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[Recap] Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 1 (2012) Episode 2 : 2 (+1) SURPRISES !

After receiving some feedbacks, I decide to edit this post. I want to aplogize for my rude words and bias statements. I promise I will try to be as neutral as possible starting from this new recap. If you have anything in mind regarding my post, just leave comment. Thanks :)


The girls are back to their house. Helena is very happy getting the best photo. Bei Si is not surprised with Helena's winning. Melissa is so scared that she is in the bottom two and she feels like ... poop. Nadya Mail ! It gives a clue for ... RUNWAY (again). I feel they are not too creative about the challenge. Two runway challenges in a row is just MEH. Melissa who used to be confident with her walk, now doubts it. Most of them worry about runway. Most of them also positive about Trang. Monica says that Trang's walk is so different and she is a mama model for them. She gives advice to the girls. Sofia is given advice by Trang and Trang thinks that her body position is too forward. Trang is happy that the girls accept their advice, but Sofia looks unhappy with her advice.

The girls are having breakfast and knock ! knock ! There are Joey Mead King and a guy, Adam William who helps teaching runway in Australia's Next Top Model. It is good to know that they can 'import' fashion workers to train those girls. Adam William teaches Catwalk 101. He shows the right way to walk and he shows what Sofia does. It means Sofia gets it right and Trang is very shocked about that ! Joey and Adam ask them to show their walk in group. They say that Helena is too sexy, but Helena is so proud of her sexiness. She says that she can not hide her boobs and hips. Helena's personality might help her to be more memorable and more appearance, especially because she gets the very first best photo. Adam like Sofia and she becomes more confident. Based on how they edit this episode, I think Sofia will be in the Top 5 at least for this week's call-out.

Challenge time ! They will walk in a private fashion show in Joel Robuchon for Thomas Wee's collection. Trang is so confident with her walk. She might win it again because none of the girls impress the judges in last runway. They also will walk with Joey Mead King and Junita Simon. Never heard of Junita Simon. Sophia 'opens' the show after Joey and Junita. Her walk is quite elegant. She potrays a celebrity in red carpet look. The judges feel her improvement. Adam really likes Trang and he also states that he wants to be on her team. Monica is not confident with her walk. Her walk is quite a mess, but she is really adorable when she says that her walk is not elegant YET. The rest of the girls are not exposed :(

It's time to announce the winner. The winner will get a private consultation with Thomas Wee and he will design dress just for the winner and she is Trang (AGAIN). Trang predicts it because she knows that her walk is her strength. She picks Aastha and Stephanie to go for dinner in Joel Robuchon. Helena is very disappointed with Trang because that day is her birthday. She thinks Trang will choose her. Poor Helena.

The rest of the girls wear lipstick and give lip mark in paper and their body and they kiss Helena to surprise her and they succeed. Trang with two other girls are having a great dinner. Trang wants to take all of them, but she can not. She also feels sorry for Helena because she does not invite her. The girls in the house have their own party. They cook spaghetti ... for Helena. AWKWARD MOMENT when Trang, Aastha and Stephanie go home.

Aastha says thank you to Trang. She feels very close with Trang because she is not judgemental. Yes, Aastha is true ! The other girls are gossiping about Trang. Trang has seven thousand fans in facebook and they think that she has so much experience. Helena says that thing makes Trang is not serious about the competition, while Monica, who I adore so much, says Trang is above all of them. The funniest one is Filantropi's statement. She says that Trang is a Vietnam version of Channel Iman. I think it is too much, Filan. I do not think that Trang is not that great yet. Stephanie is more positive than the other girls, while the other girls think it is not fair for them. She fulfills the terms and conditionds, so she deserves to be here. Trang is asked to read the Tyra Mail, slowly, but not sure. Her english is bad. I think it will reduce her chance to win this competition. The clue is group shot !

