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[Recap] Asia's Next Top Model Season 3 (2015) Episode 7: Nothing can stop me from being Asia's Next Top Model

The Girl Who Finally Cracks

Gani is happy for Barbara for surviving last week's elimination. Monika tells Aimee that she wants to end the confrontation with Tahlia. Monika asks Tahlia why she picks Monika to get less time. Tahlia feels that most of the girls are afraid of her and they do not talk a lot. Monika feels her need to feel in the bottom. Monika now declares Tahlia as her enemy.

Georgina Mail! It is about poses! The girls guess there will be a pose off. Joey and model/TV presenter Cara G McIlroy meet them at the park. The girls have to pose in pairs on a podium. Before that, they wear sun screen spray first to protect their skin.

First is Melissa and Amanda. Melissa does poses and outshines Amanda, while Amanda does not know what to do. Next is Barbara and Aimee. They look awkward as they were as a group in episode 2. Next is Monika and Gani. Gani does not like Monika and feels a little bit annoyed why they are always paired, but they can fake it out and look amazing as a team. Last is Tahlia and KB who start good, but lose the rhythm as the time goes on.

Their challenge for this week is hula hoop. The winner of the challenge will get a chance to call home. The standout and the winner is Melissa for keeping the intensity, but she still has fun. Melissa calls her parents and it gives her a full confidence.

Gani opens a new peanut butter and Melissa looks worried. They along with Tahlia and Barbara complain how Monika does not clean her dish, while Gani and Tahlia have to do the washes. Joey comes to the house to check it. Joey sees a dirty house, a disgusting bathroom, and a horrendous kitchen. Monika thanks Joey for initiating the girls to clean up. Gani reports to Joey that Monika leaves banana until the flies come to it..

The girls meet Georgina and Joey at Subaru. They also meet the executive director of Tan Chong International, Glenn Tan. Their photoshoot this week is about working with the product and do poses that make the product as good as them. The winner of the photoshoot will be the next brand ambassador of Subaru. There are also the current two ambassadors, Jodilly and Natalie in body paint. The girls have to dress in only body paint. The girls get a chance to talk with Jodilly and Natalie.

Gani and Tahlia worry about wearing only underwear because they feel it is inappropriate to wear just underwear on TV. Gani shares her worry to Georgina, but Georgina tells them that they have done a swimsuit and asks them what they are going to do. Gani and Tahlia ask how about wearing short and a body suit, but Georgina has to check it.

The photographer is Jesper McIlroy. KB is first. She has to embody wild which is so KB. KB gives poses and body shape that they love. Amanda has to portray powerful, but she looks unsure, not confidence and she has problem in blinking again. Melissa's theme is chic, but Georgina feels that she looks too fierce and intense which makes Joey feel it does not look chic. Gani's theme is power, but her poses does not really work with the power theme.

Aimee's theme is wild. Georgina asks her to scream, but the scream looks odd. Barbara's theme is chic and she nails every single frame she gets. Monica's theme is exhilaration. She does her hair flipping and she wants to take a risk to jump in her last two frames. Tahlia wears a body suit instead of underwear because she feels that she still gets the aesthetics. She says sorry and cries on set. Joey and Georgina hug her. Georgina feels that her pose looks editorial, but it is not exhilarating enough.

The girls are back to the house. Tahlia and Gani see a peanut butter on the yogurt. They guess Monika does the double dipping, but Monika tells that she does not do that. Monika does not like to be talked behind. Gani confronts Monika because she says that Indonesian representatives will not win. Gani washes the dishes and mad. Monika tries to come to Gani, but Gani shouts that she does not like liars and Monika is just fake. Gani tells Tahlia, Barbara, and Amanda how fake Monika is because Monika cries just because she gets caught. Monika tells Aimee how she wants to be friend with Gani, but Aimee tells her to leave Gani alone for a while.

Judging Panel:
The guest judge for this week is Glenn Tan and Cara G.

Georgina feels that she gets the perfect face. Gleen feels it is really good for ten frames. This is Barbara's best photo so far! She got the great pose and the great expression. A perfect campaign for Subaru!

Georgina feels it is not chic and there is no elegant we see in Barbara's photo. Joey feels that Melissa looks good in ferocity, but it does not fit the brief. Glenn feels that she looks like a zebra and wants to get away with the car. She looks good, but I feel this is not the right expression for the campaign. It is one of her (few) bad shot.

Georgina feels this is KB's best photo so far. Alex feels this is a great picture. Cara feels elegant. I do not see wild in this. The judges seem to be biased because they attack Melissa for not following the theme brief, while they praise KB's shot. Even though, there is no theme for KB's photo, I do not see a connection between her and the car.

Georgina feels she is lack of genuine in her screams. Glenn feels the wild in this photo is wildly wrong because it is not selling the car, but selling gym equipments. It does not look good. She looks awkward. I see better frames of her than this.

Georgina feels this is the perfect ad, but most of the frames are unusable because her eyes are closed. Alex tells her to get it quicker as it is in the middle of the competition. A very strong ad. I never expect Amanda will pull a strong face like this. This will be a tight race with Barbara.

Georgina loves how powerful she is and selling the lifestyle. Joey congratulates her for overcoming her fear. Glenn feels it is a great picture. I see how powerful she is, but I do not really see connection between her and the car. She looks like photoshopped and put in front of a car picture.

Georgina feels the exhilaration and how she moves likes a professional. Alex feels this is glamorous. Joey feels this photo is f****** amazing. Glenn is quite sure that she is not going home. Again, I feel Monika is overrated once again. I do not feel the exhilaration of this photo. It is sure has a moment, but I do not see it comes with the right facial expression.

Alex feels this is not the best interpretation of the theme. Glenn does not know which one is the worst, zebra (refers to Melissa) or giraffe (refers to Tahlia). They both look like they just want to get it done and leave. I see better frames of her. This is a painful photo to see. It is lifeless and soulless.

The new brand ambassador of Subaru is ...

The second brand ambassador of Subaru is ...

3. KB
4. Gani
5. Amanda
6. Aimee

Who stays? Will it be Melissa who has energy on set, but something is missing? Will it be Tahlia who has difficult time this week and has only little to work with?

7. Tahlia
Eliminated: Melissa

I feel that the non-elimination last week is too rigged because the bottom two last week rise to the Top 2 this week. I feel Melissa should have stayed because she has been very consistent. I do not see any reason to eliminate Melissa just because of this photo. I feel this photo is also not elimination worthy. What do you feel about the elimination? Do you agree with the elimination? Sound off below!

Next Episode: Immunity as a prize for the challenge! Gani looks plain! Tahlia's personal crisis!

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  1. I think barbara has won this week for me...
    Though i am a filipina, Monika`s attitude irritates me.
    She is not a sport person..
    I agree too that she is overrated., and they have favoritism towards Monika. And i feel sorry for Melissa for getting eliminatd, i know she got what it takes, she is just being underrated... :(



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