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[Recap] Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 2 (2014) Episode 9 : He Might Be a Prince, You Never Know

The Girl with a Wild Side
Natalie feels the house becomes quiet after Tia's elimination. Nicole changes her mind about Tia. She also thinks Tia deserves to stay because her photo is stronger than Natalie's. Katarina asks Nicole to move upstairs, but Nicole can not sleep in upstairs and cries.
Nadya Mail ! They have to wake up on 4 AM and pack their things for seven days. Sheena puts everything in her large suitcase. Sheena picks the big suitcase because she only has two suitcase; one small and one big. She thinks her small suitcase is too small. Mike meets the girls at the airport and tells them that they are going to Borneo.

When they arrive at Borneo, they have to across the river and Sheena struggles bringing her luggage. Nadya welcomes them in Skrang River in Sarawak. She also introduces the locals, Teddy and Emong. Teddy and Emong ask the girls to build their own tent. There are only two tents, so Katarina, Jodilly, and Nicole are in one tent, and Sheena, Josephine, Marie, and Natalie are in another tent. Emong serves a local delicacy for their dinner. It is Magus and frog. The girls are scared. Marie feels challenged to live there because she used to live in a big city, while Nicole has her best sleep ever that night.

Nadya, Mike, and Adam tell the girls about their photoshoot. The theme is a jungle warrior. The make-up artist for this week is Kim Kardashian's make up artist, Rob Scheppy from Los Angeles. The photographer for this week is Mike Rosenthal. The regulation for this week's photoshoot is quite different. The girls get a maximum time of ten minutes without unlimited frames.

Photoshoot :
Natalie worries that her make up will overpower her. Adam gives ideas for the pose, but Natalie is distracted with the smoke. Natalie asks Mike to count to three, so she opens her eyes in three. Mike feels Natalie struggles in the beginning, but he might find some good shot. Mike is not satisfied because she is not really into the emotion.

Jodilly hides in the bush because she has camouflage make up. Adam asks her to take off her skirt and she ends up wearing only thong. Mike feels that she gets more power and energy after taking off her skirt. Katarina's character is to be a sun dancer. Mike feels that she channels yoga movement and gives variety. Nicole moves too much and does not get into the character. Mike feels that she does not how to handle it.

Sheena just copies Adam's poses. Mike feels that she needs more time to be emotionally connected because she has no props. Marie worries because she can not swim and her set is on a boat. Marie almost falls. Mike likes how she takes the risk and thinks that might be her forth best photo. Josephine feels fun working with Mike, but Mike does not feel the same way because she struggles and he knows that she can adapt better.

The girls go to the hotel. Josephine and Sheena gets the biggest room. They invite Marie and Natalie to sleepover in their room. Nicole and her gangs talk bad things about the other girls. All of the girls talk about how they talk about each other. Poor girls that they have to be portrayed as mean girls, especially Nicole.

Judging Panel :
The guest judge is a make up artist, Rob Scheppy.

Nadya sees confident in Marie's shot. Mike feels impressed and Adam feels happy to work with her. Rob thinks it is a great photo. I think Marie's face is strong, but her pose looks like a broken doll. It is not as great as her performance in last few weeks, but it is good.

Nadya feels that is Katarina's best photo ever. Mike feels that she is beautiful to watch. Adam feels her fierceness. Rob feels that her make up fits very well with her. I am totally agree that is her best photo ever. Her eyes and pose are strong, but I think the set is too boring. There is nothing going on, except her. It will be so much better if she is in another set.

Adam feels moved when he sees Sheena's photo. Mike finds many interesting poses. Nadya likes the story, but she does not like the pose. Rob wants to see more from her. I do not feel the wild thing or a warrior here. I see this photo's story as a crazy mother that nurtures her invisible baby. I do not know why she puts her sad face again this week. She is so much better than this.

Adam feels that Josephine's photo is Mike's work, not hers. Mike feels she struggles and expects more from her. Rob feels that is a beautiful photo. I see a wild warrior princess here. Her eyes and cheek bones are strong, but I feel there is something missing. I do not see Josephine's spark here as I see in her great photos.

Sheena suddenly cries and talks to Josephine, but Nadya realizes that and calls her. Sheena tells that she is disappointed with herself. Nadya hugs her and convinces her that her photo is good, but it is just not perfect.

Nadya loves Natalie's movement, but not her foot and hand. Adam is not happy to see her shot. Rob feels it is not a fashion shot. I love her pose, but I am not sure with her face and her position. I barely see her face. If her chin is up, it will be a better shot.

Rob wants to frame Jodilly's photo. Nadya feels it is gorgeous. Mike feels that she is committed 100%. Adam does not want her moment to end. I feel the armpit is too much, but I like her shape and expression. It fits with her surrounding.

Nadya is sure that Nicole's photo is not her best and Adam agrees. Mike feels that she gives good poses, but it is just not fit with the brief. It is definitely one of her weakest photo. Nothing works here. Her painful face and her pose are not working. I can see Nicole on the bottom of the pack this week.

Nadya's Call-Out :
Best photo goes to ... Katarina. I know it from the judging panel.

2. Jodilly
3. Sheena
4. Marie
5. Josephine
6. Nicole

I think Katarina does the best, but it might not be because her photo is very strong. It is strong, but it is just happened that her photo is the best. I expected a lot from this theme and especially Mike Rosenthal after a poor first photoshoot. Nicole and Sheena do the worst for me, but they should be saved judging from their overall portfolio. Natalie's eliminated is very logical because she does not really stand out and her screen time is not much. What do you think about this week's photoshoot and elimination ? Sound off below :)

Next Week : Alex Perry's dresses on beach ! Truth or Dare ! Alex Perry does not like one of the photo !

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