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[Recap] Asia's Next Top Model Season 3 (2015) Episode 4: She's like a Loaf of a Stale Bread

The Girl with a Broken Heart

Rani's elimination is unexpected for the girls, especially for Gani. Rani leaves a note for Gani and Tahlia. Aime does not expect to get best photo in that photoshoot because she does not like the photo, whereas Loretta think it looks like an ad. The girls asks Loretta if she is okay. Loretta admits that she does not know what to do for the last three weeks. She just fakes it until she makes it. There are the dirty girls who are Monika, Amanda, and Aimee who do not do their dishes. Melissa and Gani complaing about how dirty they are.

Georgina Mail! It is a make up challenge. Everyone says to Franchesca that is so her challenge. The girls meet Georgina, Joey, and Beno Lim from MAC cosmetics. Their challenge is to recreate a look from the latest trends in Spring/Summer collection which are enlighted, review, no make up, free party, scarlet seduction, and rock glamour. The girls have to do the make up not on themselves, but on their competition. Everyone is already paired themselves, except for Gani who is working with the model. They get 15 minutes.

Monika and Franchesca do no make up. Aimee and Amand do review. Gani does free party. Melissa and Tahlia do rock glamour. KB and Loretta do enlighted. Barbara and Celine do scarlet seduction. Some of the girls, like Gani, Aimee, and Amanda struggle with make up, while Loretta and Franchesca shine. It is a race between Loretta and Franchesca. The winner of the challenge is Loretta. She gets $2,000 to spend from MAC and she can pick a friend. She picks KB for being her model. Franchesca looks annoyed when the winner is announced.

Winning a challenge boosts Loretta's confidence. Monika feels the other way because she is just being average by not winning any challenge or best photo in the last three weeks. It is her dream since last year when she does not make it into Season 2. Joey comes to the house to check the girls and lets them ask anything to her. Monika starts to cry. She feels pressured. Joey encourages her and hugs her.

The girls arrive at Manhattan Bar at Regent Singapore. The photoshoot for this week is Shanghai Beauty to portray romance, passion, and glamour with the dress from Peter Som. The photographer for this week is Amanda Lim. They also have to work with male model. Some of the girls, like Celine, Loretta, Barbara, and Franchesca struggles, while Aimee, Monika, Amanda, Melissa, and Tahlia shine. Barbara starts her photoshoot by telling that the male model looks like her ex boyfriend.

Judging Panel:
The guest judges for this week are Peter Som and Amanda Lim.

Georgina loves this photo. This is Joey's favorite photo of her. I like this photo. I can see her eyes falling in love with him. It is an innocent love.

Georgina feels that she completely kills it. Peter tells the girls to watch out for her. This photo is beautiful, sexy, and in the moment.

Georgina feels that she owns the photo. Amanda sees that she is the one who dominates the relationship. I am not crazy about this photo, but I like how she touches his body and looks into another direction.

Georgina agrees with Celine that this photo has a little feeling. Peter sees a beautiful girl with cool style, but she is just a pretty girl, not a model. She is not the reason why he flew from New York. Celine has a sad face. If she stands there, she has a tendency to look sad. She looks like she is tired and boring with this relationship.

Georgina feels that she tries too hard and looks catalog. Peter finally finds a photo that is usable. Her body looks good, but it looks too much. It looks like she is enjoying herself and nearly a porn.

Joey likes how she changes in every photo. Peter feels that she is fierce and loves her face. It is quite odd, but I like it. She is a chameleon!

Georgina likes how fierce she is and makes it work. Joey feels this photo represents KB. Again, I like how she plays hard to get with looking in different direction. She looks sexy, but not cheap.

Georgina reveals that the male model is a friend of Barbara's ex. She feels this photo is half baked. Peter feels that her sadness brings something, but losing the fashion. Joey feels that she is falling behind. I usually like to see having interaction, but the eyes are not on that person, but it is not working her. She feels uncomfortable. It looks like she still has the feeling for her ex who is the guy's friend.

Georgina feels she looks stiff and it is not doing herself a justice. Peter tells that he does not fly here for her excuses. Her face looks stunning as usual, but her body position looks awkward.

Peter feels it is a pleasure to watch her. I feel this photo is the one looks like a porn film the most. Her pose and how she shows her leg looks cheap and hoochie. How she shows her leg does not sell the dress because it is not made for showing legs. I cannot see her face too. Monika is a huge let down for me.

Amanda feels that she shows efforts, but she needs to be effortless. Peter feels her enthusiasm and she tries so hard, but she starts to flop as the camera starts. It looks weird and unflattering. She is just falling from middle upper to the bottom of the pack.

1. Monika

2. Aimee
3. Amanda
4. KB
5. Melissa
6. Tahlia
7. Gani
8. Barbara

Celine, Franchesca, and Loretta, please step forward. Georgina ask them why they should be here. Celine wants to be here and cries. Franchesca tells that she does not start strong, but she grows. Loretta tells that her time is up and she wants to make something.

9. Franchesca

Who stays? Will it be Loretta who has a lot of effort, but they are not sure enough ? Will it be Celine who is beautiful, but she is her own enemy?

It is a double elimination. The remaining girls cry. Celine does not understand the judges' choice. Loretta expects to stay longer, but it is a wake up call for her to do something else. I actually do not get the Shanghai Beauty theme. The dress does not feel Chinese. The setting and the models do not look Chinese. I wish it can be as a cinematic as if it is Wong Kar Wai's film. Do you agree with the double elimination? Sound off below!

Next Week: VJ Daniel as a guest! A lot of laugh on acting class! Selfie struggle challenge!

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