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[Recap] America's Next Top Model Cycle 19 College Edition (2012) Episode 9 : And the Girl Who Comes Back Is ...

The Girls Go to Jamaica

First of all, I want to say "Happy Indonesian Blogger Day" to everyone who reads this post. Okay, it is time to go back to Top Model. Tyra announce that the international destination of this cycle is ... JAMAICA. All the girls are really excited, but only one eliminated girl can join the Top 5 to go to Jamaica. The results are in :

7. Destiny 4.53

6. Darian 4.64

5. Yvonne 4.76

4. Jessie 5.04

3. Brittany 5.41

So, it is between Leila and Allyssa. So far, my prediction is right about the Top 4. And the girl who comes back is ...

LEILA 5.84

Allyssa gets 5.44. It is so tight with Brittany, but it is quite far with Leila. Sorry Allyssa.

Laura is shocked that Leila successfully comes back. We all know Laura does not want it, especially Leila will be the strong competitor for Laura. The girls go back to home and pack their things. Nastasia is very excited because it is the first time for her to get stamp on her passport. Laura is bitching again for being the biggest competitor for the other girls in HER OPINION. Tyra, don't let Laura win this cycle please. Kristin who is Laura's best friend in the house does not like the existence of Kiara, Leila and Victoria. Kristin does not like Kiara because her photos are bad, Leila because she is strong competitor for Kristin and Victoria because of her behaviour.
They arrive in Jamaica and they go to the bus. Surprise ! There are six men welcome them. They get paired with each of them and they realize that six men are male models and they will be featured in the next photoshoot. They arrive at their new house. There are traditional welcome dance and ... Tyra ! Finally, Tyra lets us know the reason why she chooses Jamaica as the international destination for this cycle. It is because Jamaica is the place when Tyra gets her first swim suit photoshoot that is produced by herself. Kiara has a special feeling with her partner, Corry and she can not stop show it in front of us. This Top Model villa still includes Tyra Suit with Nine West shoes et cetera. The girls get a chance to have dinner with Tyra and male models.

"Every female model is either smizer or toocher, but the top of that is smizer and toocher."

That is a lesson that Tyra gives during dinner. Tyra discuss with some girls about their strength that is she smizer or toocher. That will be a cluce about this week challenge and photoshoot. It will be about smizing and tooching.

Challenge time ! Jonte, who replaces Ms J and Konshens who is a recording artist will judge the challenge. The challenge is to create routine and they are paired. The teams are Leila-Victoria, Kristin-Laura and Kiara-Nastasia. The winner of the challenge will get jewelry.

Kristin Laura :
Laura dances too much in my opinion. She tries to hard and makes her look stupid. She also does not syncronize with the music and Kristin. Kristin does less. I do not think that she really wants to do the routine.

Leila Victoria :
Leila's dance is too usual and very mainstream, while Victoria gives weirdness in her dance. I think they are successfully balancing the performance.

Kiara Nastasia :
I love their energy. I think both of them will win the challenge.

The Challenge Score :
Victoria Leila : 8
Kristin Laura : 7
Nastasia Kiara : 9

Kristin is annoyed and does not accept that she (and Laura) gets lower score than Victoria (and Leila). They go home and the challenge prize is already there for Nastasia and Kiara. Laura and Kristin still talk about their lost because they still do not believe that they get the lowest challenge score.

It is photoshoot time ! Their job is to tell story in single image. The story is about a love triangle between a woman, her husband and the raft guy. They meet again with the male model. Jhonny announced that they can pick their personal male model. As I predicted before, Kiara chooses Corry.

Jhonny knows that she will come up with the story and he asks about it. I think Victoria's story is confusing and I do not get it. She is quite good in photoshoot. I think she will be stayed for another week.

She is so strong in the photoshoot. She will advance to the next round.

I think her pose is too simple, but Jhonny likes her tooching. She might be safe.

She gives good faces and poses. She will safe.

Kristin is very hard to be directed. Jhonny is surprised that she still stays in the competition. So am I !

She looks like flirting to Corry than posing. She might be eliminated.

Kristin and Laura agree that Kiara should go home next because none of her photos are good, no single photo. I TOTALLY AGREE with both of them ! In addition, her fan vote is also very low. Dear Kristin and Laura, Kiara is saved because the judges, especially Tyra always gives her a high score even though her photo is bad in my opinion.

The Judging :
K : 8
T : 7
R : 10

Mine : 8

She looks good in this photo, but that's it.
K : 8
T : 6
R : 8

Mine : 6

I'm dissapointed with this mediocre photo. I think Leila is so much better than this.
K : 6
T : 6
R : 7

Mine : 3

BAD BAD BAD (period).
K : 6
T : 7
R : 6

Mine : 7

It is just a good shoot, not special.
K : 6
T : 8
R : 7

Mine : 6

She is too beautiful and sexy for a model.
K : 8
T : 9
R : 9

Mine : 10


The Elimination :
1. Nastasia 39.3 (Fan Vote : 5.341)
2. Laura 38.9 (Fan Vote : 5.874)
3. Leila 34.9 (Fan Vote : 4.9)
4. Kristin 33.3 (Fan Vote : 5.274)
5. Kiara 32.5 (Fan Vote : 4.513)
6. Victoria 31.3 (Fan Vote : 4.297)

My Elimination :
1. Laura 48.9
2. Nastasia 47.3
3. Leila 40.9
4. Kristin 39.3
5. Victoria 38.3
6. Kiara 35.5

It is kinda surprising that Victoria's fan vote is lower than Kiara who has (almost) the lowest fan vote each epsisode. I think Victoria's picture is so much better than Kiara's. Does Tyra cheat the fan vote ? There is a chance, but I am not really sure because if they want to eliminate Victoria, they can do it by giving a veyr low score.

Next Week : Dolphin ! Kristin vs ... LAURA (?)

The eliminated girls also go to Jamaica ! I think it is fair because they are forced to join in every single photoshoot, so the fans do not know who are still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model. However, there is something that disturb me. We can see there is a difference between the Top 6's photo and the eliminated girls'. Top 6's photo is more yellow-ish, while the eliminated girls' photo is darker. If they do it in the same location, why the production team do not try to make it as similar as possible ? I think there is a possiblity that they make comeback series again. I wish that will be true.

Comeback Series :
Mine : 8

She looks great in this photo, but her leg looks like being cropped.
Mine : 2

Mine : 7

Her strongest photo so far, but I need more tense in the face.
Mine : 3

Mine : 8

Strong pose and strong face !
Mine : 6

One of her weakest so far.

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