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[Recap] Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 1 (2012) Episode 5 : Asia's Next Top Model or Asia's Next Top Model-and-TV-personality ?

NADYA MAIL ! They will get a gift and regrouping. They try to give them new roommates ? It sounds interesting for drama. They get night wear from Peter Alexander. The new roomates are Aastha-Helena-Sofia, Kate-Jessica-Trang and Melissa-Rachel-Stephanie. Helena and Aastha seem to dislike each other. Aastha feels the negativity in her new room.

Filantropi leaves a letter on Rachel's bed. She says sorry for not hugging Kate, Rachel and Sofia in panel. Kate thinks that letter is only for her, but it is for all the girls. She leaves a naughty message ... for Helena.


"Helena, I like your focus, but please don't be mean to the other girls, especially to Melissa."

Wait, what Helena does to Melissa ? We have not seen anything related to that. On the other hand, Helena thinks that she is nice, while the other girls thinks she is a bitch. NADYA MAIL ! The girls guess that might be a styling challenge.

Sofia thinks that Trang is the hardest person to communicate in English. Helena also does not understand what Trang says. Trang knows about that and she feels it is okay as long as her modelling is still good. I think Trang should learn English more, especially before she enters the competition or ask for learning English with the girls who have better English skill because the winner will get modelling contract in UK.

They go to Parco Next Next and they meet Joey Mead King and international stylist, Jeannie Mai. Jeannie Mai gives tutorial and after that is challenge time ! They are divided into three groups based on their roomates. The first group is Rachel, Melissa and Steph and they need to give sexy look. The second group is Trang, Jessica and Kate and they need to give edgy look. The third group is Aastha, Helena and Sofia and they need to give quirky look. The look that Jeannie gives seems to repeat their previous photoshoots. I expect more creative challenge in the future. However, there will be only one winner.

Stephanie says everything does not look sexy and she starts to panic, while Sofia thinks that their outfit should stick with one designer. Trang's English is exposed once again and her teammates feel that she does not understand what edgy means. Helena thinks Aastha looks mess, but she says that she looks good instead. Trang thinks that Jessica's pink dress does not match, but Jessica sticks with it because she feels that is her style

First group does not get proper shoes. Jeannie says that they should wear heels as high as their hope. Stephanie uses accesories to make her look fun, but Joey thinks that does not look sexy.
Second group looks edgy and Jeannie loves their individual look.
Thrid group looks like factory explotion. It does not look quirky, but it looks like I-don't-own-mirror-at-home look.
The winning group is second group, but the individual winner is Jessica ! Okay, Trang is proven wrong once again. If Trang does not do good in photoshoot, she might be eliminated. Jessica gets S$500 shopping voucher in Parco Next Next and S$3,500 iconic time piece from George Jenson. She feels more confident more with her winning.

Jessica goes back and gives Kate and Trang a ring. The girls love her new watch. Stephanie has conversation with Helena about Helena's loneliness. Stephanie does not understand why and Helena feels that everyone thinks that she is mean to Melissa, but she does not care if the girls like her or not. I wonder what really happen with Helena and Melissa. I hope they will tell about that later in this episode. NADYA MAIL ! It is about french riviera and sailing. They think about Titanic.

The girls meet Joey at Marina Keppel Bay. They will get a boat excursion, but in the end of their journey, they will have photoshoot. Helena is alone (again) and she feels that she is in high school again. She is kinda home sick. Daniel welcomes them to Nongsa Point Marina in Indonesia. The photographer is Chuck Reyes who is also photographer for Nylon, Esquire and August Man. The theme is about Top Model vacation and french riviera.

Aastha is stepping up her game. Daniel feels that she looks good even she is posing behind glass window.
Rachel is not connected with the male model.
Melissa asks the photographer about what she should do in photoshoot. Daniel states that what Melissa does should be done by other models.
Stephanie is squinted. She wants to give strong look, but that is what happened. They give direction "one, two, open", but she still does that.
Kate listens to the advice and steps up. She gets difficult pose and her reflection is also matter. Daniel says that her photoshoot is very nice.
Helena shows and says how she wants it. No comment about the photoshoot.
Sofia gets one pose and she does not do well. The photographer feels that she is not comfortable with her height.
Jessica looks at the view and the photographer loves her. He and Daniel think that she is born as model. The photographer only needs to press the button and that's it.
Trang does not understand the direction. Daniel feels that her photo is horrible and he shouts that she should ask if she does not understand. Daniel feels that it is the longest ten minutes ever in her life.

