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[Recap] America's Next Top Model Cycle 19 College Edition (2012) Episode 7 : Victoria is Overexposed

The Girl Who Licks the Floor

Laura is happy (again) because she gets the best picture (again). She feels that she cam move from her parents' shadow. This time Laura chooses to be alone in Tyra Suites. I know why Laura feels that way. She thinks that she is superior. I wish she is down for a while and realize that she can not be that arrogant. Victoria is stressed out because she is in the bottom two last week. Kiara tries to be the mother of the house and she wants the girls treat her as "mother in the house", but I fear they won't. Victoria acts weird as usual and now she is way to skinny and she has eating disorder too ! Allyssa has a sexy body and good curve. She says her body is in awesome size, instead of plus size.

Challenge time ! They will go to a road trip to Palm Springs. The challenge is to do random acts of modelling. They need to do usual thing fiercely, like a model. They also have to record individual video message. They work in group, but there is only one winner and the winner will get a segment in Nylon TV. Sounds interesting. Allyssa, Brittany, Kristin and Laura are team 1 and Kiara, Nastasia and Victoria are team 2.

First pitstop, Kiara and Victoria fails to do that, while Nastasia's photo is not shown. When they record their own individual video message, Victoria forgets to say "Nylon TV" and the other girls do not allow her to reshoot. Poor Victoria, but I think the most important part is the photoshoot. In team 2, Allyssa fiercely purchasing a ticket and Laura fiercely eating cotton candy, while Brittany and Kristin fail to do so. Second pitstop, Kiara is the only one who succesfully do the task. I feel most of the girl do not know what to do. Allyssa, Brittany and Kristin start to understand the task and do it fiercely. Two groups meet and Team 2 uses a long dress. It is over the top and Laura agrees with me ! Kiara asks Victoria to record her video, but when they check it in the car is gone. Luckily, they decide to stop somewhere and redo it again in front of white wall. Victoria does not look happy when they reshoot it because Kiara uses a lot of takes, while she is only allowed to use one. Very poor Victoria. Team 1 having a problem to shoot in their place because it is so windy there, but Brittany can channel it, while Kristin and Allyssa fail to do so.

It is time for the judging. The judge for this challenge is the editor-in-chief of Nylon. Kristin's photo is very Nylon, Brittany only looks good in photo with map, Allyssa is too posey and Laura does a great job. Nastasia looks very Nylon, but she does not deliver what Tyra wants, Victoria does not look doing the task properly and Kiara is the only one who understand the task. The winning team is ... Team 1 (absolutely) ! The winner of the challenge is Laura (again). I feel she will be more arrogant because of her winning.

Challenge Score :
Laura 9
Kristin 8
Brittany 6
Allyssa 7

Kiara 7
Nastasia 8
Victoria 6

After challenge is finished, Jhonny Wujek comes to them and it means photoshoot ! This week theme is after party and going crazy. Brittany does great. She points her toe and everything is good. Laura is a major disappointment this week. She makes Jhonny have to act for her and it still does not work. She probably will end up (at least) in the bottom three. Victoria comes to Jhonny with such a character. She is a good actress, but I feel sometimes she is too much for a model. Kristin does not give much variation, but the photographer loves her. Kiara looks like a broken doll. She looks like she is dead in garbage. I wish she will be eliminated this week. Nastasia does not impress me. She is standing in front the shower and that's it. Allyssa tries to be out of the box. She LICKS the floor and gives Tyra inspiration for this week episode description.

Some of the girls concern about Victoria. She loses weight, can not taste food and eats less. She calls her mom (again) and going crazy like usual. Everyone wants her to go home. Nastasia asks her to go home because she wants her to be healthy. She thinks Victoria's unhealthiness is because she is far away from her mom. I think Tyra will not let Victoria goes home easily because she is one of a kind and can attract the viewer to watch ANTM.

The Judging :
K : 8
T : 10
R : 9

Mine : 10

K : 8
T : 7
R : 9

Mine : 3

She blends with trashes and looks dead
K : 6
T : 7
R : 6

Mine : 5

She looks pretty, but she is looking at the toilet and not modelesque.
K : 8
T : 8
R : 8

Mine : 9

One of her strongest photo so far.
K : 9
T : 10
R : 10

Mine : 6

She is just standing there and being pretty, period.
K : 4
T : 8
R : 5

Mine : 8

I think she is crazy and dare enough to look ugly. Cool and disgusting at the same time.
K : 8
T : 8
R : 9

Mine : 7

It is good, but not great.

The Elimination :
1. Nastasia 42.2 (Fan Vote : 5.23)
2. Brittany 39.2 (Fan Vote : 6.24)
3. Kristin 38.1 (Fan Vote : 6.13)
4. Victoria 36.7 (Fan Vote : 5.7)
5. Kiara 35.9 (Fan Vote : 4.89)
6. Laura 32.9 (Fan Vote : 4.94)
7. Allyssa 29 (Fan Vote : 5.01)

My Elimination :
1. Brittany 49.2
2. Nastasia 48.2
3. Kristin 47.1
4. Victoria 43.7
5. Kiara 38.9
6. Laura 37.9
7. Allyssa 37

In the panel, the girls attack Victoria of being unhealthy. If Victoria survives this week, Tyra will watch her and make sure everything is okay. Laura tears her bad photo after receive it from Tyra. I think it is a good time for her to look at herself and try to be more humble. Tyra cries when Allyssa is eliminated because she is the last fiercely real girl left in the house. I wonder how Kiara survives in the competition with her mediocre photos and such a low fan votes. I really wish she will be eliminated next week. I feel I found a pattern of elimination : "If a girl receives a score 4 by Kelly Cutrone, she WILL BE eliminated in that week."

Next Week : Go Sees ! Whitney Port ! Victoria vs Kristin !

Comeback Series :
Mine : 8

I love how she poses in this photo.
Mine : 2

BORING ! She is not a model.
Mine : 5

Love her leg, but not her dead face.
Mine : 8

Lover her body language, but her face is not strong enough.
Mine : 4

She looks trash here.

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