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[Recap] Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 2 (2014) Episode 3 : The Photographer Was Super Hot, So That's Probably Why I Was Warm

The Girl Who's Hot When She is Cold
The girls talk about how talkative Tia about herself and how young she is, especially Katarina and Sneha. However, Tia and her BFF, Janice seem that they do not care. Adam comes to the house and tells them to have their hair and make up done in 30 minutes for their challenge.

The girls are doing ten second TV commercial for Visit Malaysia 2014 by walking on KL Tower side. They have to walk for a few meters and do pose. Some girls are scared and they slip a little bit. Joey and Adam feel that Nicole, Thao, and Tia do well on the challenge. However, Josephine shines and she gets her video as part of Visit Malaysia 2014 TV commercial.

Adam comes to inspect the house. He shares tips of using Pond's (one of the sponsor) BB cream to Katarina, Poojaa, and Jihye. However, his reason of visiting is to tell Nicole about her prize for winning best photograph last week. She gets a pool party with some friends. She immediately picks Poojaa and Jodilly. She also picks Sheena because she thinks that Sheena needs some sun screen. Sheena does not expect that, but she is glad. The last girl to join Nicole is Janice.

They go to their private pool upstairs which they do not know before. They are having a good time. They also have sushi buffet. What makes it better is the fact that one of the staff of the hotel tells them that Michelle Yeoh and Jackie Chan have visited this pool too.

Joey and Mike welcome the girls to SnoWalk in Ice City. They will be in a room that is -5 degree. Models usually have a photoshoot for summer outfit in cold winter and they will get a chance to feel the same thing. The theme is winter wonderland scene in stylish lingerie shoot. The photographer is Hong Kong based photographer, Jesper McIlroy.

Sheena tells that she never wear a lingerie. Janice is excited with her Poison Ivy-ish lingerie, while Sheena is aware of her body, especially after having sushi buffet the day before. They get 20 frames for this week photoshoot.

Photoshoot :
Sheena does not do well in the beginning. After some words from Joey, she starts to impress the photographer. Nicole is excited and Joey loves it. The photographer also feels that her photographs are fantastic. Janice is not confident in lingerie. The photographer asks for variation. Joey feels that Janice does not understand her body. Tia gives young and beautiful look that the photographer likes.

Joey likes Thao's energy in the photoshoot and Mike is impressed with her. Joey impresses the photographer because she does not need direction. Marie is not confident with her photoshoot because it all depends to the judges in the end. Josephine gives LOTS of energy to the photoshoot. Joey feels amazed. Josephine has so much fun during the photoshoot. Poojaa gives good movements that the photographer likes.

Katarina is on fire and delivers full energy to the photographer. The photographer does not see passion in Jihye's shots. Joey feels that Jihye's shoot is a total mess. Jihye shares her experience of being bullied that makes her does not express her feeling. Natalie impresses the photographer by being the only girl who utilizes the floor.

Some girls have a crush on the photographer, especially Tia, Sheena, and Janice. They feel that the photographer looks like Orlando Bloom. They are glad that they get a hug from him.

After going back to the house, Jihye is not confident with her photoshoot. She does not see herself in the first two photos. She believes that this photoshoot will be her last chance to prove herself to the judges.

Judging Panel :
Guest judge is the photographer, Jesper McIlroy.

Sneha delivers hot photograph in Nadya's opinion. Mike likes her curve, but that pose is her only pose. She looks hot, but she looks wider at the same time.

Natalie surprises Mike by utilizing the floor. Adam sees confident in her photograph. I like it, but I am not obsessed with it.

Marie feels that her photograph is not enough. The photographer needs more expression. Joey asks her to let it go. It is a disaster. Her expression and her pose are total mess. Last but not least, I do not want to see her bone.

Josephine shows lots of fun and Nadya perceives that from her photograph. The photographer likes her spontaneity and originality. AMAZING ! Great pose, great expression. Everything is perfect.

