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[Recap] Fit For Fashion (2014) Episode 7

The physical challenge this week is related to let go the contestants' bad habit. It is time to purge themselves. Vanessa starts to be panic and Louise notices it. Vanessa starts to cry and feels weak, but Louise encourages her until Vanessa has the strength again.

The task is to search their name on sandbag from huge pile of sand bag, solves the riddle given on the sandbag. It is a personal clue about each of them's bad habit. They have to carry 9 letters of character across the obstacle course one by one and then arrange it, scream the word and throw into the fire. The winner will receive an advantage, while the last person will get a disadvantage.

Here are the riddles of the contestants :

Jerald who has 30 seconds penalty does not really feel the penalty because he gets the other contestants opened the pile of sandbag. So, Shiva gets awkward, Matty gets enigma, Citira gets martyr, Jerald gets overdone, Kristina gets bravado and Vanessa gets unfocused. Shiva falls and almost faints. He wants to give up on the challenge, but Mitch encourages him and he gets back again to the challenge.

Matty finishes first. Citira finishes second with Jerald in a close second. Jerald knows realizes the importance of 30 seconds. Kristina finishes carrying the letters, but she has a hard time finding the word. She spells "BROVADA", but Louise helps her to correct her answer. She tries "BRAVODA" because she is not familiar with the word until she gets it right in her third time. Vanessa and Shiva are in a tight race to compete for the forth place. Shiva has a hard time to spell awkward because he is dyslexic, but Shiva wins over Vanessa in the end.

Next is a gym time. Christine and Mitch are focusing on strength training this week. It is not for men, but it is also for women. Strength training burns more calories and it is still burning calories even after the exercise. They are paired up as Matty with Jerald, Vanessa with Kristina and Citira with Shiva. Vanessa surprises herself how strong she is in the strength training because she is doing the repetition as much as Citira and the guys. This week's #F4FMovement is reverse plank.

This week fashion challenge is about flexibility. The theme of the photoshoot is a ballet inspired fashion shoot on the beach. Christine who starts doing ballet since she was 3 years old will teach them about the moves. Christine asks the contestants to tell a story about their transformation.

Matty's advantage is related to Christine. He can choose if he wants extra 3 minutes with Christine learning the moves or having Christine as part of the photoshoot in the last 3 minutes. Matty undoubtly chooses the latter choice. Matty feels this photoshoot is the right moment to combine dance, movement, fashion and photography. Louise is impressed with Matty's shot with Christine. Kristina tries to imagine her fiancee which is close but unreachable because she has to finish the competition. Kristina feels that she does well.

Vanessa's disadvantage is to have only 7 minutes instead of 10 minutes for her photoshoot. She does not think it is a big deal for her because she is confident in fashion challenges. She feels that fashion challenge redeems her weak performance in the physical challenge. Shiva imagines himself to be an angry person but a loving father at the same time, but Todd always changes his story everytime. Citira imagines a story about a long lost and then found love. She feels that she learns her angle from each photoshoot. Jerald cuts himself and bleeding when he is about to start his photoshoot. He tries not to overdone, but he forgets his facial expression and posture. They end the photoshoot with a group photo.

First up is Kristina. Todd finally can achieve her softer side, but she looks tired. This is a great photo. Her body looks great. She lets herself to look vulnerable in her expression after being such a diva in the previous photoshoot. It is the expression first time we have ever seen from her. She definitely proves to be the chameleon.

Matty worries Todd in the beginning by being a theatrical Matty, but he finally can get some decent shots in the end. I barely see his body in this photo. He gives a good pose, but we have to see his body because this photo is about transformation, right.

Christine feels that she knows who Matty is when they spend time having a photoshoot together. This is much better photo of Matty. His body looks great and there is a connection between him and Christine.

Todd feels Vanessa's improvement. She gets the best facial expression and knows her shape. Todd feels that her photoshoot this week is one of the best shot in whole series. Well, I do not think is her best shot. First of all, she does not embody the ballet thing. She looks short and thick and the position and pose looks like she is saying no.

Todd believes that Shiva tries hard, but this shot is one of a few shot. Louise notices his massive transformation and looks 10 years younger, even though he is 10 years older than the other contestants. Louise asks him not to quit. He has a nice back and it is good to show his best asset in front. This is one of his best shot, but it is still not enough to catch up the other five because he is so left behind in the fashion challenge.

Citira's shot is her best shot to date yet according to Todd, but Louise worries that she only has one look. She is fierce. Her face is great. She looks confident and beautiful, but the angle makes her look very unproportional like having a huge thigh with a normal upper body. She needs to learn her angle though.

Louise saves the best for the last which is Jerald. Todd feels that he is the male Citira. He makes a nice progress with his body, but he gives duck face which never happens before. Christine praises Jerald for flexing his sixpack, but she is not sure with his eyes. Jerald has a body to die for. It looks amazing in both group photo and individual photo, but he starts to create a new problem which has been mentioned above, the expression and his duck face. I am not a fan of this photo. He looks way better in the group photo than in here.

Louise wants the contestants to open up to them. So, no one is eliminated this week. I expect Shiva and Vanessa in the bottom two and one of them is eliminated because I think people notice that Shiva and Vanessa are not as consistent as the other four contestants. Vanessa is weaker in the physical challenge, while Shiva is weaker in the fashion challenge. I miss the MVP. I think it is a great idea to reward people with outstanding performance weekly.

Next Week : All about Citira next week ! Citira feels weak ! Citira feels dragged down by her teammate, Shiva !

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