Wednesday, April 8, 2015

[Recap] Asia's Next Top Model Season 3 (2015) Episode 3: She's a Photographer's Nightmare

The Girl Who Dreads a Makeover
The girls are back to the house. They celebrate Kiana's birthday without her. They get TRESemme goodie bag on the next morning. Georgina Mail! It is a makeover time! The girls talk about their possible makeover and the look they do not want to get.

The girls Before the Makeover
The girls meet Georgina, Joey and TRESemme top stylist Lourd Ramos. Georgina announces their personal makeover and asks Barbara what if she shave her hair all off. Barbara starts to cry, but Georgina is kidding. Barbara gets a short hair. Melissa gets a pixie cut. Aimee gets a full fringe and gets her hair dyed jet black. Tahlia gets a long bob. Celine gets a short hair cut. Amanda's hair is curlier and shorter. Rani gets a shorter, but she prefers her long hair. Loretta gets more volume. She has more drastic makeover before. KB gets a darker hair.

The photoshoot is a beauty shoot with jewelry from Temptations. The photographer is Olaf Mueller. Most of the girls shine, while Rani and Loretta struggle. Rani is sick before the photoshoot. She gets three injections from the doctor. She sleeps and rests before her turn. Rani gives an angry face during photoshoot. Loretta wants to give a sad expression for the photoshoot, but Joey demands a high fashion sad. However, Loretta does not know high fashion pose and decides to take instruction. Loretta cries after the photoshoot and Joey hugs her.

Judging Panel:
The guest judges are Lourd Ramos and Olaf Mueller.

 Georgina feels this photo is amazing and she has an amazing transformation. Lourd feels she looks fabulous. Olaf enjoys shooting with her. The makeover really transforms her. She looks chic and elegant. What a great photo!

Lourd feels her photo is wonderful. Joey feels that she looks like a young starlet, while Georgina sees a top model in her. It is a great photo, but I feel her eyes is quite odd. It looks a bit sleepy.

Georgina sees hesitation in this photo. Barbara feels that red lipstick paralyzes her. Olaf feels that it is a worst thing to hear. She looks beautiful, but I expect more from her since she is a working commercial model. She can do so much better than this.

Georgina feels this photo is not bad, but it is not that good too. Lourd does not want to buy the necklace. It is a disaster. She looks bigger and her expression is blank. I am quite sure this will land in the bottom.

Georgina feels that she looks uncomfortable. Joey tells Georgina that she throws up before the photoshoot, but Georgina feels that she should make it looks effortless. I do not think this photo is bad, but it is not that good. Her body position is good, but there is no expression in her eyes.

Georgina loves how Monika listens to their words and translate it into the photoshoot. I do not get the love for Monika and her three photos so far. I am not blown away. I even feel that all of her three photos so far deserve to be in the bottom of the pack. She looks promising, but her photos so far are disappointing.

Lourd likes Amanda's expression. Joey loves that she sees a complete different Amanda. I like how she does not look childish and innocent. She looks expensive.

Lourd feels this photo is amazing. Georgina sees a completely different Aimee. Joey feels that she levels up. Olaf wants to put this photo in his book. I love everything in this photo. I love her expression and how she plays her hair with her hands. She sells the jewelry as well.

Joey loves how Gani uses her space. Olaf feels that she has an amazing face. I think her face can be more intriguing. Her hand is quite distracting in my opinion.

Joey tells that she is her favorite. Olaf feels that she has an acting charisma. When I see this photo first time, I really like it, but when I see her face is not as great as I expected.

Georgina loves it. This is a great photo and this is her element. She looks expensive and glamorous.

Loretta is happy that she does not get a drastic makeover which means that she is going on the right track, but she suddenly doubts herself for being not versatile because she is thinking too much. Georgina feels that her photo is vacant.

1. Aimee

2. Melissa
3. Monika
4. Franchesca
5. Celine
6. Amanda
7. Gani
8. Barbara
9. Tahlia
10. KB

Who stays ? Will it be Rani who has the beauty but they questions her ability to push her to boundaries ? Or will it be Loretta who has the natural confidence, but it evaporates ?

Loretta asks something to Georgina before she calls the last girl stays. Loretta asks why they choose this photo. Georgina states that this is her best photo and she does not have much photo to choose.

11. Loretta
Eliminated: Rani

I think the elimination is justified. Rani is one of the least modelesque girls in the competition, but I think the worst photo goes to KB and she deserves to be in the bottom. I do not mind see Rani going home, but I am glad Loretta stays. I feel there is a favoritism towards Monika. None of her photos blows me away. What do you think about this week's episode? Sound off below!

Next Week: Make Up Challenge! Monika melts down! A photoshoot with male model! The male model looks like Barbara's ex boyfriend!


  1. can you please oh pretty please post the link to watch this episode please :)

  2. i know, i just feel the same… i don't hate MONIKA, but i just hate the fact that GEORGINA favors Monika too much for this cycle… Georgina always gave compliment to all of MONIKA photoshoots and more likely convince other judges to love her like GEORGINA do… and made them thinking that she's the best girls in the group… but for me, all of her photoshoots just isn't so spectacular like georgina said… as for this episode, i think her photoshoot doesn't deserve to be on top 3… her face looks awkward especially with that smile and she hides her neck… AMANDA FRANSESCHA and TAHLIA photoshoot looks better then her… i'm not surprise if MONIKA wining this cycle :P



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