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[Recap] Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 2 (2014) Episode 5 : This is Not Asia's Next Top Pretty Face

The Girl That Runs Her Own Race

The girls feel that Thao should have been saved instead of Janice. Adam comes to the house to wake the girls for a bootcamp. The girls get a new Technogym room in the house. The trainer of Technogym teaches the girls how to use the equipments. Janice starts to complain how loud Tia when she wants to sleep. She starts to give a space between Tia and her.

The girls get their own army themed outfit. Joey welcomes them to the bootcamp and introduces Jason de la Pena, Fox Sports Asia presenter. Marie and Josephine, the two best girls from last week are the team captains. Marie picks Natalie, Jodilly, Poojaa, and Sneha. Josephine picks Katarina, Sheena, Janice, and Nicole. None of them chooses Tia and Tia creates her own group, alone. Tia is disappointed because she is nice with both Marie and Josephine, but none of them choose her. She even states that Josephine does not like Nicole and she still choose Nicole over her.

The challenge is Fashion Meets Fitness military obstacle course. Team Marie does the Fashion Meets Fitness challenge in 15 min 15 sec, Team Mojo (Josephine) does it in 7 min 50 sec. Tia does extremely well and wins the challenge with 2 min 3 sec alone. She gets a spa treatment and picks Janice to share the prize with. Janice states that Tia picks her because they are best friends, BFFFFFFFFFF. Both of them enjoy the prize well. The rest of the girls are back to the house and they get Bobbi Brown make up products.

Photoshoot :
The girls go to Image Rom photo studio and meets Joey and Mike. The theme is promotional futuristic sport themed photoshoot. The photographer is Loh Lin Shan. They only get fifteen frames for this week.

Tia wants to do a defeated pose, but Mike questions about it and Tia does not listen. Janice shows her energy during the shoot. She believes that she improves. Josephine does not do really well. She tries to do fashinably boxer, but the shot is too tight. All of Sneha's poses are not working. Marie fails the shot. Nicole, Jodilly, and Sheena do great. The photographer says wasted to Katarina. Poojaa looks same in all her shots. Natalie impresses the photographer, Joey, and Mike.

The girls are back to the house. The kitchen is closed ! Nadya Mail ! It asks Poojaa and Sneha to cook in purpose because they can not cook. Poojaa asks for pan, but Sneha gives a pen.

Janice comes to Jodilly, Katarina, and Nicole and tells them not talk about her, even though they are not talking about her. Nicole asks her to sit and talks together. Janice states that "We're getting along best, we're not best friends." Tia confronts Janice. Sneha who is roommate with those two feels like a dramatized Bollywood film. Tia feels alone now because she used to only have Janice in the house.

Judging Panel :
The guest judge is Malaysian model, Amber Chia.

Joey feels Marie's photo (cycling) is flat. Adam feels that the only good thing from her shot is the blue jacket. She gives awkward pose with awkward hand. I feel that she wants to say "See my right hand" with that pose. A disappointing photo from her.

Mike likes Sheena's (soccer) body position and her emotion. Amber likes her pose, but she think that her photo will be better if she points her toe and shows her shoes. I did not expect her to nail this shot. Soccer and dress are not a good friend.

Jodilly (ping pong) nails all her pose. Joey feels that she pings the pong. Nadya feels that the ball looks photoshopped, but it does not. I like her pose, her left hand with the bat. I like everything. Good job Jodilly !

Poojaa (snorkelling) is shouted by Mike to show her emotion during the photoshoot, but she does not listen. Nadya feels that she looks lost. Amber sees no neck and feels that she is trying to hard. This is a MESS ! Everything goes wrong. She still poses with her right hand on the hip which her "signature" pose for five freaking photos.

Mike likes Janice's photo (baseball) because he sees swagger in it. Adam likes how energetic she is during the photoshoot. Another improvement, huge one from Janice ! She starts to grow, slowly but sure. It is not perfect, but it is decent and enough to survive this week.

Joey sees Natalie's photo (rugby) as a cover of futuristic sport magazine. Mike sees a lot of usable frames which means good thing. Janice is not the only girl who improves, Natalie also improves !  A LOT ! I like her pose, her toe, her hand, everything ! This photo deserves a best photo.

Nicole (golf) impresses Adam. This is amazing ! Love her body position and elegant fingers ! She consistently delivers a great shot week after week.

Joey feels Sneha's photo (hockey) is boring. Adam wants to see young and playful from her, but she serves arrogant. Mike mentions Sneha gets a leather skirt, but she changes it to a short because she has poses in mind with the shot. However, it does not work. She looks pretty, but she does not give modelling poses. She looks like she is in a cabaret or broadway to does a show instead of model does a photoshoot.

Joey expect dynamic poses from Josephine (boxing). Mike really thinks this is her best shot because the other frames are not usable. This is below my expectation. She can do so much more than this. An acceptable photo, but very disappointing.

Mike feels that Katarina (tennis) is too safe and she gives same expression week after week. Adam feels that she with her face should not do general things. Nadya does not see effort in her photo. Adam tells her that this is not Asia's Next Top Pretty Face. What is she doing ? She does not even utilize the racket properly. Is she doing ballet or what ? This photo deserves an elimination, at least a bottom two or three spot. Katarina does not really perform as I expected when I saw her promotional photo. I only like one from five photos of her.

Mike feels disappointed with Tia's photo (basketball) and her attitude. She does not listen to Mike during the photoshoot. Tia tries to defend herself, but Adam asks her to listen to Mike because Mike has a lot of experience shooting top models and celebrities. Tia apologizes. I quite like this shot actually, but I do not like her expression. She can do so much better than this. She needs to step it up !

Tia cries on the backstage. She does not think that it is all her fault.

Nadya's Call-Out :
The winner of best photograph this week goes to ... Natalie. Well done !
Runner-Up for best photo goes to Jodilly
3. Sheena
4. Nicole
5. Marie
6. Janice
7. Katarina

Josephine and Sneha, Poojaa and Tia, please step forward.

8. Josephine
9. Sneha
10. Tia. After getting her photo, she apologizes once again to Mike and Adam.

Finally, I agree with the judges again for both best photo and the eliminated girl. I thought it is going to be a double elimination when Nadya asks the girls to come two by two. Poojaa's photo deserves an elimination, but I do not understand the judges. The judges keep saying that Katarina does not give effort nor delivers a good photo, but they keep her in the middle of the back. Please lands her in bottom for once or twice so she can step up her game because she is just floating in the middle with mediocre photo. What do you think about this week ? Sound off below.

Next Week : Beauty Meets Beasts ! Car Garage Photoshoot ! Glamorous cocktail party ! Everybody vs Janice !

Watch the official youtube link of Asia's Next Top Model Season 2 Episode 5 here ! Another option is here !

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