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[Recap] Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 2 (2014) Episode 7 : I Hate thePhoto, but I Love the Commitment

The Girl Who is in the Spotlight

They are on their way back to the house. Nicole and Janice are in the same car. Janice tries to apologize, but Nicole does not really care. They argue and Nicole tries to get out from the car. Nicole can not feel Janice as a human being anymore. Janice sad, she almost cries. Nicole and Janice talk how they apologize and the action in their own country which is totally different. Nicole wants to see action than apologize.

Tia starts to lose her confident because she thinks her selfie is better than her last photo. Janice tries to talk again to Nicole in the kitchen. Janice wants to teach Indonesian how to apologize in Singaporean's way. Natalie is happy for their reconciliation, but she does not really care about it because she needs to focus on the competition.

Nadya, Mike, Joey welcome them in the of stage PJ live pereforming art theater. Lourd Ramos and Adam teach about transformation backstage. The challenge is to create their own hairstyle. The transformation is day look to night out look.

Nadya asks Sneha, Tia, Natalie, Josephine, and Janice to step forward. Nadya tells them that they fail to convince them with their day look, so they are eliminated. The remaining girls can pick the eliminated girls for help. Sheena picks Josephine, Katarina picks Tia, Nicole picks Janice, Jodilly picks Sneha, and Marie picks Natalie. Janice wonders why because they fight the day before. Nicole wants to repay Janice's effort by giving her a chance.

Sheena is the winner. She gets a lunch in Smoke House. She picks her partner, Jojo to join her. They get their private room and private chef.

Tia and Janice try to act Adam's announcement for photoshoot. Suddenly, Nadya comes to tell her to do photoshoot. Nadya brings chocolate and tea. Nadya has a conversation time with the girls.

Photoshoot :
Adam and Mike welcome to Troika Sky Dining. The sky city view is the background for this glamorous photoshoot. The girls wear the dress from Farah Khan. The photographer is UKay Cheung. The girls get fifteen frames, but Janice and Tia only get ten frames. The girls can watch each other photoshoot. Jodilly is excited because she wants to see Jojo and Sheena. There is also a guest judge and she is Coco Lee. The theme is glamorous night look hair.

Janice asks for wind. The girls make a joke if she needs fart from them to make a wind. Natalie is not that confident because she is bullied in middle school. The photographer likes to shoot Marie. Nicole thinks that Marie is her biggest competitor. Tia expects to get more useful advice since she has less frames. Adam likes Nicole's photoshoot and she follows Adam's advice. The photographer thinks that she stands out.

Sheena thinks that she does alright because she sees Adam is happy. Mike directs Sneha really specifically. She feels like a puppet and she screams. The photographer feels that Katarina is nervous, but she gets it in the end. Jodilly tries to swing her hair. Josephine's last chance gives a disadvantage for her because everybody poses that she wants to do. The photographer feels that she is nice to shoot, but she needs to find the right angle.

Judging Panel :
The guest judge is Coco Lee.

Joey feels that Tia needs to embrace more her curly hair. Mike feels her eyes and hair work together, but it does not match with the body. I like Tia's photo. She starts to grow a little bit. It is not as good as first photoshoot. She looks too mature, but she looks glamorous.

Adam feels Janice looks lovely, but he knows that she is more than lovely and he does not how to help Janice anymore. Coco feels that she has sex appeal, but she does not see that in the photo. I think this is Janice's best photo to date, but it is still mediocre compared to the other girls' portfolio. I do not think Janice will survive this week.

Joey expects Josephine to give more smile. Mike is disappointed because she does chin up all the time. He thinks it would be stronger photo if her chin was down. I like it. It looks romantic, but it is quite too mature. I expect more from Josephine because I know she can do so much better than this.

Adam loves Nicole's photoshoot. Joey feels that photo is fantastic. Joey would pick this photo as the print ad if she were TRESemme people. Coco hugs Nicole and convinces her that she is amazing. I never expect that Nicole will serve short hair this amazing, but she is kind of one-look-ish though. Her face is quite similar in every photoshoot.

Nadya likes Katarina's face and hair. Joey feels beautiful and glamorous. It is her favorite photo. Mike says that this is what they try to get from her in weeks. Finally, she utilizes her beauty in the right way. I think this is her best shot so far. Well done, I hope it is not one hit wonder.

Joey feels Natalie's photo is soft and womanly. Coco feels the glamour, but she needs to be more aggressive to survive the competition. It is soft and beautiful. It is decent, but I want to see more out of the box from Natalie.

