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[Recap] America's Next Top Model 2.0 Guys Girls (2013) Episode 14

They are back to the house and see Jourdan's best photo. Renee thinks her picture is better than Jourdan and she can beat Jourdan to be the best girl. Nina's elimination scares Jourdan and she is aware to stay on top.

Surprisingly, Jourdan invites Cory to Tyra Suite. He is surprised, but he thinks that is because both of them have a special connection with Nina. Jourdan is desperate because she lost Nina, her bestfriend. she does not think the same way in Renee because she is her frenemies. Renee, Cory, Jourdan do not think that Nina is not deserved to be eliminated. They think that should be Chris and blame Chris for Nina's elimination. Cory is angry to Chris because Nina cares so much about Chris, but he does not treat the same way. Chris tells Renee that she should be eliminated long time ago and she does not have good photo. Totally agree with Chris !

Chris who is attacked by three of them goes to Marvin for a discussion, but Marvin has another plan. He thinks that is the chance for him to trick him to win this competition. Fair enough, especially because they are not close to each other. Tyra Mail ! "Only the strong will smize". They are smart enough to guess that will be a workout challenge. Marnee sleeps together, again. I think they do more than we see in the show. They even talk about what if they have a baby !

They meet Rob and Laura in the beach. Laura is introduced as Cycle 19's winner AND fitness instructor. She gets better shape than what she had in Cycle 19. I thought that she is proud with her hips and boobs. So, the challenge will be divided by gender. Guys vs guys and girls vs girls. The winner of guys and girls will be featured in fierce workout video with Rob and Laura.

The challenge is divided into three part. The first part is Jab-Jump-Pose. Marnee wins the first part. Second part is H2T Jump Rope. Renee wins again, but Cory wins this over Marvin and Chris. The last and most important is running in "endless" stairs. Renee who wins the first two parts gets an advantage to run three second earlier than Jourdan. Obviously, Renee wins the challenge. Jourdan has panic attack when she reaches the top, but Renee thinks that Jourdan is being dramatic because she is beaten by Renee. Marvin is the first runner with three second earlier than Cory who gets three second earlier than Chris. Marvin wins. Congrats to Marnee ! You deserve to win this challenge. They get extra prize. They get spa therapy in pool in Ayana.

Challenge Score :
1. Renee 10
2. Marvin 10
3. Jourdan 9
4. Cory 9
5. Chris 8

Marnee are kissing in the pool. Both of them seem have a good time and they do not focus in the competition anymore. Marnee's romance makes Chris and Cory jealous. Cory misses his nine-month boyfriend, Anthony, while Chris wants someone to do the same thing.

They arrive in bat temple. Johnny tells them that they are going to pose with bat. It is gonna be upside down. The photographer is Jez Smith again. Marvin freaks out because bat reminds him to rat in his childhood.

Marvin feels on the top of the world because he has Renee and wins the challenge and it shows in the photoshoot. He gives what he call as Cory's poses (read: androgynous) and he enjoys it because he thinks that shows his body shape more. Jourdan struggles at first, but she finally nails it. Renee does the same pose everytime and she suddenly passes out. Chris starts the photoshoot happily and funny. He poses like a bat at first, but he is criticized by Jez and Johnny that he does nothing. He starts to pose and follow Jez's direction. He gets it. Jez remind Cory not to be too feminine in the beginning, but he gives feminine poses all the time.

Skull Mail ! It does not state how many people will stay after the elimination. Everyone is scared, but four of them want Chris to be eliminated.

Judging Panel :
K: 9, T: 9, R: 10
Was : 8 6, 7
Now : 9

I like it. I like how she plays with the outfit to create kind of windy blowing outfit. Her face is also beautiful.
K: 8, T:10, R: 6
Was : 5
Now : 6

This photo is way to feminine. His leg, his pose, his fingers are too feminine.
K: 7, T: 7, R: 7
Was : 7
Now : 8

It is her best shot so far in my opinion, but this photo is still in the middle of the pack. It is good, but not great.
K: 7, T: 8, R: 8
Was : 6
Now : 7

Chris is sabotaged ! He did much much better pose than this, but why this kind of pose becomes his best photo ?
K: 9, T: 9, R: 9
Was : 7
Now : 8

He gets the best outfit and a bone structure to die for !

Tyra announces that Top 3 will walk for Top Indonesian designer Tex Saverio and Luwi Saluadji. Tex Saverio is huge ! His dress was worn by Lady Gaga and his wedding dress is worn by Jennifer Lawrence for The Hunger Games : Catching Fire !

1. Jourdan 44 (Fan Vote : 7.0)
2. Marvin 43.7 (Fan Vote : 5.7)
3. Cory 38.2 (Fan Vote : 5.2)
4. Chris 36.7 (Fan Vote : 5.7)
5. Renee 36.5 (Fan Vote : 5.5)

Tyra gives Top 3 nickname. Jourdan gets Sunrise Smize. Marvin gets Booch Blue. Cory gets Fierce Fuchsia. It is clear to see who will be going home based on the judge's score only. We can see the huge gap between the contestants that will not be caught by the unfortunate, in this case Chris and Renee.

Next Week : The eliminated contestants are back ! Tyra gives importants announcement during or after the runway !

Who do you think will be America's Next Top Model ? Will it be twenty girls as ANTM winner ? Or will it be the first ever guy who wins ANTM ? Tell me in comment : are you #TeamJourdan or #TeamMarvin or #TeamCory ?

Comeback Series :
Was : 7
Now : 7

Another great shot from Chlea.
Was : 4
Now : 4

Boring !
Was : 7
Now : 7

Fierce !
Was : 5
Now : 7

Her face is strong. I like it in second viewing
Was : 6
Now : 6

It is quite strong, but it is not my favorite.
Was : 6
Now : 6

It is too soft, I know she can do so much better than this.
Was : 8
Now : 10

Best photo ! I love his action and pose.
Was : 8
Now : 9

I like how she creates a shape with her outfit. Runner up for the best photo !
Was : 5
Now : 5

Blah. He does nothing. Boring.

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