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[Recap] Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 2 (2014) Episode 4 : Everyone Has a Right to Cry about Their Hair

The Girl That Embraces Change

Sneha feels that the house is getting bigger because there is less and less girl everyweek. Some of the girls think that Jihye does not deserve to go home, but Janice feels different. Janice shows how expressionless Jihye is by acting as if she is Jihye. Marie is back to the house and immediately becomes sad because she gets a new that Jihye is eliminated.
Nadya comes to the house and gives Marie her last week photograph. Nadya asks the girl to pack their nice outfit and brings them to A Cut Above saloon. Joey tells the girls that they will get a total makeover by Indonesian and Phillipines award winning hair stylist, Alfons and Lourd Ramos. The mirrors are covered, so they will only see their makeover after it is done. Tia and Sneha worry that they will go short, while Sheena worries that her makeover is not that different.

Sneha cries and Nadya comes to her to cheer her up. Sheena is scared to be bleached again because her hair is already fallen. Nadya tries to scare Josephine by asking for shaver when she visit Josephine.

Josephine gets a shorter symmetrical bob cut. She feels happy because she looks like her idol, Victoria Beckham. Her boyfriend comes to see her makeover and bring flower which is unexpected for Josephine.

Thao gets curlier her. She looks shocked and even shocker when she sees her sister comes.

Sneha gets asymmetrical short curly hair. She feels that day is one of her most memorable days of her life. Her boyfriend comes to see her.

Natalie gets shorter and curlier hair. Her mom comes and she gets emotional.

Katarina gets a jet black colour for her makeover. She cries when her grandma comes.

Jodilly gets similar makeover, probably her bang is a little bit shorter.

Janice gets curlier hair. She also cries when her mom comes.

Nicole gets a pixie cut. She feels chic. She hugs her mom.

Poojaa gets a shorter symmetrical bob cut which is similar to Josephine's makeover. Her dad loves her new look.

Sheena gets a pink highlight in her platinum blonde. Her bestfriend, Kevin comes in the right time when she needs someone to talk to.

Tia gets curlier hair which is similar to Janice. Her mom comes, but she expects her boyfriend to come.

Marie gets an afro red hair. She feels that she looks like old Whitney Houston. Unfortunately, none of her relatives can come. So, the girls are there instead. She feels touched.

Their relatives also come to their house. Marie is sad because she has no one. The girls talk about each other relatives. Josephine and Katarina are not really connected with Poojaa. They are tired to hear how rich her pilot boyfriend is and how happy she is blah blah blah.

Nadya Mail ! They are going back to saloon. The girls are worried that they will get another and shorter makeover, but Tia knows it from the beginning that mail refers to a photoshoot. Joey and Mike are waiting for them. They are going to have an editorial photoshoot to showcase their new look only in fifteen frames. The photographer is Nicoline Patricia Malina and they will wear Silas Liew's outfit. They will have props to play with, such hairdryer, clutch, and many more for the first time.

Photoshoot :
Joey and the photographer likes Marie's hair on her. Marie feels cool, funky, stylish, and fashionable. She poses a lot. Joey and the photographer likes it. Marie feels that her best photoshoot so far. Sneha feels so good with her reflection on the mirror, but she is worried because she gets no feedback from the photographer. The photographer feels that Sneha is trying too hard and gives awkward poses. The photographer appreciates Natalie's effort during the photoshoot, but she does not get much feedback which makes her nervous.

Josephine is not used to with her new hair. The photographer feels that she knows her angle and gives pretty shot. Katarina serves confused look to the photographer. The photographer feels that Tia is too conscious with her surrounding that makes her not focus. The photographer likes Sheena's makeover on her and also likes her face. Thao tries to give adventurous and new thing, but the photographer does not think anything works. The photographer likes Nicole's fearless and poses.

Janice is more confident with her new hair, but the photographer feels so wrong about her. Poojaa serves high fashion and good poses. Jodilly gives blank face and she gets emotional. She cries in the backstage. The photographer and Joey also talk about Jodilly's performance. It fees like that Joey and Adam only watch the girls instead of directing and helping, but Sheena is right that both of them will not be there 24/7 to help the girls.

The girls are back to the house. Katarina, Nicole, Sheena, Tia, and Janice are the only girls that cleaning. Nicole complains about Thao who seems never clean things by herself. Nicole does not know how to handle Thao anymore. Janice also gets Thao's name card from Josephine. "Artist" is written on it. The girls suspect Thao is someone famous in Vietnam and has helper when she is home.

Judging Panel :
The panel is quite different this week because it is held outdoor in Stadium Petaling Jaya. The guest judge is Lourd Ramos, the Phillipines stylist on makeover.