Photoshoot :
The photoshoot takes place in former Tanjong Pagar train station. They also have special guest, Kenneth Goh, Harper's Bazaar's fashion director who photographs Janet Jackson, Cindy Crowford and many more. They also will wear fall runway collection from Prada. Last, but not least, the winning group picture will be featured in Harper's Bazaar as editorial. The theme is Prada Virtual Princesses. It is HUGE. They need to impress because this is very important photoshoot. Monica, Filantropi, Kate and Helena are in Group 1. Monica feels grateful with the group because she is with her favorite people in the house. Aastha, Sofia, Trang and Bei Si are in Group 2. Stephanie, Melissa, Jessica, Jee and Rachel are in Group 3.

Group 1 : Monica is the star of the photo. Daniel says that shes wears it right and it does not look like that she borrows it from her mom. Kenneth loves Helena, while Daniel thinks Kate improves so much. Filan destroys the group photos. Kenneth always yells to her because she always looks same. Kenneth needs her to give personality in the photo. Helena says that she will be pissed if their photo is not featured on Harper's Bazaar just because of Filan.

Group 2 : Trang is too similar and static. She gets too much direction and she does not improve. They stop the photoshoot because Trang's shoes hurt her. She does not talk or excuse about it until the photographer realizes there is something wrong with her. It is not her fault, she tries to wear it, but the final decision is getting rid of her shoes and hiding her feet behind the box. Helena says that Trang is unprofessional, compares to ... her. Sofia is amazing and she improves a lot. I predict that she will get the best photo. They love this team and Aastha thinks that they get a chance to win.

Group 3 : Melissa looks confident. Stephanie gets lots direction to relax and elongate her neck. Not a good week for Stephanie. They love Rachel's bone structure, while they think Jee is a disappointment.

They are back to the house. BAD NEWS, Monica gets a call from her home and her father is sick. She really wants to go home. She cries while packing her things. Kate is devastated because she and Monica are so close. Monica gives her last message in Thai to Jessica to win this for Thailand. Bei Si is shocked. She just hope that everything is okay. Monica gives a very last message to Filan not to give up. I am totally disappointed with her decision. It is too early to go home :(

Judging Panel :
The guest judges are Kenneth Goh and Adam William.

Helena looks fierce and masculine, but her lip does not look good.

Rachel's group shot looks like a family shot. She looks like a princess and the most important person in that photo.

Bei Si looks strong and confident, but her look is too typical Chinese classic girl.

Melissa is fierce. Kenneth praises her for being good as ASIA'S ... NEXT ...  TOP ... PR ! I laugh at this. I love Kenneth's comment to the girls. He gives hilarious comment and good feedback.

Aastha's picture is incredible. Adam says that she looks like a X-Box princess. I do not understand what he means with that comment.
Next is Filan, but Rachel collapses and she is taken by ambulance. Another elimination maybe ? Nadya announces that her health needs to be checked.

Filan is asked by Kenneth to pronounce her name. Kenneth hears "CATASTROPHE" instead. This guy is soooo funny. She needs not to overthink, she needs to bring heart and soul in the next photoshoot ... if she still survives.

Jee does not know how to pose and it shows in her face.

Trang does not impress Kenneth. Adam says that her action forces them to take the shoes from the magazine. IT IS TRUE ! However, it is a decision from whoever includes in this photo session, not only her. It is just not a good week her. She is not as strong as in previous week.

Jessica is Prada virtual princess in Kenneth's opinion. Go Jessica !

Kate looks scared. Kenneth says to the judges that she flirts with him during make up and photoshoot. She needs to flirt with the camera instead of with him. I love Kenneth's comment. Can he be the judge again in the next episodes ?

Stephanie looks too robotic and Kenneth calls her name in robotic way. What a good sarcasm ! She also looks panic. It is not good week for her.

Sofia looks scary-but-strong. She takes the brief and Kenneth thinks that she deserves to be in Harper's Bazaar.

