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[Recap] Fit For Fashion (2014) Episode 5

This week's theme is commitment. The physical challenge this week is a simple relay obstacle course or also known as walk on water. Citira is mentioned by Louise to be one to beat and she is chosen to be the red team captain. Louise then asks Citira who her competitor is. Citira immediately picks Kristina their rivalry shown in the previous episode. Kristina is appointed to be the yellow team captain by Louise. Citira picks Jerald, Shiva and Vanessa respectively, while Kristina picks Matty, Rusty and Chelsey.
The losing team will get a disadvantage because they have to choose the weakest member of their group to be in the bottom two. First up is Jerald vs Matty. They are neck and neck in the beginning, but later Jerald leads and leaves Matty behind. Next is Shiva vs Kristina. Shiva struggle, but he can reach the finish line without falling, while Kristina cannot catch up and follows her strategy to be steady and safe. Next is Citira vs Chelsey. Citira has the lead from Jerald and Shiva, while Chelsey has not finished until Vanessa's turn is up. Rusty faces Jerald who is already in his second turn. Shiva runs in his second turn which pays off.

Red Team leads until Vanessa meets Chelsey again in their second turn. Vanessa falls and it makes Yellow Team catches up. However, Rusty's fall creates a new gap between Red Team and Yellow Team. In the end, it is between Vanessa and Chelsey. One of them might win the challenge, but Vanessa falls again and Chelsey's water is still not enough to make her team wins. It is Jerald who brings his Red Team winning the physical challenge.

Yellow Team is asked immediately to pick the weakest member to be in the bottom two. Kristina has to decide between Rusty who falls or Chelsey who is the slowest in her team. Kristina finally decides to pick Rusty and Rusty feel that he is deserved to be in the bottom two.

It is a gym time. Christine and Mitch test their bio age after four weeks. Here is the result :

Real Age
Bio Age Week 1
Bio Age Week 5

This week's #F4FMovement is squat.

Jerald expects to be as young as 23 by the end of the show. Christine pushes Matty to his limit which Matty loves and hates at the same time.

This week fashion challenge is a screen test for Nestle Fitnesse with the character given by Louise. They have to be committed to the character and to be convincing. They have to write their own script and pay attention to Nestle 14 Days Program. Kristina gets a glamorous 1950s housewife. Citira has to be dressed in her boyfriend's shirt. Vanessa is a fitness girl. Chelsey is an elegant girly fashionista in lingerie. Matty only wears towel. Shiva is an intelligent tourist. Rusty is an after party playboy. Jerald is a cute neighbor just in his boxer. The director of the screen test in Mackenzie Hunkin.

First is Matty who has an acting experience, but not in a commercial. Louise feels strong, but Mackenzie feels that will be better if it is shorten. Next is Kristina. She really gets into the character, but Mackenzie feels that is too overplay. She keeps forgetting her lines as the takes go on until she forgets it completely. Next is Chelsey whose make Louise laugh. Citira has a name for her character. It is Lux Michaels who is a lawyer and is in searching for sexual exploration. She does it only in one take and Mackenzie thinks it is brilliant.

Vanessa keeps forgetting her lines and stops. Mackenzie warns her that might be no full commercial if she does like this. Louise think she nails it in the second take. Shiva is stiff in his take like in the previous fashion challenge. Rusty always stops when he forgets his lines. Louise asks him to be pressured because he has only two takes. Louise tries to help by asking him to imagine many girls in front him, but he replies that he is not a douchebag. Louise asks him about 14 days program, but he does not know it at all. Jerald knows that he is very bad at lines. He tries to communicate with the camera as if he is talking to a person, but Louise questions some of his lines.

It is time for elimination. Red Team is first. Shiva does great in the physical challenge, but he does not channel his energy to the fashion challenge. Louise finds Jerald's lines are cheesy, but some of them are good Jerald cheese. Citira impresses Mackenzie for delivering such a great commercial without having casting experience before. Vanessa does not look focused during the fashion challenge and it disappoints Mackenzie.

Yellow Team is next. Christine and Mitch questions how bad Matty wants to win because he does not show it by his action and his replies. Chelsey is improving, but not that much. Rusty messes up in both of the challenges. Kristina needs to listen because she takes three same takes that are too rehearsed. Louise asks Kristina if she is disappointed. Kristina is very disappointed. Louise put Kristina in the bottom two.

Louise asks Kristina and Rusty to convince her why they should be saved. Kristina says that she deserves to be in the bottom two because she does not perform well in the fashion challenge. Louise is mad because Kristina does not try. Kristina tells Louise that she does not want to be looked vulnerable and show her weakness. Rusty says that he tries his best, but he messed up. Louise feels that Rusty is defeated. Louise aks once again about 14 days program, but Rusty still does not know about that.

"You are not fit for fashion. You have been eliminated."

Rusty messed up in both challenges. He deserved to be in the bottom two, but I did not expect Kristina to be in the bottom two. Indeed, she is underperformed in the fashion challenge which should be nailed easily by her since she is an actress, but she did good in the physical challenge. I think Shiva should be in the bottom two instead of Kristina. Despite his great performance in the physical challenge, Shiva did not improve in the physical challenge. Shiva is stuck and stiff, while Rusty shows a lot of improvement and he has the biggest transformation so far by losing 7 kg in 5 weeks.

It will be make sense if Shiva is safe because Red Team also wins the fashion challenge, so the rest of team has an immunity. However, the winner of the fashion challenge is not declared and so is the MVP. This is the first season of the show. I think they should introduce their mechanism well and be consistent because it might be confusing sometimes how this show works.

Next Week : Halloween themed photoshoot in famously haunted forest ! Mitch and Christine push the contestants over their limits !

#F4FMovement #FitForFashion #FitnessFirst #F4F #ExerciseYourRight #F4FTransformation

If you miss this episode or just want to see this episode again, you can watch the repeat on
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You can also watch this week's episode back-to-back with the next episode next week before episode 5 airs.
Good news for Indonesian people ! KompasTV airs Fit For Fashion every Saturday starting on October 25th 2014 at 00.30.

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