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[Recap] America's Next Top Model 2.0 Guys Girls (2013) Episode 15 Finale Part I

Marvin is sad to see Renee go, whereas Jourdan is relieved that her only girl competition is already gone. However, Top 3 are very happy to see Chris' elimination.

It is time for Guess photoshoot, but before that they wear tank top and sarong following their color given by Tyra in the last elimination. Johnny introduces the photographer for the photoshoot. It is Yu Tsai, the photographer for Guess. Marvin knows him and it gives pressure to him because he has worked for Guess (and also Yu Tsai).

Johnny brings back the eliminated contestants to support the finalist as catwalk crew. They wear the color of the finalist they support. Chlea, Mike, Kanani, and Jiana support Cory. It makes Jourdan and Marvin feel nervous, but Marvin believes that the boys will support him. Phil and Don come in blue. Jourdan feels uncomfortable and reminds her of high school. She expects Nina to support her, but Nina comes in fuchsia. Her disappointment does not end there because she expects Jeremy to be in her team, but Jeremy comes in blue. Renee (obviously) is in Team Marvin. Jourdan feels awkward to be alone. Her last hope chance is Chris. Chris comes in orange to support her. However, Jourdan is not grateful for having one supporter. She prefer to have no supporter or fake supporter than having Chris as her supporter.

The catwalk crew becomes their cheerleader in photoshoot. First is Cory. Cory does not serve the masculinity as the photographer wants. He feels distracted by his supporter. Marvin thinks that Cory is not masculine enough for Guess.

Next is Marvin. Marvin is confident for the photoshoot, but Johnny and Yu feel that he is too intense and thinking too much. The photographer even feels pissed by him. Cory thinks that Marvin is not versatile enough and Cory takes better photo than him. Finally, he gets the shot.

Last but not least is Jourdan. Cory thinks that Jourdan is not versatile, like Marvn. Chris tells his reason to be in Team Jourdan because he would be alone if he was in Top 3. Jourdan is not as strong as usual. She looks sleepy and Dead, but Johnny and Yu do not have same vision. Their little fight distracts Jourdan. The fight reminds me of last cycle's Nine West photoshoot where Kelly and Jez do not have same vision. Finally, she gets it, but the photographer thinks that it takes too long.

Top 3 talks to their closest person to have a chit chat. Cory with his mom, Jourdan with her boyfriend and the most emotional contestant, Marvin with his father.

Next is Nylon's photoshoot. They meet Nylon's editor in chief, Marvin Scott Jarett and Nylon's fashion director, J. Errico. During the photoshoot, they narrate how and why they deserve to be the winner and why the other two finalist do not deserve to win this. I expect to hear comments from editor in chief and fashion director than the finalists' comment because what matters is client's opinion, not theirs.

They meet the executive producers, Ken Mok and Laura Fuest in the next day. They are going to shoot fashion feature or also known as fashion film. The fashion film will be part of the runway show and judging. The theme is love triangle. The catwalk crew is also featured as extras. Laura and Rob are also in the film. Rob as the photographer and Laura as a girl who is abandoned by her boyfriend and she is replaced by Jourdan. Jourdan and Cory are couple. Cory is the abusive boyfriend, while Jourdan as a good girl who runs to Marvin.

Cory is kind of envy with Marvin and Jourdan because they play as theirselves, but he needs to push harder to be the character. Jourdan's role reminds her of her unsuccessful marriage. Ken Mok is the director of this fashion film. It is kind of weird because we know Tyra wants to be everything in ANTM, but she does not take the director's seat in this fashion film.

Jourdan feels weird because Marvin can do well as his character while he has Renee. Marvin can not imagine falling in love with Jourdan. So, he imagines Renee's face while they are taking the scene. Cory has a kissing scene with Jourdan. He feels disgusting about that scene, but he does not show it in the film. Jourdan has so much fun to see Cory in "torture". Based on what I see and the theme, the fashion film is kind of chessy and it looks like a TV series or cheap romantic film than fashion film itself. I have not seen the final product, but the theme is so ordinary compared to the theme of motion editorial in Cycle 15 and 17.