The girls go back. Melissa tells the other girl that she is traumatized by Helena. Helena glares at her in panel. Helena looks angry at Melissa. Stephanie tries to be positive and looks what is good in a person. Melissa feels attacked and she does not think it is fair to her. Only that ? Really ? I think there is something more about them. Hopefully they show it in the next episode.

Judging Panel :
The guest judge is Jeannie Mai. Joey replaces Daniel once again.
Kate refines and looks focus. Joey loves it and she also likes her reflection. Her photo surprises Jeannie because Jeannie does not expect good photo from her.

Stephanie has issue with light, but Todd thinks that she is good in showcasing the outfit. However, Jeannie thinks that the outfit is wearing her.

Rachel's photo is saved by her facial expression.

Jessica looks more confident. She is also nice to ask the stylist to move because she wants to see the view. She looks like a movie star in photo, but the judges doubt her potential.

Sofia does not own everything in photo. She gives something, but in wrong way.

Melissa feels that she looks taller. The judges think that she does not project her personality in her photo.

Helena is a little bit too posey, but Jeannie would buy everything that she wears in the photo.

Aastha gives an-almost-smile that Nadya loves. Jeannie loves her shoulder.

Trang's mouth is stiff. Nadya gives a chance for Trang to communicate with Jeannie in Vietnamese about her problem with communicate in English. The judges know that she does not understand many times, but she is afraid to ask.

Nadya's Call-Out :
Best photo goes to ... Kate.
A predictable one, but I totally agree !
2. Aastha
3. Jessica (I think that she will be the runner-up :( )
4. Helena
5. Rachel
6. Stephanie
7. Sofia

Another predictable bottom two. Who stays ? The girl who consistently tries, but the judges feel that she is not a model ? Or the girl who looks like model, but she does not show any effort to try ?

8. Melissa
9. Trang

Melissa looks shocked. Helena and Kate looks shocked too. No surprise ! We should remember that good communication in English is one of the requirements and so does the girl should be 5'7'' and above. In the end, the winner will get a contract with Storm Model in UK. To be honest, I do not know how Trang will survive if she becomes the winner with that her English skill. I hope she can be better in English and modelling outside. Trang feels that she has problems with language and communication problem. She feels that she needs to study English more. What do you think ? Do you agree with Trang's elimination or not ?

Next Week :  Kate wants to marry Rachel ! Helena's reputation as public enemy #1 ! A Tresemme commercial challenge with huge prize ! The prize is all expenses paid to New York !

P.S. : I can not catch the first air of the next episode. I will try my best to catch the first re-run on the same day. So, I will not post the next recap as fast as I do. Thank you for your attention :)

You can watch it here.


  1. Thanks for updating so quickly! I'm Malaysian and my nationalistic urge tells me that I should support Melissa but she has a lot to improve!

    The other girls are so good! We'll see... For me, it's everyone's game. Look at Sofia, she got FCO last week but today she got 3rd from bottom... :(

    BTW, how is the conversation between Jeanie and Trang?

    1. Thanks for your loyalty too ;)

      Yes, Melissa should improve more than she has done because her look and her height do not support her to do modelling :(

      Aastha also fell in third episode from best photo to bottom two, but she was saved.

      Jeannie asks in Vietnamese what Trang's problem, does she understand until now, but Trang does not understand most of the time. She states that she is afraid to ask. Melissa and Trang have their own problem. They need to improve in order to be success in modelling industry :)

    2. No. It not true. Trang said she still understand and speak English simply, she knows how to communicate with the girls. But Jannie translate that Trang had not understand all the time. It's so sad. Trang was mistake.

    3. I feel something is odd too. I feel like Jeannie is invited just for connecting the judges and Trang because she can speak Vietnamese. You can watch this video and you will see that Trang brings her electronic english dictionary, but it did not show that she uses it. I do not know whether she does not care about it or it is just not shown in TV.

  2. I disagree with the Judges. I think Trang deserve to stay with the show at least for a few next episode. She is a potential 'drama object' for this show She is one of the reason for me to keep watching this show. haha.

    But I agree with you that the winner should have English skills. however it is impossible for Trang to win this show if she don't make any significant progress with her English. I wonder that Trang is out of luck since she got a makeover. hahaha

    1. Why do you think that she is a potential drama object ? She is so quiet :)

      I also do not like her makeover, she is better with her previous haircut.



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