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[Recap] Asia's Next Top Model Season 3 (2015) Episode 5: I Act to Become Myself When I'm Not Nervous

The Girl with a Killer Smile
The girls do not expect double elimination in the previous elimination. Celine leaves a note for the girls. Gani is sad that Celine goes home because she feels Celine's photo is better than Franchesca's. Every room now has only three people. The girls talk about Franchesca and how she is insecure after the elimination.

Georgina Mail! It's about the facial expression. The girls arrive at the acting school. They meet Georgina for the test campaign for Close Up's Diamond Attraction tooth paste. There are also cosmetics dentists and Close Up smile expert, dr Cecile Infantado and leading actor and TV personality in region, Daniel Mananta. Gani is excited because Daniel is famous in Indonesia. They give tips to the girls for a better smile and Daniel helps them improvise in expression.

The girls are paired; Tahlia with Aimee, Monika with Barbara, Franchesca with KB, and Gani, Melissa, and Amanda are individually tested. Daniel asks Amanda to be angry, but she cannot do angry and does not how to be angry. She feels uncomfortable and she does not do the acting test.

Everyone compliments Gani's smile, but she still worries with her small eyes when she smiles. Amanda is still thinking about the practice. Amanda feels that angry gives negativity and she is an Asian sweetheart.

Alex Perry and Georgina welcome them at the mall. The challenge is to get a perfect selfie with members of public. They get 15 minutes to get the perfect selfie. The reward for the winner of the challenge is a dinner with Daniel Mananta at Sofitel So Singapore. The winner is Barbara for showing her personality and showing the guy's personality in the picture.

Barbara enjoys her time with Daniel, she is even blushing because of Daniel. Daniel gives tips based on his experience that he acts to become himself when he is not nervous. KB asks Amanda what if they ask acting again for the photoshoot. Amanda says that it is out of her comfort zone. Gani knows that the judges compliment her for being the best face in the competition, so she practices her smile all night for the photoshoot.

Alex and Mike welcome them at Pangea at Marina Bay Sands. The photoshoot is for the mock campaign of Close Up Diamond Attraction. The brief is stop one guy with one look. The girls brush their teeth with Close Up Diamond Attraction before doing the photoshoot. Most of the girls shine in the photoshoot, but Gani struggles in the beginning. Gani starts to flirt with Mike as she gets a better performance. Franchesca is too posey. Amanda also struggles because this is her first time go to a club and she never done a smiling shoot. She just pretends the best as she could, but the photoshoot is a dead silent.

Judging Panel:
The guest judge for this week is Daniel Mananta.

Georgina loves how everything works and she gives a smile Georgina will not forget. Joey loves how alluring and mysterious, but it is still in Gani's flavor. Mike feels that it takes time to commit, but when she commits, she makes gold. I love how she smiles, but she still looks mysterious, but I am not crazy about this photo.

Mike feels that she has to adapt to the brief. Daniel thinks her smile is beautiful, but she will asks different model. Georgina feels this should be easy for her and expects more believable photo. I feel this photo is good, but it is too predictable and too ordinary. She might float with a photo like this, but it is not a guarantee if she can survive this week or not.

Georgina realizes that her teeth is less than perfect, but it does not stop her. Mike sees that she shows her preferred side, but it still follows the brief. I feel something odd with this photo. The more I see it, the more I feel her smile is weird.

Georgina feels that Barbara knows what the client is exactly looking for and her red lipstick phobia is over. Joey feels so thrilled that her is being Joey's model. Barbara is back! Finally! I feel she should close her mouth a little bit and it will be perfect.

Daniel likes it how she shows her sweet side and she has a great eye contact. Joey feels that she sells it good. Georgina likes how she is not intimidating and it is good for commercial. I feel she is a little bit too girl next door, but her pose and her smile are so beautiful.

Georgina notices that Monika does a lot of hair flip and it works here, but she needs to be mindful that her strength is in the eyes, not on the hair flip. Daniel feels the hair flip works. Finally! This is the first photo of Monika that I like. I could not ask for a better photo.

Georgina feels this photo is commercially acceptable. Mike tells her not to ask client to simplify the brief. Joey feels she looks demure and they never seen her like this before. She looks sweeter, but I feel she looks old in this. I do not buy the photo as a tooth paste campaign.

Georgina feels the hand placement is perfection and she looks flirty and demure. Joey feels this looks classy and expensive. Mike feels that her energy on set is all over the place, but she produces a fantastic shot. Melissa is a dark horse and she is so versatile. She looks different in every photo and nails all of the photoshoot so far, except for the first one which is still decent. She looks sweet and joyful, but she looks mysterious.

Georgina feels that her confident and flirt are not that Close Up is looking for. Daniel feels that this is the worst picture so far. Joey feels this is her worst performance. I agree with Daniel and Joey. This is probably the worst photo in Season 3 so far. It looks uncomfortable. It does not sell the product nor does herself a justice.

Georgina tells the girls that this is not a mock campaign. The standout photo this week will be the campaign. There are two standouts in this week. They are Gani and Monika. Gani feels her looks is more unique and her face represents multicultural Asian look. Monka feels that she captures the mood more lively than Gani and it is inspired by love.

The Standout Photo
2. Gani
3. Barbara
4. Melissa
5. Aimee
6. KB
7. Tahlia

Franchesca and Amanda, please step forward. Who stays? Will it be Franchesca who shows the hope that she maybe can do high fashion, but her performance is a lackluster? Franchesca feels that she slips, but she is still a fighter to grow and improve. Will it be Amanda who does not show a fighting spirit because she does not try? Amanda feels that she is a fighter and she is better than this. Georgina asks her to scream, at Daniel. Daniel tells that her photo sucks. Amanda tells him that he has not seen her other photos which are better than this and he is ****ing rude realizing that he is not part of the competition, he is just a guest.

8. Amanda
Eliminated: Franchesca

Franchesca leaves a note on Monika's bed. She believes that Monika will win this because she starts strong and keeps getting stronger. Do you agree with the elimination? Sound off below!

Next Episode: Barbara cries because she feels so old! Monika's downhill! Aimee's wardobe malfunction!

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