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The Winner of Asia's Next Top Model (Season 2) is ...

The Girl Who Wins It All
Hi guys, it has been a while since my latest post. Yeah, I am doing it on purpose. Honestly, I lost my faith in this season from the questionable eliminations, the postponed episodes until the unfortunate of MH370. This season started quite strong, but it finished weak. However, I thought that I need to end this seasonal recap, but I am doing it in different way. There will no full and detailed recap, but I am giving more of perspective of this season. Enjoy !
So, the Top 3 are Jodilly, Katarina, and Sheena. Here is my pros and cons about this girls :

Pros :  Jodilly has the body and the height. She is also the tallest Top 3 girl. She fits for the runway because of her height and great walk. She proves that she has a great walk in the first challenge and the final runway. She is also a great poser. She gives variation in term of poses. She is not afraid to jump and do different things to get the shot.

She is nearly a complete package, but ...

Cons : She needs to learn more about her face and expression. She has no strongest facial feature like Josephine's cheekbones. Sometimes, no matter how great her pose is, her face ruins it. For the example is my least favorit photo of Jodilly. It is her Pangkor Laut. Her body shapes a great pose and accentuates her great body shapes, but her duck face downgrades the photo.

Pros : Katarina is indeed one of the most beautiful girls in the house. Her face is so pretty. That is one of the factors why she is still in the competition. Her beautiful face is complemented by her improvement. She has improved, a lot.

Her progress is the most significant, but ...

Cons : It is because she is the weakest girl in the bunch. She went too far than she should have been. More than half of her portfolio is an elimination worthy, Her portfolio is way weaker than Marie, Nicole, and Josephine. The funny thing is no matter how the judges hate her photos, she is always saved from the bottom of the pack.

She is undoubtedly a pretty girl next door and a bombshell. She is great for commercial and acting work involved, but not for an editorial or high fashion shot. She needs to work out more to tone her body. Her height is also considered short for international market, especially the winner of Asia's Next Top Model will get a contract with Storm Models London.

Pros : You can notice Sheena from the crowd. Her blonde hair makes her stand out from the usual black and brunette haired Asian girls. Sheena also delivers a great and consistent performance in the whole competition.

She proves that she is versatile in various photoshoots and even runway, but ...

Cons : What if you dye Sheena's hair to black or brunette ? She will be another pedestrian girl that you can find in the malls. Her consistency is also a problem, at least for me. She delivers great photos, but she never delivered a kick-ass photo. She is also portrayed to have a declining performance in the last few weeks. She also has an issue that she gives the same face over and over. She gives a painful ugly-ugly face in the last few crucial photoshoots.

If I have to choose, I will pick Sheena as the winner, but my gut says Jodilly. Jodilly is portrayed as a poor girl who wants it so bad and cries, cries, and cries. She gets a winner edit for me.

So, who will be the winner ?
Will it be Jodilly who has an almost complete package, except her face ?

Or will it be Katarina who is very pretty, but too commercial and more to an actress than a model ?

Or will it be Sheena who is very consistent, but suddenly declining ?

The winner of Asia's Next Top Model is ...

Do you agree with the decision ? Who do you think, want, and should win ? Sound off below :)

I know this decision will be a controversial one considering Malaysia where Sheena comes from is the host country and one of the main sponsor. The fans who do not cherish Sheena will think her winning planned and many bad things more.

The final episode feel flat. There was no feeling of the climax of the finale. The deliberation was not intense at all. The double judging and changing the guest judges looks unprepared. If they want to eliminate a girl based on the photoshoot, why do not they do it immediately after the photoshoot and before final runway like ANTM always does ?  The final runway is also an anti-climax. I did not feel the drive, the finale feeling, and the dramatic walk like Jessica did on the final runway of last season. It feels like as it is just another unimportant challenge or introducing the contestants.

The judges also did not fight at all for the winner. They did not dig deeply about the girls' performance for the entire competition. They just talked, not even discussed, general summary of the girls' performance. It is such a disappointing episode to end this season. I have lost my faith in this season long time ago, so I was not that disappointed. What do you guys think about the final episode and this season as a whole ? Sound off below :)


  1. ang tagal ng recap :((

  2. As a Top Model fan for years, I think Jodilly deserves it more.
    If Marie won, I'll accept it, but SHEEENNNNAAA??? HELL NOOO

  3. as a malaysian, i'm sure is proud of my sheena! :D when i first looked at all of the cast, she is the one i'm most attracted to and i'm glad she's representing my country.

    her victory came as a pleasant surprise, indeed. with 1 best photo compared to jodilly and katarina, her chance to win was really low. i don't mind jodilly and katarina winning but nearing the finale, their constant bitching about sheena starting to annoy me. she didn't even say anything lol.