Jodilly gives expression that Mike does not like. Adam feels the coldest expression from this photograph. Her left hand is awkward. Her face is weird. Love her body. Thank God the creative team "covers" her fold in the stomach.

Joey does not feel Thao's photograph is high fashion enough, but the photographer feels cinematic expression from her because her eyes tell a story. I agree with both. Too much story in the eyes, but not high fashion enough.

Jihye looks sad and cries. She tells that she tries her best, but she is doubt with the result. Joey feels that it is not her best. Mike does not feel chic. The photographer feels something special in her, but she needs to bring it out. It is an okay photograph with Modelling 101 pose, but it is not the right pose for this photoshoot.

Joey feels that Sheena means to be in that world. It is very stylish and Joey can see it in magazine because it has international quality. I like her pose, but she should show the lingerie more.

Nadya feels that Poojaa gives exactly the same photograph with last week's, except for the hand. Adam feels that is boring and safe. Mike thinks that she is a pretty girl but not a model. She cries during the judges' critic. Hand in the hip and I-don't-care-but-I'm-beautiful face = VOILA ! It is Pooja's photograph for three straight weeks.

Joey feels another improvement from Katarina. Adam feels that photographs attracts males' attention. I like it, but I still feel that there is something awkward in this photograph.

Nadya feels that Nicole's photograph is ridiculously good. Joey gets what she is looking for from Nicole. She wears the lingerie and shows how good the lingerie is. She delivers two great photographs in a row. Great job Nicole !

Tia worries the photographer in the beginning, but she pulls it off and gives great shape. Nadya wants to see her lingerie more and opens it an inch more. I like her pose, but I see much better expression from Tia in the first photograph and I know she can do so much more.

Nadya feels scared and worried in Janice's face. Joey believes that she can do better. Mike tells her to learn how to be comfortable with her body and use her body more. It is definitely my least favorite photograph this week. Nothing works here.

The girls are waiting for deliberation. Marie feels cold and freezing. She is taken by an ambulance.

Nadya's Call-Out :
Best photograph this week goes to ... Josephine ! Well deserved !

Runner-up for best photograph this week goes to Nicole.
3. Sheena
4. Katarina
5. Natalie
6. Tia
7. Thao
8. Poojaa
9. Jodilly
10. Marie (Marie is absent during the elimination. They are waiting for the result, but Marie is still in the competition.)
11. Sneha
12. Janice

It is a satisfying week in terms of who gets best photograph and who gets eliminated. It is logical to keep Janice since she is this season's Helena. She is a great TV personality and I think she will be kept at least until the mid of the season. However, some of the girls have better shot in the preview during the photoshoot than their "best photograph". In the end, we must remember this is just a TV show. Do you agree with the judges' decision this week ? Tell me in the comment section below.

Next Week : Makeover ! Sneha cries because of her makeover ! Surprise visit ! Jodilly also cries !

Watch the official youtube link of Asia's Next Top Model Season 2 Episode 3 here , but it is only available in selected countries. Another option is to watch in here ! #AsNTM2


  1. I am soooo happy over Josephine's winning of the challenge and best photo of the week, good girls DON'T always finish last. Sheena, another top fave, still is on fire and I know she could deliver more next. I also wanna give my shout out to my girl Katarina! You are making us Pinoys really proud with your development!

    When a teaser was shown last week for this episode, I got excited. The photoshoot reminded me of the glamshots of the Ms Universe 2013 candidates, this gave me an idea that the girls would wear pure lingerie or sexy high fashion clothing. But still I loved the whole concept of bringing the girls to the extremes.

    Love love love,
    Poli XO

  2. Replies
    1. I've just updated the recap, and now with the link to watch. Happy watching !

  3. I don't like Janice for her bitchy attitude. And yes, i totally agree that we will see her for a few next episode. She is not that good in my opinion. I guess Thao did better in her photoshoot. And i have no idea why did the judges pick that picture as her best.



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