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[Recap] Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 2 (2014) Episode 6 : Empty Vessels Makes the Loudest Noise

The Girl Who Works the Room

The girls are sad for Poojaa's elimination, especially Sheena, Nicole, and Katarina. Janice surprisingly cheers Tia up. After that, Janice complains about living with girls since she grows up living with boys. She says that she wants to do this for her autistic sister, Jufita. The girls pretend Janice do not exist anymore.

Joey comes to the house and tells there will be cocktail party. She brings MAC senior make-up artist, Haritha Shan to teach them how to do make up. Joey brings more good news to them that they will wear Sonny Son's cocktail dress. The girls are excited for the party, but Tia faces dilemma with her boob area.

The girls arrive to Marini's 57. Sheena tells how great the place is since she is Malaysian and familiar with the most happening area. Janice alienates herself as soon as they arrive. The girls start to talk with the other guest, but what they do not know is there is an undercover judges. He is the Subaru boss, Glenn Tan who is looking for campaign for Subaru.

Josephine and Sheena are super familiar with the people and they get advantage from that. Janice asks people to remember her as "Janice from Indonesia". Tia tries to find the similarity with Miss Malaysia by saying "Miss Malaysia ? Oh my God, I'm Miss Thailand" with her awkward laugh. It sounds forced, but it is funny nonetheless.

Natalie and Marie come to seem-to-be-lonely men which is the undercover judge. Jodilly suddenly comes to them just because she thinks the boss is cute and she turns the table. She tries to impress Subaru boss and says that her dream is to buy Subaru Forrester. It is a good move. People will like you if you praise their brand. Nice move, Jodilly.

Joey reveals that there is an undercover judge that shock some girls who think they have to talk to more people. Glenn reveals that he only talks with Natalie and Jodilly, but Jodilly gives best impression. Jodilly gets extra fifteen frames for the next photoshoot in Subaru assembling plant.

Suddenly, Nicole cries and asks why good girl has to go home instead of the super villain of this season, Janice. I think it is too dramatic and wasting her time and energy. Janice tries to apologize to all of the girls, but Nicole feels that she is just acting. Janice starts to have higher intonation. Nicole gets angry because Janice talks over her. Janice feels that Nicole is just being soap opera girl.

At first, Tia, Nicole, and Sneha are the only girls who talk to Janice, but Katarina can not hold it anymore because Janice does not feel guilty at all. Janice wish that they changed into men, so there will be less soap opera. If you want to watch the fight again, here it is !

Photoshoot :
The girls will wear dress by Indonesia haute couture designer, Imelda Kartini. The photographer is Hong Kong based photographer, Timon Wehrli.

Jodilly feels like a modern mermaid. The photographer likes how she moves her shape. Josephine can not see or listen, but the photographer feels that she comes across and does it well. Janice feels that she is a beautiful princess in her wedding day. She is overwhelmed and distracted by the male model and suddenly she becomes blank. The photographer feels that she looks hesitate.

Marie gives big and broad movement. The photographer feels that she catches the light beautifully. Nicole gets black afro wig. The photographer likes how she works. Natalie worries that she will not perform as well as last week. She looks confused and hesitate. The photographer does not see any expression from her. The photographer feels that Tia needs to give more expression and aware of her body shape.

Sneha is distracted by the cute photographer, but the photographer thinks that she is not practical because she hesitates with her pose. The photographer likes Sheena because she knows what pose she wants to make and she gives time for him to take it. Joey feels that Katarina is too fairy tale. The photographer tries with soft expression, but it does not work. He tries to do hard, but it does not work either.

The girls are back to the house. Janice tries to reconcile with the girls, but Tia and Nicole do not feel it because she still talks behind people's back.

Judging Panel :
The guest judge is the executive director of Subaru, Glenn Tan

Nadya loves Marie's levitating pose. Adam feels that she misses two inches of her neck. Glenn likes how different the pose is and it fits the brand. This is the first time that Marie impresses me. It is amazing !

Mike likes how Sheena takes risk during photoshoot. Joey feels that Sheena gives great rhythm. Joey reveals that Sheena is the photographer's pet. It is good, but it does not wow me. She does good, but she never kick ass

Joey feels that Josephine falls in love with the guy and pushes the other guy. Mike likes how she is in the moment. Nadya feels like it is in the movie. Glenn feels this photo stands out and exciting. Josephine is back ! It is an unusual love story. I think this photo works with the juxtaposed setting.

Joey feels Jodilly is a define goddess and romantic. Gleen feels that she delivers the Subaru motto which is confidence in motion. He also feels it is a great campaign. It is a great shot, but I am not crazy about it. It is a little bit dancing in the club with house music.

Mike feels that Katarina tries to get out from her comfort zone with this photo. Adam sees her growing, but she needs to hurry up. I feel she is still playing it safe. I see a progress, but small one. Her pose and face are too pretty for this couture shot.

Adam feels Tia is boring and serving Tia doing Tia. The only thing that is great is just the dress. Glenn does not like it and feels it looks arrogant. Joey feels that she always gives frontal pose that makes her looks wider. Boring ! Tia only does well in the first photoshoot and the rest is just surviving from elimination. I expect a lot from her.

Glenn feels Nicole's photo is interesting and memorable. Nadya feels it is gorgeous, but she needs to aware of her armpit. Nicole delivers again week after week ! However, I do not know why her face is blurry.

Joey feels that Natalie bends too extreme and gives painful face. Mike tells that she never stop posing and do not give the chance for the photographer to take the shot. I expect her to do well, even a possibility of best photo when I see her in the preview. The old Natalie is back.

