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[Recap] Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 2 (2014) Episode 8 : Jimmy Choo is the Michael Jackson of Shoes

The Girl Who Makes a Splash

The girls are back to the house. Josephine is happy to see Janice's elimination because she thinks that Janice deserves to go. Sneha leaves a note and words for everyone. Jodilly cries after hearing Sneha's last word for her. It is clear to see that the house is divided into two groups of four. Nicole teams up with Jodilly and Katarina, sometimes with Tia also. The rest are two Malaysians, Josephine and Sheena and two close friends, Natalie and Marie. Nicole, Jodilly, Katarina, and Tia talk about the Malaysians' performance which they think it is not that great.

Sheena suddenly cries in her room. Natalie tries to convince her that she does great. Jodilly thinks that Sheena is fake because she says in the beginning that she misses her family and it suddenly turns that she is afraid of elimination. The production team still tries to explore drama and the bitchiness of the girl, even though the best narrator yet (read: Janice) has gone.

Nadya Mail ! They will be flying. They are excited, even though they do not know where to go. Adam meets them in the airport and tells them that they are going to Penang. Sheena is excited because Penang is where her mother's family comes from.

Adam immediately comes to their apartment in Penang and brings the dresses for the challenge. They can pick their dress by themselves. They arrive at Penang Butterfly Farm. Sheena expects to pose with butterfly. Joey tells them that they will be doing a digital media campaign for Penang wearing Amee Philips' dress. They only get five minute to learn the line. However, it is not a real campaign. This challenge tests their composure in wearing millipede as their accessories.

Josephine screams when she sees the millipede. The girls in the waiting room can hear her scream. Sheena thinks that there is snake because Josephine is afraid of snake. In the end, Josephine can perform good. Nicole and Katarina try to show the millipede during the campaign. Sheena screams when she sees the millipede. Natalie looks nervous during her line. Jodilly looks scared. She delivers over the top campaign. Tia tries to convince herself that is a cute caterpillar and it works. She wins the challenge. She gets a lunch with Joey as her prize.

Joey introduces a local who can really tells Tia more about Penang. Tia expects to get a tourism information, but it turns out to be Jimmy Choo ! Tia does not expect to meet legendary like him. Tia even says that "Jimmy Choo is the Michael Jackson of shoes."

Adam brings the girls to the yacht. The girls are having fun. Jodilly even asks Nicole to be Jack to her Rose. They recreate famous Titanic in funny way. Marie and Natalie talk how dirty and smelly Nicole's feet is. Do not imagine it, just skip it. They still do not know where they are going, but Katarina realizes that they are heading to Pangkor Laut where she has a chance to stay there as a shared prize by Poojaa.

They are welcomed at Estate 5. The girls are amazed by the facilities. In the next morning, Adam brings them to a yoga session with Waka Yogi for a preparation before photoshoot. Nicole can not follow the pose. She has a hard time in balancing and tries not to fall.

Mike introduces to the girls an actress and TV presenter, Andrea Fonseka who will help Mike to direct the girls. The girls will be shooting in four different locations. The locations are spa village, sea suite, YTL Lady II, and Emerald Bay. They have to represent beautiful, prestigious, and exclusive. The photographer is a celebrity photographer, Chunky. They get fifteen frames as usual. The locations for the girls are based on lottery. Nicole and Katarina get yacht, Jodilly and Sheena get spa, Tia and Josephine get sea suite, and Marie and Natalie get Emerald Bay.

Tia feels like a puppet. Andrea directs her too specific and she feels that Andrea wastes seven shot for one same pose. The photographer feels that Tia is excited for herself. Josephine does not do much with the dress because the wind has done the work for her. The photographer likes her energy and enjoys shooting with her. He also feels that she is Asian Kate Moss.

The photographer likes Nicole's great energy and he sees potential in her. Katarina feels the energy of the photographer translates to her, but the photographer feels Katarina looks commercial.

Sheena feels easy to work with the photographer because of his energy, but the photographer feels that she can be stronger if she is not that insecure. Mike loves Jodilly's body, but she needs to focus more on her expression. The photographer feels that she is in her own world and does not connect.

Natalie feels okay with her photoshoot, but she is not sure if she nails it. She does not know what to expect, but the photographer feels that her photos are horrible and she does not give 100%. Marie tries to give many movements. She successfully steals the photographer's heart. He hopes she wins.

After the photoshoot, the girls along with Mike, Andrea, and Chunky are having dinner together. Andra and Chunky talk about the photoshoot and how they perform in short. The girls are on the way back in the next morning. Nicole feels that Tia, Natalie, and probably Josephine are the weakest girls. She believes that if Natalie and Josephine go home, their close friends, Maria and Sheena will be shaky. It seems that the team tries to find new "mean" and vocal girl here which is not necessary at all.

Judging Panel :
The guest judges are Andrea Fosenka and Chunky.