Mike likes everything in Marie's photo. Joey feels it is her best photo in competition. I think she looks fierce and glamorous, but it is too fierce for a hair campaign.

Mike loves Sneha's eye, but not her body. Joey feels that she should give opposite pose to create a better body pose. Everything is not working here. Her pose is awkward and too "high fashion". Her hair covers half of her face. I know it is a hair campaign, but it does not have to have hair all over the face.

Joey would be very happy to see Sheena's photo if she was TRESemme's client. Coco feels that she is a chameleon. I think this is the perfect hair campaign. She looks beautiful, soft, and romantic. The hair is also in the right proportion.

Mike tells Jodilly that her photo does not have the movement she expected because they are unable to freeze the swing hair. Coco loves her smilling eyes. I think she looks old. I am not really into her one hand on her breast pose. I would to see her swinging hair photo.

Nadya's Call-Out :
Best photograph this week goes to ... Marie

Runner up goes to Nicole
3. Sheena
4. Katarina
5. Jodilly
6. Natalie
7. Josephine
8. Tia

Nadya shows blank photo and announces that it is a double elimination. Janice and Sneha are hugging and crying. Some of the girl cry for the double elimination.

I think Sheena fits the brief best, but Marie is a good alternative though. I also believe that Janice and Sneha deserve to go. Both of them go further than they should have been. I wonder how many people will still watch AsNTM since Janice is gone. They need to find to the new source of drama to make it interesting, but it is or supposed to be a modelling competition, so they get a decent Top 8.

What do you guys think about the double elimination ? Sound off below.

Next Week : Bikini Shoot ! Caterpillar Photoshoot Challenge !

Watch the official youtube link of Asia's Next Top Model Season 2 Episode 7 here ! Another option is to watch here !


  1. Please update the recap :) I always see ur recap bcoz I don't have access to watch it on TV.
    So sad that I heard Janice is going home for this episode :(

    1. I'm so sorry that I posted this recap late. I was overseas, so I tried to watch it online ASAP and that was the fastest that I can do :)

  2. if your entry for the summary is not on Wednesday please change it to the date that you blog abt episode 7

    1. I'm so sorry if it really bothers you. I did it on purpose because I wanted to do the recap ASAP and it is easier to edit a post than start a new post.

  3. I saw this episode .And I agree with you, Sheena got the best photo this week.But I think Sneha and Jodilly got the weakest photo. But for Jodilly, I think it was not her fault. She acted very well at the photo shoot. It was so awesome saw her hair floated away with the wind. And first of all, Joey and Mike said that Jodilly nailed it during the photo shoot and said she did a great job, but I was very disappointed when I saw her photo during the judging. I'm like "Where's the hair in the wind?". It's not her best photo! Where's her best photo? ! Somebody has to blame with Jodilly's photo this week!


    1. Wow Dee, we are on the same page ! I put Jodilly and Sneha as my bottom two, but Sneha is still the weakest. By the way, who are your favorites for this season ?

    2. I'm rooting for Jodilly but Sheena is getting stronger every week;So I choose Sheena as my second favorite. I also like Nicole.She has strong photo every week but as time goes by I find her photos boring because she got a striking body pose but same face reaction every photo shoot.


  4. I have quite alot to say here, from the start of this competition i was rooting for sneha and i am disappointed that she got eliminated, however i am more disappointed in sneha, because i was rooting for her but she kept on letting her fans down, she got a lot of air time in episode one so i was assuming she would make it far. The problem with sneha was she has a very high fashion and edgy look but she has no idea how to use her look and body hence why her photos come out bad and she looks older. Its ironic that she gets eliminated on a tresemme shoot, last year it was rachel, indian girls are known for their hair and they seemt o fail, also rachel, pooja and sneha have been disappointing, I sometimes wonder where the hell do they get all these indians girls from, they need to be stricter when hand picking the contestants from india, malaysia and philipines have been strong. It suckes that both janice and sneha are gone, since janice is gone there is no more drama and since sneha is gone, there will be no more humour. Now onto the matter of sheena, sheena is a good model but very predictable, she can model and meet the brief however i dont find any of her photos interesting, during panel i look forward to tia and sneha's photo's more in-spite of them being bad with alot of flaws.Since sneha is no longer in the competition, I will no longer watch, the other girls have alot of potential and i like them but i dont like them enough to continue watching, good luck to all of them. I will be back to watch next year :D



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