Just in case you miss Monica and want to see her last picture ;)

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Nadya's Call Out :
Best group picture goes to ... Group 2 ! Congrats Aastha, Bei Si, Sofia and Trang. However, they will be judged individually.

Best picture goes to ... Aastha.

WHAT ? I thought it will be Sofia's turn. If Sofia does not get second call-out, the judges must be crazy.

2. Sofia
3. Jessica
4. Helena
5. Kate
6. Trang (Nadya speaks to her slowly. It sounds like how Trang talks. There are two possibilities with what she does. First, she tries to explain slowy or she is sarcastic.)
7. Bei Si
8. Melissa
9. Filantropi

The bottom two are Stephanie, the girl with the high expectation from the judges, and Jee, who almost ruins the group shoot. This week, Monica went home and ... there will be no elimination this week.

10. Jee (Nadya says that needs to work harder.)
11. Stephanie (She needs to do well because her photo this week is one of the worst.)

Next Week : Make Over ! Aastha does not like her new look ! Can Jee survive with her new red hair ? Stephanie reveals something that surprises the girls !

This week I do not make my own call-out because almost all of them look similar, but I will tell you my favorite photos. Those are Monica, Jessica and Sofia. I think Group 2 is the best and followed by Group 1. What about yours ?

Wait ! Why Rachel is not called at all ? Does it mean that she is eliminated or she gets a free pass to stay one week longer ? I think the second one makes more sense. See you next week ! I will post the complete photos as soon as possible after the offical photos are published. Stay tuned !

You can watch it here. Better watch it as soon as possible :)

For the official link just click here ! Happy watching :)


  1. Replies
    1. unfortunately, no, not yet. I will update this post if I have the link :)

  2. Well, thank you very much for your instant recap :)
    I honestly prefer your 1st episode's recap as it lacks your biased statements. Almost everything in this recap is godly true, except that one about Trang's unexpected dramatic moment...

    Let's think about it this way : she didn't whine or bitch about those shoes OR how she truly felt when the photo shoot started, did she ? Only when the judges noticed something wasn't right AND asked her, she spoke up. And maybe, MAYBE she needed to because who knows, her feet might get hurt badly from that horrid event and she could not participate any longer ?

    And why sharing tips w/ YOUR rivals is "too forward" ? The opposite of "humbleness" like Helena and her sexiness ? Does Trang seem like a textbook example of a "bitch" to you ?

    I have no problem about other remarks. Yeah, poor Helena that her birthday could not be celebrated at the fancy L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon as it would def be better than celebrating at home with other contestants, poor her that Trang felt bad that she could not bring all the girls but NOT enough to take her and "IT'S NOT FAIR!!!1111!!"; OMG Trang's English was hellishly bad and her accent was annoying, WOW the judges were being sarcastic and she could not understand it since she was only good at her mother tongue; Sofia showed some stunning results at both challenges; Aastha was more or less deserved to be the winner; Rachel's incident was unexpected and... oh my the theme "virtual princesses" that somehow slipped your mind while writing this recap, wasn't it more forgettable than bashing the girls?

    (I wasn't being sarcastic about the middle part)

    That's all I want to contribute to this article. As you can guess by now, I'm from Vietnam and I'm looking forward to your recap next week. May the fairest contestant win !

    1. Thanks for your suggestion and loyalty. I am still finding my own way to write. Hmm... I think this is a TV show and they need drama and bitch(es) to make this show interesting. The first victim is Trang. IMO, she is edited as if she is a real diva this week. After watching this episode, there will be two possibilities. First is you will find Trang will be the bitch of this cycle, like me. Second, you will find Helena, Monica and other girls who talk trash about Trang are bitches.

      Sorry for my bad english. I mean that Trang says Sofia's body is too forward and it is wrong in her opinion, but Adam shows the "right" walk similar to Sofia's walk.

      Okay, my bad that I did not mention the theme. Thanks for reminding me :D I admit that I need a lot to improve my recap and thanks to remind me about that. I really appreciate that.

