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[Recap] Asia's Next Top Model Season 3 (2015) Episode 6: Catalogue modelling is not for the faint hearted

The Girl Who Ran Out of Luck

Monika reads Chesca's note on the wall and it inspires her. The girls talk about how sweet Chesa when she is eliminated. Chesca does not cry and holds Amanda's hand. Georgina Mail! The girls suspect it is about styling. Gani is excited because she loves styling, whereas Amanda worries. Gani designs her outfit and asks her friend who sews to make it come true. Tahlia feels that Monika is the plainest girl, but she wins two best photo. Tahlia hopes that Monika does not do well this week.

The girls arrive at Kyo and see Zalora clothes and accessories. They meet Joey and Meg Mistry, fashion director of Zalora to give tips about do's and dont's. The girls are challenged to test their style. They are given theme in pairs and they have to find a complete outfit that matches the theme in two minutes. It is a fashion face off.

Monika vs Gani in basics. Meg feels Monika gives a good effort, while Gani should turn it down on bag and shoes. Aimee vs Tahlia in boho. Aimee gets the right boho on the bag, but not on her skirt. Meg loves Tahlia's boho look. KB vs Amanda in feminine. KB and Amanda wear the same crop top. Amanda nails the look, while Meg expects to see more accessories on KB's upper body. Barbara vs Melissa in urban. Meg is impressed with the urban look. Meg likes how Barbara is going less and expects Melissa to wear less jewelry.

I am actually a little bit disappointed because the girls get different theme and it looks unfair. It will be better if it follows The Face. So, the best girl out of the pair will move to the next round and so on until we get only one winner.

The winner of this challenge will get an advantage in the photoshoot which is an extra five minutes. The girl who standout the most is Tahlia. Tahlia has to decide to take her extra five minutes from another girl. She obviously picks Monika without doubt. Monika immediately feels that she might be going home this week.

Tahlia knows that Amanda looks worried and she will kill her if Tahlia takes it from Amanda. Tahlia tells Gani that she picks Monika because she is less connected to Monika rather than the other girls. It looks like they are building the tension and rivalry between Gani and Tahlia vs Monika.

The girls have a photoshoot for Zalora. The photographer is Joel Lim. They have 15 minutes to knock out three catalogue looks. Tahlia tries to channel her Scarlett Johanson and Joey feels she looks different in every looks. Joey feels Melissa is too fierce and editorial which does not fit the brief, but she likes her attitude. The photographer enjoys shooting KB because she gives a great face and great look. Gani impresses Meg and Joey.

Amanda's blinking problem appears again, but she gets a sunglasses to cover her eyes this time. Monika looks nervous and stressed. Aimee impresses the photographer until she has a wardrobe malfunction. She cannot button her jeans because it is too small for her, but she can handle it well by covering it with her T-shirt. Barbara's poses look dated and Meg asks for more youthful.

Georgina comes to the house to spend time with the girls. Tahlia attacks Monika for being too pageantry, structured, and perfected. Barbara feels too old because people keep telling her that she does not have much time left.

Judging Panel:
The guest judge for this week is Meg Mistry and Joel Lim. Georgina also announces that the standout spread this week will be the face of Zalora.

Joey feels the diversity and different personalities. Joel feels it is a strong spread, but he cannot find a strong eye contact in the first two look. She looks like she is enjoying herself, but I do not feeling it is that appealing. It is a good-but-not-great shot.

Meg likes the youthful fresh commercial look of her, but she struggles to give a consistent performance. Joey feels the personality is too repetitive. I can see this is online shopping website. It looks believable, but I have to agree with Joey that she looks similar in all three looks.

Georgina feels this photo is amazing, but it looks editorial than catalogue. Joey knows that she is an editorial girl, but she still needs catalogue photos to pay the rent. She looks amazing, but the first and third photo looks similar. If only she can give more variation in terms of looks and poses.

Joel loves her energy and how she knocks out poses. Joey discovers a model in her. Again, the problem of having three looks for most of the girls are there are two looks that look similar. This is KB's best look and photo so far.

Georgina feels she is the perfect catalogue model. Meg feels she has the strong versatile face and wants to buy all the look. Joel wants to put money on her. Gani looks different in all three looks and all of them are amazing. I do not expect Gani to pull a great photo in catalogue shot.

Georgina worries that her poses do not seem current and she looks like a young mom. Meg feels this is safe and she wants to see more innovative poses. Joel feels this is an old world poses, but he still wants to cast her for commercial shoot. At first, I like the photo because she looks nice and sells the outfit, but she looks too old for Zalora. Another let down performance from Barbara.

Georgina feels this is a perfect catalogue shot. Joel feels this is super current and he wants to book her any day. Joey feels she snaps Zalora in all three looks. Meg gets what she wants and she is impressed of her professionalism on set.

Georgina feels this is not terrible, but she expects a lot from Monika. Joey feels Monika is stressed by high expectation from the judges. Meg tells her to focus on quality rather than quantity if she has a limited amount of time. She looks different in all of her looks, but all of them look mess.

The standout photo this week is

2. Aimee
3. Melissa
4. KB
5. Tahlia
6. Amanda

Who stays in the competition? Will it be Barbara, the experienced model who has this one in the bag, but her photos tell a different story? Will it be Monika, the first girl who wins two best photo in a row, but the pressure gets the best of her?

Georgina asks both of them if they feel being in the bottom. Both of them know, but Barbara is ready to go home. Barbara has a self-confidence issue and says sorry for disappointing. She is eager to sacrifice her spot for Monika. However, there is a plot twist. Both of them are still in the competition, but they only get 10 frames to work with.

Monika feels Tahlia is fake because she gives two different reasons to Georgina and Monika why Tahlia picks Monika to get less time.

Next Episode: Hoola hoop! Gani and Tahlia have problem wearing only underwear for the photoshoot! Monika vs Gani!

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