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[Recap] America's Next Top Model Cycle 19 College Edition (2012) Episode 8 : An Episode with Tricky Title

The Girl Who Comes Back

Brittany gets a letter from her sister. It really motivates her to get best photo because she almost gets best photo three time, but she was runner-up three times. When it is a lunch time, Victoria looks really thin. Brittany cares to Victoria, but Kristin confronts Victoria that she can not handle the stress from the competition. It means that Kristin asks Victoria to quit in soft way. It ends up with everyone versus Victoria.

Challenge time ! They will have go-see for Guess, Whitney Port, Cecilia Cassini, I <3 Ronson and Lulu Guinness. The designer can only book one girl, but the girl can get the job more than one. The teams are Brittany-Kristin, Laura-Nastasia and Kiara-Victoria.

Brittany-Kristin :
Guess : Guess loves Kristin. Brittany walks weirdly and they think she is too sweet.
I <3 Ronson : Brittany is cute, but Kristin is more confident.
Cecilia Cassini : Cecilia will not book Kristin because her walk is too serious.
Lulu Guinness : Lulu will consider to book Brittany. Lulu feels that Kristin is not right for them.

Kiara-Victoria :
Whitney Port : Victoria is really excited and trying really hard to outshine Kiara because she is a fan of Whitney.
I <3 Ronson : They feel that Victoria is too skinny.
Cecilia Cassini : Cecilia is a 13 years-old-girl ! She started when she was 6 years-old. OMG ! Kiara treats her like she is her older sister of her. If I were Cecilia, I would be angry. Cecilia feels that Victoria tries to bubbly, but she knows that it is not Victoria.
Lulu Guinness : Lulu loves Kiara.

Laura-Nastasia :
Whitney Port : Whitney loves Laura. She also loves Nastasia, but Nastasia is too small.
Guess : They almost do not go to Guess due to the limited time. Laura dramatically cries because she might not go to casting for Guess, but they decide to come to Guess and they come back ON TIME.

Kelly states that the challenge score that will be displayed in the house is based on the average score from the designers.

The comments from the designers :
Kristin : She is beautiful, but she is too tight and stiff.
Brittany : They love her energy, but her modelling skill is not strong enough.
Laura : They love her statuesque look, but her walk is too stiff.
Nastasia : They love how she is photographed.
Kiara : They love her energy, but her walk needs to be bolder.
Victoria : Some of the designers feel that she does not fit their brand.

The chosen girl :
Cecilia Cassini : Kiara
Lulu Guinness : Nastasia
Charlotte Ronson : Kristin
Whitney Port : Laura
Guess : Laura
Winner : Laura

Brittany and Victoria are dissapointed because they book zero and it will be a very tough week for both of them. They get a dinner (for some of them) to celebrate that they book for job(s). P'Trique comes again. I thought he was permanently fired by Tyra. I wish this time will the last time I saw him (or her) in ANTM forever.

The Challenge Score :
1. Laura 7.5
2. Kiara 7.5
3. Victoria 7.3
4. Brittany 6.7
5. Kristin 6.5
6. Nastasia 6.5

Next day, the police officer assists them to go to JAIL. Jhonny comes to them with serious face and they must going through the booking process. It is done for them to get into the character for PHOTOSHOOT, FASHION MUG SHOT. Victoria is the first one and she really gets into the charater again, but Jhonny thinks that she is too intense to the character and not being model. Laura rocks the photoshoot ! She gives different poses and it works. Kristin struggles. The bubble gum looks great, but her eyes are not look great. Brittany struggles too. Her poses are not natural. I think she does not do well because her pressure is really high. Nastasia impresses Jhonny that she can keep her leg looks long. Kiara is affected by the prison's situation. She was arrested when she was 18. She gets the energy back when she starts to say "F***" all the times. Brittany reenact Kiara's F word and it is really funny ! From the photoshoot and the final photos, I think Kristin, Brittany and Nastasia are in danger.