      To be honest, I even do not support my own country haha. Maybe not yet ;) Yes, may the fairest contestant win. Tyra also said that they do not like bitches in the promotion :) Thanks once again for you suggestion and loyalty.

    2. Hmm... I need to assure you that I DON'T find any girl being a "bitch", only negative comments from viewers (yes, you include) and I wonder why.

      I also don't see Trang as a "diva" like you said, and you probably should look up the definition of that word (for me, there's only Céline Dion). That's why after watching this episode I was disappointed that the girls didn't deal w/ the situation like grown-ups, and the judges for actually coming up w/ such a predictable and drama-ensued challenge & prize.

      And puh-lease, girls talking trash to each other is nothing new in these shows. They need rating, you know ! :O

      I don't remember Trang said something like that to Sofia w/ a negative meaning. May I remind you that she wasn't the lucky one with English language ? Stop reading too much into it. Funny, because I remember the exact opposite : Trang showed the correct way, but Sofia didn't truly believe her until Adam trained the girls. Now I need to find a way to rewatch that ep. Thanks alot! :)

      Honestly, I don't even bother which country you're from. The competition is for individuals, not countries. Once again, I can confirm that there's no girl in this show worthy of being called a 'bitch'... yet. I suggest you to go watch America's NTM since you seems to be obsessed w/ that word.

      Maybe I'm being a little harsh, considering you answer my reply pretty fast and in such a reasonable way (and I'm grateful for that). Just... would you mind being more considerate and fair towards ALL the girls ? That's all I'd like to say.

    3. We need to remember in the end it is just a TV that needs drama to get higher rating, including edit someone as if she is the mean girl (I change the word, I know b*tch is rude). Sorry, I just get the better word :) FYI, I watch ANTM, how about you ? :)

      I want to say thank you one more time for spending time in order to make my recap becomes better. I promise I will try to be more neutral in the next recap.

      If you remember, I mention Trang as one of my early favorite girls in previous recap. I still like her, but she does not do great job for this week.

      I remember about Sofia's case, but if I am wrong, just mention it. I am very open if you want to give advices and comments :)

      I notice that Trang is not the only girl with bad English. Filantropi and Jessica also have a bad english. I know it is quite hard for the countries that do not have English as their mother tongue or first language. Trang is lucky because she shines. She wins two challenges in a row and she is from Vietnam's Next Top Model too. So, she gets more appearance, while Filantropi and Jessica who have a bad English and not stand out (yet) are not exposed. It is back to the editing wise. Hope it clears things out :)

  3. do you have any link for this video that can be downloaded or just watch online?, cause i can't find in every where,, i really want to watch this show,please,thanks a lot nd with this blog nd your recap its help me to know more than the asiantm wikipedia,, keep going man,love it

    1. Unfortunately, not yet. If I find the link, I will update this post. Keep update yourself :D

    2. okay i'll wait for that,, and definitely i'll always update in your blog man,, :D thanks so much,,,

    3. check it out ! I have updated this post with link :)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. First of all, I want to say thank you for spending your time to read my recap and give comment to it :D FYI, I have read it :) Thanks for reminding me again that I am over the top and judgemental. I still find "the right way" to write and thanks for your contribution :)

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Hi, thanks for your information so I can know Trang better :) I admit that I do not know Trang, but this is a TV show. The TV show maker can edit whoever he or she wants to look like a mean girl in that show. After receiving some good feedbacks (I do not consider your and other comments as harsh comments), I realize that I am too judgmental and giving rude words. I apologize for that. I re-edit my post to make it more neutral and I try to look from another side. I promise that I will be more neutral starting from this new recap. Thanks once again for your feedbacks, I really appreciate that :)

  6. Where can I find the link to ep 2?
    plz show me... thank u so much :)

    1. you can click "here" in the last sentence of this post or here :
      some people had difficulty in watching it, but it is actually quite simple and easy. all you need is just press play and wait for commercial and buffering :)



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