  4. Jodilly has 2 best photos and 5 runner ups, and Sheena has 1 best photo and 1 runner up photo. How come that Sheena won?

    Even the final runway both of them did well, so the consideration will be on their portfolio and Jodilly has a stronger one compared to Sheena especially the later part of the compertition.

  5. so, who's your favorite ? Jodilly ? :D
    AsNTM is just a start, not a bar of success :)

  6. Hi Fikri ! Long time no see :D
    so, you are still a loyal fans of your country's representative. who is your favorite actually ? I would pick Josephine over Sheena to be honest, pick Tia over Josephine LOL. However, I think Sheena is legitimate and reasonable winner, even though it is not as clear and as strong as Jessica's winning last season.

  7. their reason is more or less comparing the girls as a model. Jodilly as a classic model vs Sheena as a modern model. I am going to be subjective, but I prefer Sheena to win. Jodilly is also a good model, but Sheena is my "best choice", as long it is not Katarina LOL. Katarina is not ready to be a winner, but she will be a great commercial model or actress.

  8. sheena won :D congratulation ^^ feel bad for her for being attacked by some of the filipinos. it's judges' decision, she just did her best. cant believe that some of them said that they wanted her to die -,- katarina needs to improve her walk though, hehe

  9. that's why she dyed her hair blonde my dearrr, because her face doesnt stand out

  10. haha... i wanted to comment on all of your recaps but this new comment system is not my cup of tea. :/

  11. really ? I didn't get your comments at all and I just changed it in the last four to five recaps, I think. Ah ! I remembered you were bashing when I was too busy to finish my recap LOL I think with this comment system, there are more people commenting here :)

  12. about the bitching thing of Jodilly and katarina towards sheena. since Janice elimination, i think the editors were looking for someone to portrayas a bitch since the real bitch was gone. it is when they started showing Jodilly and Katrina saying awful things about sheena, and it is when they started portraying sheena as the underdog. But if we come to think of it, This two girls wont say anything about sheena without any basis,and that is what the editors didn't show. seeing this, i felt something wrong is goingto happen. So after the final result, I realize why.

  13. It is the people who shouts for justice, a call for fair judging. I believe the viewers are good judges. They have the right to criticize because they are also witnesses of d contestants' journey throughout the competition. It is a right of freedom of expression yet should be subject to limitations of respect.
    I believe an Asntm winner must be of total package: the Looks, Body, & Skill (competency, experience, confidence, and consistency of a good phptos). Based on overall performance from the beginning till the end.. final results were misleading. Sheena have shots that are okay, enough to stay in the competition. It was always a same safe shot. Then, there's Jodilly. the girl who knows how to work her body. As one of the judges said, she's always giving something new. She took risks and nailed photoshoots. I don't hate Sheena. However, I was filled with questions for the judges decision. Why did the judges haven't looked on their past photoshoot?? It was way different than the original Antm. When Adam tried to talk about work ethics, Nadya countered it like they do not want to talk about it.
    Actually, the finale was lacking substance. Trying to conceal something and favor one side. I've also noticed something had twisted. Lesser good feedback to Jodi; more favorable comments to Sheena. Even camera exposure favored her more(especially on runway; sorry for those little details).
    ***Malaysian Judges, Malaysian Sponsor, Malaysian Venue, spice it up by the recent Malaysian Crisis/accident..I hope this wasn't the recipe of choosing the winner.
    I and the viewers are witnesses. People are not making noise for no reason. Season 1's winner, Jessica, didn't create such noise because really she deserved it, they've expected it. Both Sheena and Jodilly deserved to be Asia's Next Top Model. Both have the capability. But the question is, who deserved it more? Sheena over jodilly.. Is Sheena better than Jodilly? Questions of why and how that has to be answered.

  14. I like your perspective. It is in detail, reasonable, and fair enough :)
    Malaysian accident was happened after they had filmed it. So, there is no relation. However, I agree that they exposed Malaysia too much and it is so unnecessary despite the fact that they are the main sponsor.

    I feel that most of the eliminations, starting in the middle of the competition were planned before because they eliminated girls for no valid reasons, including saving Katarina from bottom when she had so many bad photos. It might be happened because AsNTM is in the "wrong hands". We can not change anything, including the winner ;)



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