is completely useless. I cannot blame fully to Amanda for not looking like a coach because there is no story element that indicates she is coaching, but she does not give a strong presence that she is a coach. I also do not really see Amanda and her face in the motion editorial which is not good.

Georgina likes how confident Monika is and how she knows what is doing. Georgina feels versatility is her strength. Alex like her calm and her exit. Joey likes how she makes the yoga as a commercial yoga with her smile. Glenn feels this is her element and close to the brief. It is a good commercial, but I do not really see her as the model. I wish to see her more in the commercial.

The standout motion editorial and the first girl goes through to the top 4 is Monika.

2. Aimee
3. Gani

Who stays? Will it be Amanda who has the least amount of experience and is inconsistent? Will it be Barbara who has the most amount of experience, but has to show more than this?

-to be continue-

Next Episode: Final four revealed! Cruise holiday! Sea side villa! The girls have to face their demon!

Will this be the Top 4?
What do you think about this? Do you agree? Sound off below!

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