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[Recap] Asia's Next Top Model Season 3 (2015) Episode 8: You have to feel like you are the prettiest girl in the world

The Girl On a Mission
The girls read Melissa's note on the eliminated girls' wall. Kb is shock due to Melissa's elimination and she cries. Tahlia feels guilty for being saved because she does not expect Melissa to go. KB gets another note from Melissa on her bed which encourages her to make Melissa proud. The girls look at the best photo every week on wall. Gani tells KB that Monika steals her spot (as best photo), but KB tells her that the last one is hers.
KB is glad Tahlia is still in the competition and so is Tahlia for KB. There are two groups of girls in the house. The first group is Gani, Tahlia, Barbara and KB and the other one is KB, Amanda, Aimee and Monika. The second group talks about how everyone loves Melissa and wish she stayed in front of Tahlia. Tahlia feels guilty because Melissa is consistent.

Tahlia feels not good about her breast. She goes for a check up in the hospital. She feels paranoid because her grandmother passed away because of breast cancer and her mother passed away recently.

The girls meet Georgina and Indonesian TRESemme hair stylist, Giovanni Wihayak at Sofitel Singapore Sentosa. The challenge for this week is to recreate the hair look from TRESemme 2015 hair trends. Giovanni will also check the girls' hair whether they take care of her hair after the makeover or not. KB has split hair, but she does not use the serum everyday. Aimee uses the shampoo and the conditioner and she gets A+ from Georgina for taking care of her hair. Gani burns her head while using the iron.

Barbara's look is out of the water and Giovani feels it is great, but he expects her to have more volume and uses less product. Aimee's look is big bun and Georgina feels that she does a great job. Georgina feels that Amanda's bombshell blowout is spot on. Monika's twists and braids makes Georgina wants to put flowers on her head like she does. Georgina feels that KB's long tail looks like going to gym look. Gani's mixed materials makes Georgina mixed feeling about it because of the placement of the feathers. Georgina feels Tahlia's boho waves looks boho and she loves the whole look.

There will be only one winner. The model who really understands the 2015 hair trends is Monika. Georgina asks Monika to pick five ladies to be in Top 6. Monika picks Aimee, Amanda, KB, Gani and Barbara. Georgina asks why she does not pick Tahlia. Monika says it is because Tahlia picks her to get a disadvantage. However, Monika's choice does not mean anything and Tahlia is still in the competition.

Georgina comes again to the house. Georgina meets Tahlia one on one to asks about her condition and give her a moral support.

The girls meet Alex Perry and Jez Smith at Fullerton Bay Hotel. The studio for this week is the amazing city of Singapore. This photoshoot is all about hair and Jez wants a non-modelling modelling. There is also Andien Aisyah who is an Indonesian singer and TRESemme brand ambassador.

Jez wants hair flick from Tahlia. She gives what he wants and she shows how much she wants this. Jez and Alex are unsure about Gani in the beginning, but the concern changes to very happy. Andien leaves after two Indonesian representatives' turn. Amanda needs to toughen up because she looks sweet and blank. Amanda's time is shorter due to weather and Jez might not get the shot.

Monika gives modelling 101 poses which is not Bad for Alex, but it is not what Jez wants. Jez feels the half smile looks weird. Aimee gives a great performance and shows the strength in her face. KB needs to learn angle and how she flips her hair because Alex feels that her head is going to come off. Barbara impresses Jez and Alex because they feel they get it in a few frame, but Jez wants to keep shooting her.

Judging Panel:
The guest judges for this week is Jez Smith and Andien Aisyah.

Georgina feels this is the best photo she has taken so far. Jez feels that she has one of the most challenging location, but she gives a good performance and he loves it. Andien feels this is number one and gorgeous. Joey feels the photo is spot on and picturesque. I agree with Georgina that this photo is Tahlia's best so far. Her hair looks great and I love her blank dollesque look.

Joey feels she is cantik sekali or she is so beautiful in English. Jez likes it when she feels she is a samurai and he can feel the energy. Andien is proud of her. At first, I do not really like it. It is good, but not great. When I see it again, I can feel the edge of the samurai. It is a great photo.

Georgina feels nothing wrong in this photo, but something is missing in her eyes. Alex feels that she does not get it in the least amount of time. Joey feels it is not believable. It looks weird and stiff. She will definitely be in the bottom of the pack this week.

Georgina loves it. Andien feels the photo talks so much and it is terrific. Jez feels her half smile is weird and gives grimness feeling. I cannot see much hair in this photo. I am bored and so over of her movement. It is too repetitive and it is always overrated by the judges. Her face looks unsure as well.

Alex feels she gets a best shot with the not easiest outfit. Joey feels she is firing up the competition. She looks great, but I do not see much hair. I love the movement and the body, but I just feel her outfit does not really match with the background which is the least interesting location.

Jez feels that she looks more beautiful in real life which is disappointing for a photographer. Georgina feels she has three great weeks, but it is on down. It looks like an ad on not-so-great mall. Alex feels it is a great photo, it is just different with the others'. It does not looks really bad for me, but it looks cheap.

Barbara loves it and she does not care what other people say. Georgina feels she likes a pro. Jez has a pleasure shooting for her. This is an amazing shot. She looks like an angel. I love her face, flowy dress, I love everything about this shot. This is my version of standout photo this week.

The model with the standout photo this week is Tahlia.

2. Barbara
3. Gani
4. Aimee
5. Monika

Who stays? Will it be KB who grows and learns so much, but this week's performance is a disappointment? Or will it be Amanda who has inconsistencies as her issues, but she still looks like a model?

6. Amanda
Eliminated: KB

Georgina warns Amanda that this might be her last chance. I think Barbara should get the standout photo this week. It is not just me, but just look at Jez Smith who is amazed by her. Tahlia is not a bad choice, but I feel Barbara's photo is stronger in my opinion. What do you think about this episode? Sound off below!

Next Episode: Exercise with the world champion, Bruno Pucci! Most physically challenging high fashion shoot! Gani struggles on the photoshoot!

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