Joey thinks Sneha's photo is fantastic. Glenn quite likes the story, but not her angle. Nadya needs to see a little bit more. Sneha serves pretty, but I do not think it is enough. She is better shot three-quarter or profile than frontal. I'm not as excited as the judges when I see this photo.

Janice makes Nicole looks bad when Nadya asks about her condition and praises her for apologizing. Nadya does not see a good story in the shot. Glenn asks why she keeps pulling her hair. Mike feels that energetic Janice when she walks to the set and Janice in-front of camera are disconnected. Adam is tired of hearing her excuse. What are you doing here ? I think her face is quite good, but her pose is super awkward. This is an elimination worthy photo. See you in bottom once again, Janice !

Nicole gets angry with what Janice says to Nadya and the judges because she tells a different story. Janice confronts Nicole for talking behind her back, but Nicole does not want to talk to her, so she has to talk it there.

The judges argue who deserves to get the best photo between Jodilly and Josephine because both of them have different approach.

Nadya's Call-Out :
The winner for best photo this week is Jodilly.

The runner-up for best photo is Josephine.
3. Nicole
4. Sneha
5. Sheena
6. Katarina
7. Marie
8. Natalie

Nadya tells that the judges want to send both of them home, but the judges agree this week is predetermined non-elimination week. So both of them stay.

BOTTOM TWO : Janice and Tia

However, Janice and Tia get five frame less for the next photoshoot as the "punishment". The girls talk about their photo and hug each other, except Janice.

I like the concept of the photoshoot. I think this is one of the best so far, but I disagree with the best photo.  Most of the girls do not really sell the car in the background, but some of them nail it as a couture photoshoot.

When I see the bottom two, I feel that this is sabotaged. They seem to create more drama by putting two ex BFFFFFFFs in the bottom two together. But, no elimination ? Seriously ? You got 16 contestants with 13 episodes only. I expect not to see so much double elimination for the rest of the season. The "punishment" is too The Amazing Race. I think if they want to do it, they have to do it to more girls than Janice and Tia only.

What do you think of this week's surprising non-elimination ? Sound off below.

Next Week : Iconic photoshoot directed by Coco Lee ! Nicole confronts Janice !

Watch the offical youtube link of Asia's Next Top Model Season 2 Episode 6 here ! Another option is to watch it here !


  1. where's the photo by the way?

  2. you seem to be a sneha hater her 2nd photo in the cave was amazing and you said it was rubbish, stop hating, she will make it far!

    1. Please check it again in
      I said "I like it ! I like her pose and expression. What a great shot !". Actually, that photo is my most favorite photo of Sneha.

    2. oops, sorry, my bad, i got you mixed up with another reviewer. lol

    3. I'm totally fine with that and I'm very open for a discussion :) I think I know who did you mean. He seems to be very energetic. It reminds me of my writing of last cycle's recap LOL.

  3. How long does it usually take for the videos to be uploaded? I missed it earlier. :(

    1. There you go, please recheck the recap :)

  4. For me Josephine got the best photo this week. And I agree with non-elimination this week because Janice and Tia make the competition intense,if one of them will be eliminated this show can't sell.

  5. Well, I kind of disagree with your opinion, I think Jodilly deserves to win, because out of all the girls, she's the only one who actually touched the not-yet-made car and she looks like she's pulling it to show what she has, thus selling the idea, the car, the dress, Subaru's tagline "confidence in motion" and herself in the picture. But I am not saying that you are wrong, Josephine's photo is actually very nice and romantic. Have it been, say a fairy tale shot or a simple high fashion shot, her picture could have been the winner. But like what I said, Jodi nailed every aspect of the shoot for me. :)

  6. And another, Tia should have gone home based on her picture, it's just horrible. And Katarina too, because she's always safe and boring and this is coming from a Filipino. JODILLY ALL THE WAY! I think they'll keep Janice up until 7 or 8 girls are left, she creates drama and without her, AsNTM is boring as hell. But I do agree that she's not really talented.

    1. I honestly like and appreciate how you share your opinion in the positive way. You have a strong and valid reason. Yeah, Janice is the "essence" of AsNTM. If there is no Janice, AsNTM will get no viewer because I know some people watch it to see Janice only.

      By the way, I wish you can be "someone" instead of anonymous. It is not fun you know lol, but I have to blame blogspot for not allowing people to post a comment by writing their email only. Hope to see your comments for the upcoming weeks. It is fun to have a discussion with you :)

    2. By the way I have a problem about my google account and I can't use it properly for blogs like this,that's why Im only using anonymous.And I'm very sorry if i ruined your blog...or something by using anonymous instead of my account. But, i like your blog very much. It's so very helpful especially for a newbie photographer like me.From these pictures of yours ,I can see the inner aspects of each photo.Im visiting your blog every week. But, don't worry I'm still using code name ("Dee") so that you can check my other comments for these upcoming weeks.

    3. No, you don't ruin it at all. I used to limit people who can comment here, but I got very few comments. I know it's not that flexible. So, I opened it up. I want to have a discussion here :) I just feel when anonymous posts comments here, it's like hit and run lol, especially people who give bad and rude comments.

      The pictures here are not mine. It belongs to the production team of AsNTM 2. I just help to share it and give my perspective about it. Thanks for being a loyal reader :)

  7. Is TRESemme commercial showing the winner of AsNTM S2? It's Katarina right? Shocking....

    1. No, TRESemme does not spoil anything because last cycle there are also some girls who did not win do the commercial :)



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