Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Asia's Next Top Model 2 Contestants & Judges Updates !

Asia's Next Top Model is back !

Read my recap here.

It will be aired on January 8th on StarWorld. It is bigger than ever ! The number of contestants are increased from 14 to 16 contestants. The prizes are similar compared to Cycle 1. The winner will get three-month contract with Storm Model Management, become cover of Harper's Bazaar Singapore & Malaysia, S$100,000 cash, a Subaru car, and be the face of TRESemme in Southeast Asia. It introduces two new resident judges. If you watch other Top Model series, you will see two familiar faces. Nadya and Joey are back !
Nadya Hutagalung
Joey Mead King

The new resident judges are Mike Rosenthal and Adam Williams. Mike is the resident photographer and judge. He appeared in America's Next Top Model for several photoshoots as the photographer and guest judge.
Mike Rosenthal

Adam Williams was the catwalk coach for Australia's Next Top Model. He was also the catwalk coach and guest judge in Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 1. Now, he is back to be resident judge and movement coach.
Adam Williams

The contestants are from across Asia. All of the countries from Cycle 1 are returning, except for Nepal which has no representative in this cycle. We have two contestants from Indonesia, one from Hong Kong, one from China, one from Korea, two from Philippines, two from Malaysia, one from Japan, one from Taiwan, two from Singapore, one from India, one from Vietnam, and one from Thailand.

Bona, 27, 179cm
Janice, 21, 174cm
Janice was in the Top 10 of Miss Indonesia 2013.

Hong Kong
Elektra, 21, 175cm

Jessie, 22, 170cm

Jihye, 20, 180cm

Jodilly, 20, 176cm
Katarina, 21, 167cm

Josephine, 23, 173cm
Sheena, 22, 174cm

Marie, 24, 170cm

Natalie, 25, 170cm

Nicole, 24, 174cm
Poojaa, 22, 170cm

Sneha, 23, 175cm

Thao, 26, 173cm

Tia, 17, 169cm

That's all the contestants for this cycle. I like the fact that the contestants are more Asian than Cycle 1. Cycle 1 was dominated by mix racial contestants. I do not hate it, but this is Asia's Next Top Model, not Eurasian's Next Top Model. Kudos to the casting director producer. However, most of the contestants are in their 20s. It is kind of "too old" for the industry. We can see the contestants in Australia's Next Top Model mostly are 16 and 18. Nevertheless, Josephine, Katarina, Nicole, Thao, and Tia are my early favorite based only on this promotional photo. Who's yours ? Tell me below in the comment section. See you all in the Asia's Next Top Model recap here. Stay tuned !

For more info, check Asia's Next Top Model official website here

This seems to be the opening title for Cycle 2. Check it here

Check out the latest promo of Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 2 !


  1. My favourites are sheena, pooja & bona

  2. From the promo photos, my favs are Nicole, Natalie, Tia, Marie and Jodilly.



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