The Judging :
K : 8
T : 7
R : 8

Mine : 5

I found this photo is lazy. Her eyes is weak and not smizing !
K : 7
T : 8
R : 7

Mine : 6

I love her position, but she looks like that she is dead because of overdose.
K : 6
T : 8
R : 7

Mine : 7

I like this photo, but she does not look like a model here.
K : 7
T : 9 - 2 = 7
R : 9

Mine : 7

One of Kiara's strongest shot, but she is a no neck monster.
K : 6
T : 7
R : 5

Mine : 9

I love the expression. She is quirky and high fashion at the same time.
K : 9
T : 9
R : 9

Mine : 10

BEST PHOTO OF THE WEEK ABSOLUTELY ! She gives ugly pretty and fierce in this shot.

The Elimination :
1. Laura 41.0 (Fan Vote : 6.465)
2. Kristin 35.8 (Fan Vote : 6.277)
3. Kiara 34.8 (Fan Vote : 4.310)
4. Nastasia 33.3 (Fan Vote : 4.835)
5. Victoria 32.6 (Fan Vote : 4.326)
6. Brittany 30.3 (Fan Vote : 5.644)

My Elimination :
1. Laura 51
2. Kiara 41.8
3. Kristin 40.8
4. Victoria 39.6
5. Brittany 39.3
6. Nastasia 39.3

I am very disappointed that Brittany gets eliminated. It is very clear that Brittany will get eliminated since she is the lowest score so far and she gets three points lower than the second last, Victoria. Now, three of my favorite contestants are fighting for one spot to come back. I think it will be Leila or Jessie or Britanny, the others get a lower chance than this three fan favorite. Tyra brings back her girls, but she will announce it in the next episode ! What a tricky episode title.

Next Week : The Girl Who Comes Back ! And ... *drum roll* JAMAICA ! I'm not that excited about the international destination.

Comeback Series :
Mine : 9

Jessie ROCKS !
Mine : 6

It's good, but not great. I do not think this is a mug shot.
Mine : 3

Lazy eyes, lazy pose ... as usual.
Mine : 6

BORING ! Her weakest photo so far.
Mine : 3

Lazy eyes, lazy pose. Same with Destiny.
Mine : 7

She looks fierce and hot here, but I need more complex pose.

My Cumulative Score :
Jessie : 6+6+9+7+8+8+9=53 (Average : 7.571)
Darian :5+3+3+5+4+2+6=28 (Average : 4)
Destiny : 4+5+5+4+5+5+3=31 (Average : 4.429)
Leila : 10+9+9+8+7+8+6=57 (Average : 8.143)
Yvonne : 7+6+4+8+5+4+3=37 (Average : 5.286)
Allyssa : 6+9+8+6+8+8+7=52 (Average : 7.429)
Brittany : 8+6+9+7+9+9+9=57 (Average : 8.143)

My Prediction of who gets the biggest chance to comeback :
1. Leila
2&3. Jessie & Brittany
4. Allyssa

The rest are not deserved to come back in my opinion ! What do you think ?

There is another news about ANTM !
They will include male model to compete with the girls in ANTM cycle 20. They also promise that fans get bigger contribution to vote. I think the show will be in real time, BUT ! It makes ANTM even more similar to Make Me a Supermodel. It is not original. I prefer that they make all male model edition. Tell me your opinion here :)


  1. This season of ANTM has to have been the most cat-fight ridden season ever. Sure it’s normal for a house of girls with different personalities to hate each other some of the time but for some reason everyone has it out for Victoria. Yeah she’s homeschooled and has trouble with social interaction but that’s no reason to always pick on her. I thought that Kiara’s interaction with Cecilia was uncalled for. Age in this business has nothing to do with know how. I’ve been recording the entire season on my Hopper and the timer makes sure I catch every episode each week. I thought that the photo shoot went well but that Kiara looked like she wasn’t interested in the shoot at all. Her expression and pose are lazy. My DISH co-worker is still rooting for her but we will see how long she lasts. Personally I like Victoria’s weirdness and I love that sometimes she is way over the top.

    1. Hi ! Are you the same person who commented on this post : ? I feel your words are too familiar and thanks again for visiting and reading my blog, hope you enjoy my words :D I totally disappointed when Brittany was eliminated, it seems that Tyra always saves Kiara from elimination by giving a very high score to her. Kiara also succesfully saves her ass because she does well in almost every challenge, but I think her photograph is not stronger than Brittany or Leila. Victoria is an interesting person and sometimes takes a good photograph, but she recently becomes too skinny. That makes her is bad for role model. Have you seen all the pictures for upcoming episodes ? I think you will be dissapointed with Victoria's picture.



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