Thursday, March 3, 2016

[News] Press Conference Asia's Next Top Model Season 4

There was a press conference for Asia's Next Top Model 4 in Jakarta. There were Indonesian contestants, Patricia and Aldilla, model mentor, Kelly Tandiono, and Tiara Sugiyono, marketing manager of Fox Network Group.

From left to right: Patricia Gunawan, Aldilla Zahraa, Tiara Sugiyono, Kelly Tandiono

Tiara Sugiyono, marketing manager, promised that there will be new challenges and photoshoots we never seen before. Tiara also shared Gani's life after Top Model. She got five years contract with Storm which is the best achievement so far in Asia's Next Top Model history.

Kelly Tandiono shared her journey to become the new model mentor. She was contacted by the production house through Facebook. She went through meetings and castings. She was surprised to be selected, but she was proud to represent Indonesia.

Kelly also shared her unforgettable experience during AsNTM which is making Patricia and Aldilla cry. She did not elaborate that, but it is sure worth to wait to see on TV. Kelly also shared her experience with Yu Tsai and Cindy Bishop. They gave her inputs and advices. Kelly was still nervous in episode 1 and Cindy taught her because Cindy has a lot of experiences in hosting, acting, and beauty pageant.

Patricia and Aldilla are asked about the unforgettable experience, but they said that it is not something that can be explained in short. Patricia encouraged us to apply for Season 5 to feel the experience. Overall, Patricia felt that her experience was fun and the girls were close like they are families. Patricia even felt it is more like Asia's Next Top Comedian instead of Asia's Next Top Model.

Patricia and Aldilla shared their experience as "the domestic helper" in the house which is a contrast with their daily life where they have domestic helper to do household chores. Kelly even admitted that the model house was messy.

There was also a screening of the first episode of Asia's Next Top Model Season 4. However, I cannot spoil anything. There will be unexpected things and twists. I think it is a good start and I cannot wait to watch the rest of the season. I noticed that Patricia was more loud and funny, whereas Aldilla was more quiet and reserved. I expect Patricia to be full of personality and the narrator of the season because she is very fun and loud with the way she talked and answered the questions.

Don't forget to watch the grand premiere of Asia's Next Top Model Season 4 on 9th of March 2016 at 9PM (SG)/8PM (JKT/BKK/VN)! Stay tune for my recap of the grand premiere next week as well!

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