It is final runway showtime ! The girl and guys will walk for different designer. Jourdan walks for Tex Saverio who has designed for Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, The Hunger Games : Catching Fire, and many more. Marvin and Cory will walk for Luwi Saluadji. Johnny announces a twist that might change their catwalk crew. He will give $1,000 to the winning catwalk crew. Jourdan is confident some of the contestants will move to her team, but they are too afraid to hurt the finalist.

Marvin's group stays on his team. Chlea is doubt that Cory can win this, but she ends up staying in his team. Mike is the only one who moves. He becomes Sunrise Smizer with Jourdan. We can see Cory is unhappy starting from Chlea talking until Mike's decision.

They are talking about Mike switching team in the backstage. Marvin proves that he has loyal supporter, while Jourdan does not have one because Mike and Chris are there for the money only. Tyra comes and announces a shocking announcement. There will be only two people competing on the runway. The judging is based on Guess photoshoot and social media score like usual, but the judges do not reveal their score to the contestants.

The judges think that he is not fashion model enough, but he gives a great face and cheek bones. He is also too sweet when he needs to be sexy, but social media likes it !

Was : 7
Now : 9

I like Marvin's bone structure. He knows he has good bone structure and shows it. His face is also stunning. This is my favorite photo of Marvin in the cycle.
The judges feels that she looks like a Guess girl. She serves booty tooch and the fans are obsessed with her booty tooch.

Was : 8
Now : 7

Another weak performance of her. I think this is one of her weakest. Her face is blank. Her pose looks cheap. I feel that she is too sweet for sexy Guess girl.
Cory looks straight, but it is not a campaign shot. It is more like facebook shot or catalog shot.

Was : 7
Now : 7

I agree that he looks straight, but I do not think it is enough because his portfolio mostly are what he called as androgyny. I do not have a same perception of androgyny. I think androgyny is more about look than his feminine personality like in RuPaul's Drag Race's drag queen.

Tyra is about to announce who will be eliminated, but she decides to end in a cliffhanger.

Based on the judges' comment, I think Cory will be finished third. Other speculation also thinks that the final two will be one guy vs one girl, in this case Marvin vs Jourdan. What do you think about it ? If you notice, Tyra choose one guy, one girl, and the one who can be both (male model and drag queen).

Next Week : Top 2 ! Someone is not okay during the runway.

Who do you think will be America's Next Top Model ? Are you on Marvin's Booch Blue ? Or Jourdan's Sunrise Smize ? Or Cory's Fierce Fuchsia ? Tell me your opinion on the comment below. The comment is open for public, no need to sign in anymore :)

Comeback Series :
Was : 5
Now : 6

It is better in second viewing. I like her expression.
Was : 4
Now : 3

What ? I need to go now ? I have not prepared yet. He is not a model. End of story.
Was : 6
Now : 6

It is not her strongest photo. I believe she can do more than this.
Was : 6
Now : 7

I used to not that like it, but I like her expression now. I do not think it is enough to be a Guess girl, but she is in not int Top 3. So, that's fine.
Was : 7
Now : 8

Phil's strongest photo in the cycle. This is the first time I see model in him.
Was : 9
Now : 10

BEST GUESS PHOTO ! She serves sexy and naughty, but not bitchy here. She also looks like Katy Perry here in a good way.
Was : 7
Now : 6

He looks sleepy and uninterested, but that's fine as long as he is not in Top 3.
Was : 8
Now : 7

She is not connected with the camera. Her pose is awkward, but I still like her face.
Was : 7
Now : 8

One of his best photo, but he gives the same face over and over. He needs to learn to show more expression.
Was : 4
Now : 3

This is second to worst photo this week. She looks uninterested. She gives boring face. Last but not least, NO NECK MONSTER !
Was : 7
Now : 7

He looks different and weird. This is not his strongest nor his best. Again, it is enough because he is not in Top 3.

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