Mike thinks Jodilly gives a great body, but she also gives duck face. Adam feels her pose looks like a queen, but her duck face makes her a "duck". Joey feels that her pose does not match with the face. I have to agree with the judges. It is anamazing  pose, but her face looks lost. She looks like that she does not know what to do with it and just swings it.

Nadya thinks that Nicole's photo is fierce, but it does not fit the brief. Chunky feels that she needs to be shot quickly and be creative later. She is fierce. She looks high fashion, but she does not really sell the resort and I agree with the judges.

Josephine serves what Andrea expects from her. Mike feels that she is modelling from head to toe. It is simple and expected from Josephine, but it is predictable. It is a great shot, but I know Josephine can deliver this in different way.

Joey feels that Sheena is the queen of jungle. She is Jane who is waiting for Tarzan. Mike likes her leg placement, but her face is just okay. I have to agree with Mike. I like her wild pose, but her face is just decent.

Adam is disappointed that Tia can not capture the moment in still photo, while she does great in motion in the challenge. Andrea feels that she does not listen to the direction. Nadya feels that they have to tell her the same thing over and over again. She looks like very hoochie here. Where are the better poses and faces of Tia during photoshoot ? She looks too mature. She might want to look like a lady like any other girls, but I think she should embrace her fun and wild youngsters.

Joey does not see any connection from Natalie. She looks expressionless. Mike is happy that she tries new shapes and poses, but she looks lost. At first glance, I quite like it. I like her pose, but I see better faces during photoshoot. Where is it again ? The expression does not fit the pose. Where is the cheerful Natalie ?

Andrea feels that Katarina's photo looks like a beauty pageant shot, but she is hard to be directed. Mike feels that her waist up is perfection, while she needs to do better pose for her waist down. I have to agree again with Mike. Her face looks stunning, but her leg position is just okay. If she can find better leg pose, it will be much better shot. However, she needs to lose weight a little bit or just find better angle to make her body looks banging.

Nadya feels hot when she sees Marie's photo. Chunky loves everything and feels it is a professional performance. Mike likes to see how she is growing. This is amazing ! I love her face, her pose, the splash. I love everything. She ultimately books her third best photo and second in a row. Regardless how amazing this photo is, I do not really buy this photo as a campaign for the resort. I buy it as a swimwear campaign.

Nadya's Call-Out :
The winner for best photo this week is ... Marie ! Well deserved !

Runner-up for best photo this week goes to Josephine.
3. Nicole
4. Sheena
5. Katarina
6. Natalie
7. Jodilly

I do not get why the production team keeps sabotaging the girls. I saw Nicole, Tia, and Natalie did at least a better pose with a better face during the photoshoot, but why they keep picking bad photo for the girls ? The team will be praised if the girls are taking great pictures, right ? It means that the competition is very competitive. However, it is tiring, disappointing, and frustating at the same time now. I do not think Tia deserves to go. Jodilly does the worst this week. Where is this guys ? It will be in my top 3 for this week.

What do you think about this week ? Sound off below. I did change the system for the commenting section. I think it is easier. Hope to see your opinion there ! :)

Next Week : Two groups are divided ! Sheena vs Nicole ! Borneo wildness photoshoot ! Jungle Warriors !

Watch Asia's Next Top Model Season 2 Episode 8 here !


  1. n't think Tia is deserve to go home w/ that photo. But it's predictable. The judges keep saying about her bad attitude during the photoshoot, so I guess they try to 'frame' her out of the competition. Also w/ Katarina, I like her a lot but she grows up really slowly, in some episodes she even deserved to go home. But the judges keep saving her looked like she was handpicked by them.
    I guess this season it's easier to decide who's got the best photo than who deserves to go cause most of them only give an okay photo. IMHO

    Anyway I still love the show and your recaps! :)

  2. Nussara ChutijirawongFebruary 27, 2014 at 1:17 AM

    Thanks for the recap. I have not watched the episode but I don't like any photos given the brief of being a campaign for the resort. So far I think the last season is more professional produced such as better judges.

  3. I couldn't agree more Tia didn't deserve to go.
    Seem like the judges're so unfair.
    I think Adam doesn't like tia

  4. Nicole is very annoying in this ep huh!!! Btw I'm really sad that Tia was got eliminated from this show 😭😭😭😭

  5. You are welcome :) I thought this season is way better than last season, but I started to doubt it since the "best photo" is no longer best or at least decent photo.

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. Thanks for the compliment :)
    Have you seen Tia's alternative photo that I just posted in the recap ? Where is that during panel ?

  8. I posted an alternate photo of Tia which is way better than her "best" photo and most of the girls' "best" photo.

  9. I agree with you that photo is the best then the photo on the panel judging

  10. I agree with you.. tia's pose is amazing in the one you posted. Although Tia is not my #1 favorite, but she has that reality it girl material (and sorry maybe half or most of the girl doesn't have this) and she surely has a model potential! So with this quality she should've gone far in this competition.. :/

  11. i dont think it was the best photo. she looked stiff and awkward



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