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[Recap] Fit For Fashion (2014) Episode 6

This week's theme is about endurance. The contestants get their makeovers. Citira, Jerald, Kristina and Vanessa do not have any significant makeover because they look similar like before the makeover. Chelsey gets a shorter hair, looks like a pixie cut. Matty and Shiva gets their side shaved and a shorter cut. The haircut is just their first part of the makeover.

Their second part is the gothic themed photoshoot in a haunted woods as their fashion challenge. They get 8 minutes each with Todd. Citira struggles to pose with the veil, but she ends up taking good photos. Matty tries to embrace a samurai because of his outfit. Kristina gives a lot of variation in the photoshoots. Her photo seems to be promising. Jerald struggles because he does not know what Todd wants. Vanessa gives a story for the character which is a woman who is in mourning because of her husband's funeral, but it turns out that she kills him. Shiva convinces Todd that he can be sexy and he thinks it is his best photoshoot so far. Chelsey tries to listen to the judges' feedback from previous photoshoot. Let's see how it turns out. They end up with a group shot.

Think they do not have any physical challenge ? You are wrong. The physical challenge is harder than before. They will be using a Technogym Omnia which means all things. It has 7 different exercises and it works like a musical chair. They have 30 second to do the exercise before going to another exercise until they fall. The contestant who lasts the longest will get an advantage, while the first contestant out will be in the bottom two.

25 minutes has passed and no one is out yet. Some of them get warnings from Mitch and Christine. Chelsey is the first one out in the push up bar with 36:14. The push up bar takes another victim and it is Vanessa with 41:27. Resistant jab stops Citira in 48:15. Citira expects to beat Kristina, but Kristina is the last girl standing. The push up bar takes another victim again. This time is Kristina with 50:18 and leaves the guys in Top 3. Shiva is out in 51:10. It leaves the two toned muscular guys, Jerald and Matty as the last people standing. Mitch and Christian compliment their performance as battle of the Titan. Jerald becomes the last victim of the push up bar with 59:30 which means Matty wins the physical challenge.

This week's #F4FMovement is revolving low lunge.

The elimination comes ! All the photos from the fashion are courtesy of Todd Anthony Tyler. He has a lot of alternate photos from the photoshoot.

Vanessa successfully embodies the modern gothic woman. She also shows improvement in the physical challenge. She looks more focused, but she is still the second weakest in the physical challenge. Louise is a proud big sis for her improvement. I do not get the hype of Vanessa's photo. It is good, but it is not great.

Citira has a good photo, but Todd expects more than just good for her. Christine feels it is better to be the underdog than to feel that she gets it, like Citira does in the physical challenge. It is a good and she looks beautiful, but I want to see her doing pose that is more complex than this.

Kristina is very happy with her shot. Louise feels the black swan and Todd feels that he can see the shot in the magazine. Louise likes the rivalry between Kristina and Citira and they are neck and neck. Kristina shines in the photoshoot as I expected from the first week. She gives a lot of variation and all of them works. You should see in Todd's twitter !

Chelsey works well with her dress and shows her good asset which is leg, but Todd asks more for the facial expression. Christine feels that she is lacking behind in the physical challenge. This is the first time that Chelsey gives a bad expression. She looks weird here. If you compare with her first two photos, this is a stepped back performance.

Matty has an advantage for winning the physical challenge. Louise asks him to choose right now one person to get a 30 seconds behind in the start as penalty for the next physical challenge, but the penalty will only work if he or she survives this week. He chooses Jerald, but Jerald is pretty sure that he will win definitely and will make a 30 seconds gap with Matty. Matty should listen to Todd's direction instead of going to samurai feeling. He looks good in the photo, but he does not look gothic. His pose is kind of awkward though.

Todd feels that Jerald is too commercial and he has to work harder for high fashion. Mitch is disappointed with him because he does not show the same confident that he is going to win the next physical challenge in this fashion challenge. He looks like as if he is in Twilight movies, but it is not a good thing though. His look is too sweet and charming for this kind of photoshoot. Indeed, he is a commercial model. It is another disappointing from Jerald.

Todd sees the whole new Shiva this week. It is another shot that Todd can see in the magazine. Christine sees that he looks frustrated in the physical challenge. He says that he is tired. The judges concern about his morning workout before the physical challenge and he needs to find a balance. He looks ten years younger. This is his best look so far.

Kristina and Citira are declared safe because of the rivalry. Vanessa is also safe, but with a note to improve herself. Matty and Jerald will be a nice race to watch. They both are safe. Louise telss Shiva that there is no bottom two this week.

"I'm sorry Chelsey. You are not fit for fashion."

Matty cries and is shocked because of an unprepared elimination of Chelsey. I think the elimination is spot on. Chelsey has a declining performance in the last few weeks. She shines in the first two weeks, but she starts to be weaker and weaker when Fred gets eliminated. Vanessa and Shiva might be on the chopping block next week if they do not show bigger improvement next week.

Next Week : Jerald is paired up with Matty ! Shiva falls down in the physical challenge ! Louise is concerned about Shiva's age, while Shiva is not !

#F4FMovement #FitForFashion #FitnessFirst #F4F #ExerciseYourRight #F4FTransformation

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