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[Recap] Asia's Next Top Model Season 3 (2015) Episode 9: Fierce is my middle name

The Girl who Flew to the Top

Gani feels KB's elimination is unfair because Amanda has been in the bottom two for three times, while it is KB's first. Gani and Barbara feels that Amanda is still in the competition because of Alex Perry's support. Monika know that she and Gani do not like each other. Monika tries to write a letter to Gani that tells she is not lying about anything, but Gani feels Monika does that to make her look good on camera.
Georgina Mail! It is about giving a good fight. The girls meet Joey at Evolve Mixed Martial Arts with Rich Franklin and world champion, Bruno Pucci which is the crush of most of the girls. Tahlia asks Bruno how to punch, even though she knows how to punch just to keep him around. The girls are practicing. Barbara has been doing this for one year because she is inspired by Adriana Lima who shares her secret of her body is by kickboxing.

The girls go to Acro Polates for the challenge. The challenge is to complete a series of moves while in the ring above. They will be judged by aerial instructor, Ming Leong. The winner of this challenge will get a luxury spa at So Spa Sentosa and picks one girl to join the prize. Most of the girls do well, except Amanda who struggles a lot. The winner of the challenge is Barbara. Thanks to her rivalry with Aimee which makes her do great. Barbara picks Gani to join the spa.

While Barbara and Gani enjoy the spa, Amanda, Aimee, and Monika have their own "spa" time in pool and steam room. Tahlia is left alone because Tahlia belongs to Gani and Barbara's group and does not connect with the Flipperinas and Aimee. Monika tries to have a conversation with Tahlia, but it ends up awkward. It is an uncomfortable conversation to everyone.

The girls meet Joey, Alex, and Jez. The girls wear Alex's gown for this week's photoshoot. They will be suspended on the air. Monika starts stiff, but she starts to work it out as the time goes by. Gani struggles a lot this week. Alex feels that she has no control and Joey never sees Gani struggles like this. Alex wants to see Aimee to be more dynamic because she is too safe.

Joey expects a lot from Barbara as she is the winner of the pose challenge and Barbara exceeds Joey's expectation. Jez expects a lot from Tahlia who nails last week's photoshoot with Jez, but she has no control this week. Alex feels that Amanda is not going to deliver, but she changes into another person and changes Alex's mind.

Monika asks Amanda and Gani about their photoshoot. Amanda feels fun as she gets a positive feedback. Gani does not know and Alex seems unhappy. Aimee, Amanda, and Monica expect their group to be in Top 3, while Gani tells Tahlia and Barbara to be in Top 2 if she is eliminated. Tahlia asks Gani to win it for her, if Tahlia is eliminated.

Judging Panel:
The guest judges are Kenneth Goh and Jez Smith.

Georgina feels that Monika makes the shoot looks easy, but her face needs to be more engaging because it is still 85%. Kenneth is sold by the fantasy element. Jez feels she is lost in the moment. Joey feels that she captures what Joey wants in the model. I feel that she is overrated one again. This is a good photo. She is "known" as a poser, but the pose is just okay and her face is weird.

Georgina feels Barbara makes it effortless. Jez feels that she is really easy to shoot. Kenneth likes how she brings the edge. She looks like a high fashion ballerina. She looks poise and glamor. Definitely a contender for standout photo this week.

Georgina feels fantastic the way she photographs, but the body does not look like a fashion magazine. Jez tells her that he makes 90% of the pictures. Kenneth is disappointed because she gives a look that should never be given to camera. I feel this is not a bad photo, but it is not good either. Her amazing face saves the photo.

Alex will love if it is more dynamic. Kenneth loves how her finger moves, but her sweet angelic is too expected. Georgina feels the dress looks perfect. I do not really like how she takes the dress with her right hand. It looks soft and beautiful, but I think Aimee can be versatile and does different thing.

Georgina expects more intense photo. Kenneth feels her eyes do not tell a story, while the other parts tell a story. Alex feels she looks short and does not elongate enough. Jez feels that she can look taller again. This is a boring shot. She looks like she wants to show the garment with blank eyes.

Kenneth is delightful how she understands the fashion. Alex works hard to keep Amanda in the competition and she proves her spot. Joey gets a model moment during photoshoot. Jez sees a completely different girl from last week photo. The pose and the way the dress flows are great. I expect more from her eyes and it will be perfect.

Gani suddenly cries. Georgina asks what happens. Gani feels that she is going home because her photo is the only bad photo this week. She tells that she will not cry if she does not want it. Alex tells her that she should not cry and toughen up. Jez tells her to learn from experience if she has another chance.

The standout photo this week goes to Amanda

2. Monika
3. Barbara
4. Aimee

Who stays? Will it be Tahlia whose last week photo is amazing, but they are not sure with her past performance? Will it be Gani who gets the pressure and deliver a disappointing performance?

5. Gani
Eliminated: Tahlia

I think Barbara should get the standout photo. She delivers amazing performance for many times, but she has not got any standout photo yet. This is her forth standout photo in my version. Monika's photo is quite disappointing judging she is the "movement" girl. She deserves to call later. What do you guys think about this week? Sound off below.

Next Episode: Catwalk catastrophe! Subaru motion editorial!


  1. where is aimee's pic?

  2. as I observed even from his/ her previous write ups, the writer is just obviously against and bias to Monika...



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