Thursday, October 23, 2014

[Recap] Fit For Fashion (2014) Episode 2

The challenges this week are focusing on the contestants' confident. Chelsey, the previous MVP gets a chance to choose her teammates. Her yellow teammates are Fred, Andrew, Citira, Ming and Rusty. The rests; Vanessa, Shiva, Kristina, Jerald and Matty are the red team. Chelsey claims that she picks the stronges teammates. However, the red team turns the table in the physical challenge, while Chelsey struggles in the physical challenge. The physical challenge is to climb a waterfall wall and go down.

The fashion challenge this week is a warrior inspired photoshoot. As the winner of the physical challenge, the red team gets 7 minutes each with Todd, while the yellow team only gets 5 minutes each. Fred is sick due to insect's bite. So, he is absent in the fashion challenge. The highlight of the photoshoot is the disappearance of Shiva's chest hair. So, Shiva steals someone's razor and shaves his chest hair. Another highlight is the bromance relation of the roommates, Andrew and Jerald.

Here are the photos from the photoshoot. Courtesy of Todd Anthony Tyler
Yellow Team :
Yellow Team






Red Team :
Red Team






The red team once again wows the judges in the fashion challenge. Not to mention, Vanessa's photo becomes Christine's favorite, while Kristina's becomes Louise' favorite. The red team wins both of the challenge by landslide. So, they are immune from elimination.

All of the yellow team are in danger of elimination. As the consequence for picking her own team, Chelsey has to put two people up for elimination. Chelsey picks Andrew and Ming for having weak photos in the fashion challenge.

"Andrew, you have been eliminated. You are not fit for fashion."

Louise keeps Ming instead of Andrew because Ming shows that she wants it more than Andrew. The upset Jerald cries upon his best buddy and roommates' elimination. He is mad and disappointed at Andrew for not standing up for himself. Fred tries to make Jerald calm, but he starts a new problem. Fred says to Jerald that Andrew is already a model, while the others are not. Hema is also a doctor. Does it mean the winner of Fit For Fashion has to be unemployed ? That statement does not make any sense.

The standouts for me in the fashion challenge are Chelsey, Rusty, Shiva, Matty and Vanessa. Unfortunately, there is no MVP for this week. Based on the critics, I think Kristina would take the crown. The disappoinments are Andrew, Ming and Jerald.

Even though I think  Andrew and Ming's performance are disappointing this week, but they deserve to stay at least another week. Indeed, Andrew is a working model, but he does not perform like one. Andrew probably one of the bodies in the competition that makes him one of strong competitors. In the end, it is all about passion and the person who wants it the most. No matter how good looking you are and how great your body is, confident and drive are more important.

I think Chelsey is the one who should take the responsibility. She picks her members and she is one of the reasons her team lose in the physical challenge. I also think Fred deserves to be in the bottom two for skipping fashion challenge. He should push himself harder to be involved in the fashion challenge.

Do you think Andrew deserves to be eliminated this early ? Who do you think you should be in the bottom two and eliminated ? Sound off below !

Next Week : Fred starts to be disliked ! Mind over body ! #F4FMovement #FitForFashion #FitnessFirst #F4F #ExerciseYourRight #F4FTransformation

Don't forget about this week's #F4FMovement which is single leg down dog !
If you miss this episode or just want to see this episode again, you can watch the repeat on
- Sundays 8:45PM MAL/HK or 7:45PM JKT/BKK
- Friday 3:25PM MAL/HK or 2.25PM JKT/BKK

Good news for Indonesian people ! KompasTV airs Fit For Fashion every Saturday starting on October 25th 2014 at 00.30.

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