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[Recap] Asia's Next Top Model Season 4 (2016) Episode 13: The winner of Asia's Next Top Model is ...

Cindy Mail! Does absence make the heart grow fonder? The girls are confused with the mail. It turns out their parents and friend are coming. Tawan's parent cannot come due to financial problem and lack of passport. So, Puay, Tawan's friend, comes to see her and shows her video from her family. The girls are going to Universal Studio Singapore with their parents and friend.

Cindy Mail! En garde, prets, alez, pur couture avant garde. The girls are confused with the french words, but they are guessing a couture themed for the photoshoot. The girls meet Yu Tsai, Cindy, and Joel Lim as the photographer for this week. Cindy tells the girls the translation of her mail is on your mark, get set, and go for high fashion. The girls will be wearing a couture fashion by Filipino designer. Each girl has a theme to embody their country's culture.

Patricia's theme is Indonesian night jasmine. Patricia wants to play with the feeling of quiet but attractive, but Yu Tsai gets a sleepy look from her. Patricia starts to give weird poses with beautiful faces. Cindy asks a bridge pose for her final pose which challenges her flexibility. She gives everything she can and Yu Tsai loves it.

Taiwan's theme is a modern Thai sabai. She tries to be a Thai dance in the beginning, but Cindy asks for bigger pose. Tawan cannot do much in her tight skirt and her pose makes the stone hurts her feet. Yu Tsai feels that Tawan looks like she is in pain, literally and too animalistic. 

Yu Tsai is really frustrated and he asks Cindy to give instruction in Thai, but Tawan says she understand it. Yu Tsai directs her and shows the pose he wants. He even gives a box for her to step on. Yu Tsai asks her to roar and Tawan channels her angry energy to the photoshoot. She is even more motivated because she promise to Tuti to win this for her.

Sang In's theme is futuristic Gangnam style. Yu Tsai feels everything is too perfect and he asks the stylist to give her a bang. Sang In struggles with "too perfect" look of her outfit.

The girls arrive at Resort World Theatre and meet Daniel Boey for their final runway. He also books additional models for the runway. They are Top 8 girls. The girls will be wearing Tex Saverio and Rjo Laurel. The girls are doing rehearsal with Daniel Boey. Suddenly, Miss J appears on the big screen and gives a message to Top 3 girls.

The theme of the runway is out of the darkness and into the light. Kelly opens the show. Sang In feels her fierce look fits the the halloween theme. Cindy feels Sang In loses the light and she might fall because of that. Kenneth loves Patricia's presence in the runway and how she transforms. Tawan gives a dramatic runway walk.

The backstage is full of running and mess. Patricia cannot find her shoes. Daniel says if she cannot find it, she has to go barefoot. In the end, she changes it to different shoes. Kelly sits with the other judges.

Yu Tsai opens the second part of the runway and sits next to Kelly. Kelly loves Sang In's fierce-but-graceful face. Kenneth notices that Sang In misses the light again. Kenneth gets a chill when he sees Patricia. Kelly likes how Patricia is giving different and dramatic walk. Patricia thinks she is going for Oscar and gives the look for Paparazzi. Kenneth likes how Patricia understand the outfit. Kenneth also likes how Tawan gives a lot of drama in her runway. Cindy closes the runway show.

Judging Panel:
The judges for the finale are Cindy Bishop, Kelly Tandiono, Kenneth Goh, Yu Tsai, and Katie Atkin from Storm.


Sang In


The girls are back to the stage with their parents and friend accompany them.

The winner of Asia's Next Top Model is ...

Tawan says thank you to Yu Tsai for screaming to her. Yu Tsai thanks back to her for screaming back.

I feel Tawan is a great winner if we see the potential of the girls. She is young and tall. She can be commercial and editorial. She has the height and great walk for runway too. However, her performance during the show is quite underwhelming. She really had a great moment during Subaru photoshoot, but I think that's the only peak she had during the show. Do you agree with Tawan's winning? If not, who do you think should have won? Sound off below!

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