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[Recap] Asia's Next Top Model Season 4 (2016) Episode 11: I'm not a selfie queen. But I know I am photo OCD.

The girls congratulate Julian for having her first best photo. Julian finally feels deserved to be in Top 4. Cindy Mail! If you want to have influence, you'd better have a brand. Yu Tsai comes to the model house with Nicole Warren from Gary Pepper.
Yu Tsai tells the girls that top models can make a big difference in fashion industry, they may set trends. The girls will have a lesson with Nicole to get tips to be applied for their challenge letter. Nicole reviews the girls' instagram account.

Nicole thinks Julian's quite good, but she needs to see more professional photo as Julian wants to make it as her portfolio too. Nicole loves Sang In's because she gives touch of a girl behind the model, but Nicole wants to see more stories. Nicole loves how Patricia's personality translates into her posts. Nicole wants to see more professional model shots from Tawan, but she likes Tawan's travel photos show her personality.

Yu Tsai is back and brings the branding communication director of Sentosa, Tay Cheng Cheng to tell the girls about their challenge. They have to make a social media campaign to promote Sentosa, including branding, video blog, and instagram photo montage. They will be judged individually, but they will work in pair; Sang In & Julian, Patricia & Tawan.

The girls are having a bit struggle working with their teammate. Julian claims she has a photo OCD. She needs her photo to be straight and clean. So, Sang In has to retake photos of her. Patricia pushes Tawan to be more focused, while Tawan is having fun, maybe too much fun.

The girls are back. Yu Tsai and Nicole review their challenge. Sang In has a great opening for the photo montage. Nicole likes how her selfie mixed with the landscape, but she finds Sang In's poses are too posey. Nicole like Sang In's video because it is cute and shows the island well.

Patricia's photos can be elevated by putting her inside instead of landscape only. Yu Tsai feels her outfit works with her concept. Nicole loves her video and her interview part because it sets her video apart from the other's.

Nicole loves Julian's photo, but Julian sometimes does not look like a model in her photos. Nicole feels her video is warm and inviting. Yu Tsai wants to see this Julian and her personality in the photoshoot.

Tawan seems a bit lost, but she tells a story. Nicole sees her having fun in the video, but Nicole needs to hear more from her.

The winner of the challenge is Sang In. Sang In says thanks to Julian and her OCD which makes her video great.

Challenge Score:
Sang In 8.3
Julian 7.8
Patricia 7.7
Tawan 7.5

Cindy Mail! It is about third and list. The girls are confused with the mail. It turns out to be the list of the winner's prize. Subaru, TRESemme, and the third is Harper's Bazaar. Yu Tsai will be the photographer for Harper's Bazaar cover shoot. The girls get a special message from Kate Upton telling the girls about her experience shooting for cover of Harper's Bazaar Singapore. The girls get a specific theme for their cover shot. Sang In gets fashion, Patricia gets beauty, Julian gets Asia, and Tawan gets power.

Sang In feels hard to maintain her position and swings. Yu Tsai needs to give her direction and points which body parts should stay and move. Sang In starts with different pose and she starts to follow Yu Tsai's direction and gets it. Yu Tsai wants to see extension of Tawan's legs and takes bigger step. Yu Tsai has to ask Tawan to jump.

Patricia asks Yu Tsai to tell her to change pose if he does not like it. Patricia struggles to relax her mouth in the beginning, but she listens what they want and apply it. Julian is giving poses, but Yu Tsai feels it is not working. Yu Tsai has to direct her in her posing.

The girls are back home. Cindy Mail! It is a treat. They have to choose go into the sun or dancing in the dark. Patricia and Tawan choose dancing in the dark. Yu Tsai bring them to Zouk Out and they meet Tiesto backstage. In the next morning, Julian and Sang In are having fun at Adventure Cove Water Park.

Judging Panel:
The judges for this week are Cindy Bishop, Yu Tsai, Kenneth Goh, and Nicole Warren.

Patricia loves her photo. Yu Tsai feels she embodies spirit of Harper's Bazaar Beauty cover. Kenneth sees a glowing luminosity which Asian girls love. Nicole feels it is another beauty shot and safe. She wants to see more dramatic, but Cindy tells Nicole that Patricia's challenge is to do less and she will look expensive, high fashion, and fits as Harper's Bazaar cover.

Cindy is drown by her pose, color of the outfit, and her face, but she could have done more to embody Asia. Yu Tsai concerns that this photo is not good enough for Harper's Bazaar. Kenneth feels her eyes are empty and cover shot needs eye contact to sell. He feels she looks like a modern Asian mannequin. Nicole feels it needs to be more elevated.

Sang In
Nicole definitely wants to buy the magazine and wants to know about the dress and her. Yu Tsai knows Sang In has a great body, but she does not know how to use it. Yu Tsai even has to be Kung Fu Panda to direct her to get the shot. Kenneth feels she embodies the spirit of Harper's Bazaar cover, but she needs a lot of direction while in this stage of competition, she should nail every single frame. Cindy feels that she nails the theme and Cindy will buy the magazine.

Kenneth is impressed by her strength in the eyes. Yu Tsai is not sure that she is the girl who shows fashion and movement. Cindy feels her photo is vintage and not modern. Nicole does not like it, but she loves it.


Yu Tsai
Sang In*

*Patricia and Sang In get a joint best performance. They will have a spread in Harper's Bazaar.

Who will stay? Will it be Julian who has what it takes last week, but she is inconsistent this week? Will it be Tawan who forgets the small detail that separates a good model and a top model?

-to be continue-

Next week: It is a recap episode with never before seen footages! The reveal of Top 3 (?)

Who do you think will make it to Top 3? Who do you want to make it to Top 3? I think based on the judges' comment and the photos, I think Tawan should make it to the finale. Sound off below!

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