Tia's photo is not dangerous and exciting as Adam expected. Joey asks her to be a risk taker and more adventurous. It is too safe, but it is also good. I expect more from her. After Batu Caves photoshoot, she is kind of doing only good.

Adam sees another Natalie in this shot in a good way, but Mike feels that her smile is too forced. Nadya feels that she is in half way of smiling. She is totally a commercial girl and this photo works, but she is still in the middle of the pack. She needs to catch up fast.

Lourd feels that Sneha does not like her makeover and she looks super scared. Nadya asks her and the other girls to be more aware to their body. Adam feels this photo is a miss. She looks great in her new hair. I quite like this photo, but her right hand, her face and body position are awkward.

Mike likes Josephine's photo and expression. Adam thinks that she does well. Her awkward leg works. Her face and her hair are amazing. She totally rocks it !

Lourd likes Sheena's photo but not so much. Adam asks her to do new thing. This photo is too predictable. It is good, but not great.

Mike sees improvement in Janice. She works it, but it is not exaggerated enough. Nadya wants to see more expression. I also see her huge improvement, but it is still not enough to catch up the other girl. Ironically, drama queen needs more drama in her expression.

Lourd feels that Thao blows it her makeover away in a negative way. Mike feels her photo is awkward and almost looks like a peacock. She does not use the hairdryer properly. Joey needs a versatile model that can do any kind of job. I am kind of like it at first, but her pale lips and half blowing hair are awkward. She should pass this week though.

Jodilly does not give her best in Joey's opinion. She tells the judges that she feels the pressure and wants to prove herself by crying. I like her bone structure and her legs, but almost all of the girl are doing the same way and she does not stand out.

Lourd feels that Poojaa's photo is gorgeous and loves everything on it. Joey feels this photo is spectacular. Finally, she steps up her game. Her makeover works really well. Everything works on her. I sense a chance for best photo this week.

Marie serves what Mike expects from her. Lourd sees beautiful reflection on the mirror. Nadya feels she bangs it. I disagree with the judges. What I see from this picture is "OMG, what happened to my hair ? I need to cover it !". I do not think her makeover suits her. I hope I will get used to with her makeover.

Nicole gives a fantastic body position that Mike likes. He also feels great energy in this photo. Nadya likes her air on the hair. She looks chic and quirky as her personality is.

Lourd sees fear in Katarina's reflection. Nadya feels this photo is to safe and warns the girl to step it up. I find this photo is lazy. Nothing is going on here. She has not shown her potential in the first four weeks. Please, make her in the bottom three as a shock therapy for her to step it up.

Nadya's Call-Out :
I'm going to call the girl with the best photo ... Marie

Runner-Up for this week goes to Josephine
3. Poojaa
4. Nicole
5. Natalie
6. Tia
7. Sheena
8. Katarina
9. Jodilly
10. Sneha
11. Janice

Thao will miss Jodilly, Sneha, and Katarina, but she does not want to have a contact with everybody after the show because she only wants to have a contact with people she wants to.

I like Nicole, Natalie, Pooja, and Tia's makeover. I would give Marie a blonde long straight hair as a makeover. I would also leave Sheena with her platinum blonde hair without any touch. I would keep Josephine's long hair.

This is the first time that I disagree with the judges for the best photo and the eliminated girl. I'm not a fan of Marie's photo, Poojaa deserves to get best photo in my opinion. Thao also is not the weakest girl or the girl with the weakest photo this week. She does not stand out, but the judges always keep Katarina from elimination and bottom three, even though her photo is one of the weakest in that week. What do you think about it ? Sound off below.

Next Week : Sporty Photoshoot ! The girls go military ! Janice vs Tia !

Watch the official youtube link of Asia's Next Top Model Season 2 Episode 4 here ! However, it is only available in selected countries. Another option is to watch here !


  1. same with me dude.. I also think pooja more deserved fro ber photo this week instead of marie.. And Thao elimination is not fair at all, it should be katarina or sneha. While janice is the enemie of this season.. the drama queen should be saved for the rating lol.

    1. yeah i agree with you i didn't see the potential of kat, she s just you know pretty face that couldn't help at all

  2. im really happy when i saw marie photo she look nice and high fashion on this shoot
    sheena also have a good picture i thought she got ombre pink hair bust she got highlight pink
    so frustrated with jodilly performance, her hair was great on her but her face so blank
    i hope next week sheena got FCO finger cross
    btw thanks bcause update this recap for us =)

  3. i agree. why does it seem like they always save katarina ??? hmmm. she is better now, but still. not fair



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