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[Recap] Fit For Fashion (2014) Episode 8

The contestants are still discussing about non elimination week. They wish one of them was eliminated instead of going another week as Top 6. Citira is castigated for not putting her heart in the fashion challenge. She has a chance to call her husband and her children. She feels that she wants to go home, but her husband encourages her and she promises that she is going to win this competition.

This week's theme is about discovery. It is a discovery to find a hidden treasure which tests their strength, coordination and team work. They are divided into three groups; Citira and Shiva are red team, Kristina and Matty are green team and Vanessa and Jerald are yellow team.

The task is to go to the three white flags spot to find a clue towards the treasure by kayaking. They have to put their team bottle in team basket. The first one who finds and delivers the treasure to Louise is the one who gets what is inside. However, they have to dig to find their kayak under the spot they are standing.

Green team is the first one to get the kayak and followed by yellow team. Jerald, Matty and Citira are the one who lead their team and give instructions to their teammate. Citira and Shiva are out of sync, whereas Jerald and Vanessa are the most synchronize one. However, the green team still leads the race.

Clue #1 : Your treasure is buried.
Clue #2 : Two feet to the ... Green team gets south. Red team gets west. Yellow team gets east.
Clue #3 : From the compass.

Green team is the first team that digs the treasure followed by red team. Green team gets the treasure even before yellow team starts digging. Red team comes as second, while yellow team is the last team. Kristina and Matty as the winner gets to choose between prize or advantage. Matty picks prize which turns out to be a one year free membership from Fitness First, while Kristina's advantage will be revealed later.

I knew it from the beginning that Kristina and Matty are the dream team because Vanessa and Shiva are the weak link, but it is also quite surprising that Shiva does not do really well in the physical challenge. Physical challenges should be Shiva's redemption for his weak performance in fashion challenges. I do not really think Shiva will survive this week with that performance.

Next is gym time. Christine and Mitch create a personalized workout from each of them because they have different things to be strengthen. Matty's workout is for glutes and legs. Vanessa's workout is focusing on her tummy. Citira's workout is focusing on legs. Jerald is focusing on chest. Kristina is focusing on her upper body.

This week's #F4FMovement is chest press.
The fashion challenge this week is held at Kuala Paka fishing village. They get a 60s retro theme photoshoot with mini cooper and they have to scout their photoshoot location on their own in 10 minutes. Todd gives advice to think about the story and where the light comes. Vanessa gives advice to Shiva considering the background. Matty and Kristina choose the same spot, but Kristina finds another place which turns out to be the same spot with Jerald.

Matty feels for the first time this is his moment. Todd praises Matty for finding his light. Next is Jerald who gets a warning from Todd not to show his duck face. Jerald tells the duck face is a serious look which turns to be the only look he knows. Jerald has practiced his expression with Vanessa. Todd likes how Jerald thinks about his expression. Shiva thinks that this will be hist best photo yet, but he is not that confident because he and Todd usually have different opinions.

Kristina projects another strong sexy woman look, but Todd asks her to tone it down and show different expression. Citira loves her wardrobe and it is projected to her photoshoot. Todd loves Citira's attitude and story. Vanessa feels that Todd is impressed by her. Todd only comments about Vanessa during photoshoot is perfect, perfect and perfect. They end the photoshoot again with another group photo.

The elimination has come. There will be an elimination this week. First of all, Louise wants to know what they think about their partner in the physical challenge. First is Kristina and Matty. Kristina enjoys working with Matty and has the connection without word. Next is Citira and Shiva. Citira feels that Shiva costs her team a win, but Shiva answers that is not true because both of them are equal. Citira feels that they should not be equal because Shiva should be stronger physically, but Citira is stronger in the challenge. Christine sees how Citira works really hard, but Shiva is not that serious.

Last but not least is Vanessa and Jerald. Jerald tells Louise how he has the experience and how Vanessa follows his lead. Louise is mad to Jerald because his statement makes him team look like a dream team, but the fact is they lose. Vanessa says they have the sync, but she is the weaker link. Mitch knows that Vanessa is always be the weakest link in the physical challenge.

Louise sees Jerald's photo as a page of GQ magazine. Todd feels Jerald looks well and confident. I think there is a better photo of Jerald when he is inside car or posing with a car, but it is still a great shot.

Matty is relax and Todd can see inner model in him. Louise feels the color combination between background and his outfit is fantastic. At first, I saw him as a drunk man, but when I see it again, he seems to be a cool guy enjoying his vacation. Not bad, but not that great.

Shiva loves this shot the best. Todd feels that he nails the expression, but it takes time. Todd sees that there is still a room for his growth. Indeed, this is Shiva's best photo so far. He looks great. His posture looks great. I have to agree this expression is hard to catch.

Todd praises Vanessa for picking the location and color combination, but the shot is a super safe shot with the same pose. Louise notices that her pose is similar with her other shots in the past two weeks. Vanessa is a sexy girl. It is a beautiful shot, but it is another shot with the same pose. She might be a one trick pony with hands up and legs up.

Todd finally feels Citira catches a moement. Louise like this photo, even though she is the only who smiles, but it works. Louise feels that Citira brings a life to the photo. Citira looks great here, but it depens how this photo is judged. If it is judged as a fashion shot, it does not scream a fashion shot. She looks like a beautiful housewife enjoying her life.

Todd feels that Kristina works the car. Louise asks her if this photo is what she is going for. Kristina is not sure with this photo. I am sorry, but she looks like a sales promotion girl promoting this car. She looks amazing, but it does not necessarily combine well with the car. Unfortunately, it looks too much.

Fortunately, they pick another photo for Kristina. Louise feels changes in her second photo. Kristina also likes the second photo better and thanking them for choosing the second one. This photo is simple, but it tells more story. She looks like the owner of the car instead of a sales girl.

Louise reveals Kristina's advantage and it will be a gamble. Kristina has a choice to choose immunity from this week's elimination or choose to have an advantage in the next contest. Kristina is confident with her performance this week and she does not need immunity.

Louise reveals that she is safe this week. Her gamble pays off, but if I were Kristina, I would also pick the advantage for next week's challenge. Matty is also safe. Vanessa is in the bottom two for having a weak performance in the physical challenge and not fulfilling her best potential in the fashion challenge. Jerald is close being in the bottom two, but he is not. Jerald is safe. Citira is also safe. It means that Shiva is in the bottom two with Vanessa.

Vanessa is improving, but other people are stronger than her. Shiva looks 15 years younger, but Louise is not sure that his body catches up his look. Who stays ?

"Shiva, you are not fit for fashion."

I think it is about time for Shiva's elimination. Shiva along with Vanessa are the least consistent contestants left in the competition. I think the other four which are Jerald, Kristina, Matty and Citira are strong in both physical and fashion challenges. If Vanessa does not show a lot of progress, my dream team of Top 4 will happen.

Next Week : Vanessa cries on the physical challenge ! Matty is on fire ! Jerald is pushed in gym by Mitch ! A surprise news for Citira !

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