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[Recap] Fit For Fashion (2014) Episode 4

This week the contestants are going to be divided into two teams again. Ming and Rusty who struggled in last week's challenge get a chance from Louise to be team captains. Ming leads Red Team, while Rusty leads Green Team. Rusty picks Shiva, Citira, and Chelsey, while Ming picks Matty, Kristina, and Vanessa. Jerald as the MVP cannot be picked in the team.

Jerald as the last week's MVP gets another surprise from Louise. It is an envelope, but it might be a prize or it might be a punishment. Louise asks Jerald if he wants to keep it or give it away. Jerald decides to keep it because he does not want others to get something bad. It turns out to be a spa day in Spa Village in Tanjong Jara Resort and Jerald can skip the physical challenge.

This week is about movement. They never stop moving. The physical challenge this week is to carry, flip and pull the tires to the finish line. Green Team leads the competition when it starts, while Red Team has a strategy to save energy and catch up in the following laps. Rusty and Ming are totally different leader. Rusty utilizes his military skill to lead his team and pushes them harder, while Ming is quieter leader and Louise always has to shout to Ming show her leadership.

Red Team finally can catch up in flipping tire. It is neck and neck until the end of physical challenge, but Red Team realizes that they fasten up too late. Green Team wins the physical challenge and they will get an advantage in the fashion challenge. On the other side of the competition, there is Jerald who is enjoying his life with spa treatment.

After physical challenge, here comes gym time. Gym time this week is focusing on move in three different dimension which is frontally, laterally, and rotation. It is the most efficient way and prevents aches and pains too. Kristina and Citira shows their rivalry during gym time. This week #F4FMovement is push ups. After sweating in gym time session, their fashion challenge starts immediately.

Louise comes to the gym room with KL choreographer, Nana. Nana will teach them how to move in their dance video in one hour and Green Team gets an extra 10 minutes. Citira is overly excited about the dance challenge, whereas Shiva is scared to death. Rusty as the winning team captain in the physical challenge has to decide to take Jerald in his team or give him to Ming's team. Rusty decides to take Jerald.

The contestants perform in China Town for their dance video. Green Team is the first team. Citira is the star of the video, while Shiva blends with the background with wrong moves. Rusty reminds me to Bollywood star. Jerald looks like a model in the photoshoot rather than a star in a video. Chelsey does a decent job, but Citira steals the show.

Next is the Red Team. I think Kristina is the star in the video. She moves and gives variation in her expressions. Vanessa also does a great job and gives sexy poses, but not too much. Matty is on the move, while Ming is a little bit unattached from the group and she is outshone by Kristina and Vanessa.

Louise and Nana discuss both groups' performance. Nana thinks that Shiva and Ming are the worst dance, but Shiva is worst because he does not do the choreography, while Ming shows good expressions. Nana thinks Matt is the best dancer, while Louise's eyes goes to Citira.

Louise announces the winner of the challenge. It is Red Team for having a better performance as a group. Louise also decides to do another on the spot elimination. A pro dancer Citira, a sex bomb Vanessa, and Kristina get the most positive feedbacks. Citira is even declared by Louise to be one to beat. Kristina really knows how to make love with the camera that makes Louise wonders if she was a porn star in the previous life. All of them are saved. Jerald who has a declining performance and Matty who has to show how he wants to win so badly are declared saved.

"Ming, you are not Fit For Fashion."

Ming shows how she has a blast in the challenge, but Louise thinks it is not enough because they are not there to have blast. Louise also castigates Ming for not wanting to push her team too hard. Finally, Ming has to be eliminated for having the least improvement in the competition.

There is no MVP again this week. It turns out that MVP is not a weekly reward. I thought Citira will take the title this week. I do not think Ming should be eliminated this week because I feel Ming is more consistent than Shiva, even though her performance is kind of flat. Shiva had his moment once in the warrior photoshoot, but after that he hits the bottom two weeks in a row. I know Ming's time is about to come because she is just floating during her time in Fit For Fashion. It is a logical decision in the end because they want the best people to stay in the competition.

Do you agree with the judges' decision this week ? Sound off below !

Next Week : Shiva is about to fall in the physical challenge ! Chrissy pushes Matty to the limit !

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