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[Recap] Asia's Next Top Model Cycle 1 (2012) Episode 6 : Brain, Beauty & Behaviour

First of all, I want to apologize for not posting recap as fast as usual. I left a note in previous recap about the reason. However, I am very disappointed. There are some people who quote or just copy paste part oh this blogs to social media and admit that as their words. For the example, there is one of the unofficial Asia's Next Top Model 's contestants fan page who do that. Please, mention this blog in future if you quote some sentences from this blog. It will be very nice of you if you do so :)

Kate is very happy to get her best photographs. She feels that is a dream come true. It is a moment that she keeps improving week by week. Rachel agrees with the judges because she feels that Kate's photograph is different with others and she deserves to get that.


Jessica is sad with Trang's elimination. She gets a letter from Trang that puts on her bed. Rachel is having a hard time to read Trang's letter. It might be because of the wrong grammar. Trang's letter is put on the shrine beside Filantropi's letter. Aastha and Helena do not expect Trang's elimination. Helena feels that Melissa is pretty, but she is not a model. Melissa exactly knows what Helena really wants.

They are gathered in the kitchen and Rachel asks the other girls to clean up what they use. Helena does not wash her things and Stephanie asks her to clean it clearly and wipes it also. Helena feels intimidated. Jessica realizes that Helena thinks that competition is the priority and she does not care about the other girls, while Jessica still cares about others. NADYA MAIL ! It is about memory and hairy situation. They guess that it is a hair commercial. It is written that they should have elephant memory, but Kate thinks that she looks like a gold fish. I think Kate is the only girl that make the show fun and interesting. Helena is no more funny like before, so Kate is the only girl that gives bubbly personality.

The girls meet Joey and hair stylist, Andrea Claire who gives them quick hair tips. After that, they have a challenge about TRESemme's commercial. They have to style their own hair and write their own script for online commercial with some line that is compulsory. They need to show their personality too through the commercial. Helena is confident about commercial because she thinks that it is her thing. Jessica gets a lot of subtitles in this episode. I hope she will not have a fate like Trang because of her English. Kate and Rachel help and support each other.

Rachel can not remember her line and tries to improvise. She looks sad. Joey feels that she is flat.
Kate's commercial is funny. She gives personality, but she misspells TRESemme over and over. Joey does not think that she nails it.
Stephanie forgets her words. Joey feels that public speaking is not for her.
Sofia gives a quite good line, but Joey feels that Sofia also does not believe with what she says.
Melissa has a lot of energy, but she is too fast and too excited.
Aaastha does not comfortable talking in front of people. She looks as if she just speaks her line and she also keeps forgetting her line. However, she nails it in the last take and Joey loves that.
Helena tries to be best friend, but Joey thinks that her commercial is too girly.
Jessica is stiff. Joey does not buy that. She has difficulty in pronunciation.

The winner is Aastha ! She deserves to win. She gives personality that we have never seen before. Great job Aastha ! She gets a free night stay in Hard Rock and she shares her prize with Stephanie. Aastha also gets all expenses paid to New York in Fashion Week 2013. It is a huge prize. Congratulations Aastha ! Helena is surprised with Aastha's winning because Aastha always looks grumpy. Helena feels that she deserves to win that and she is very confident that Aastha will see her (Helena) as model in New York Fashion Week. Helena looks over confident in the last few episodes. I think the judges will talk about that soon in panel.

NADYA MAIL ! It is about beauty shot, hair, natural, simple and smize. Aastha and Stepahnie go to Hard Rock. They get some stuff from Hard Rock, such as T-shirt, cap and teddy bear. Aastha and Stephanie enjoy their luxury, while the other girls are cleaning the house. Rachel admits that she really loves to clean. Maybe she has a 'disease' that she needs everything to be very clean. This episode shows how Kate and Rachel are close. They are always together and Kate asks Rachel to marry her ! I know it is a joke and it is kinda usual for girl having a friendship like that, but it is a competition. I do not know what will happen if both of them are in the bottom two. Jessica calls her boyfriend, Joe and tells him how much she doubts herself. After having a phone call, Jessica is more calm and confident.

Photoshoot time ! The girls meet Daniel. The photoshoot will be a beauty shot for TRESemme. The best photograph will be used to promote product for local campaigns. Wow, it is probably one of the biggest prizes after Prada shoot for Harper's Bazaar. 

Sofia's hair upstages her in the beginning, but she can surprise Daniel by giving "I got secret" look.
Melissa needs to smile with her eyes. Daniel states that she is a commercial model. If she can not use her face, she is not a model.
Stephanie gives too much tense and she needs to relax.
Aastha gives dead eyes and looks tired, but she can catch up in her last few frames.
Rachel is flat. Daniel is not impressed.
Kate does not show her personality through her photo one more time.
Jessica tries to be confident. She gives variety and edgy look. She also gives "I have secret look".
Helena gives poses, but the photographer does not like her poses. She is too sexy and sultry.

Judging Panel :
Jessica looks not confident in the video, but she embodies the brand really well. The other girls wow her photo.

Aastha gives personality that the judges want to see from her, but her photo is just a luck shot for Daniel. Nadya likes her symmetry in her photo. Todd likes her eyebrow.

Stephanie's hair looks terrible in her video and the judges do not like her video. Her photo does not really stand out and does not have a secret.

Rachel looks as if she tries to memorize her line, she tries to improvise. Her photos look similar. The judges can feel the secret, but the client struggles to find a photograph that can represent the brand.

Kate feels that her video is laughable. Todd is entertained with her video and the girls laugh at her video, but Daniel will switch off the if he sees that kind of commercial. Her photo is just an okay picture.

Melissa looks as if she is bucking down to camera in her video. Her photo shows sadness and she does not look happy with her hair.

Helena is praised by doing tension with her hair in video. Helena loves her photo, but Nadya likes her eyes and she does not like her mouth.

Sofia should not lose her face from camera in her video. Her photo gives good face, beautiful hair and intensity in her eyes.

Nadya's Call-Out :
Best photograph goes to ... Sofia. I think she deserves to get that ! Her hair looks great.

2. Jessica (Totally deserves !)
3. Stephanie
4. Aastha (I think she should be called earlier.)
5. Melissa (She looks very pretty and deserves to be called earlier.)
6. Helena (She gives good eyes, but a little bit too sexy.)

I do not expect the bottom two will be that best friends. Kate cries and says that she expect this will happen. She says to Nadya that she is very close to Rachel, but Nadya reminds her again that this is a competition and there will be only one winner. Rachel also cries.

Who stays ? The girl with beautfiul look, but she plays it too safe ? Or the girl with so much potential, but she is not consistent enough ?

7. Kate
8. Rachel

I agree with the judges that Kate should translate her vibrant personality through her photographs. Rachel says that she will miss Kate, but she does not want to affect Kate.

Next Week : Kate struggles without Rachel ! Nadya Mail with possibility a nude photoshoot ! Helena thinks that Sofia is mean ! Helena's melt down in panel !

You can watch the full episode here.


  1. Thanks a lot! Really enjoyed reading this... :)

  2. ohhh brooo, when time to go home for helena i want to see someone kick her ass from this competition,, i don't like at all from first time she's tough i know but she so mean, selfish, she doesn't have what it takes, i'm sorry but it's true,, hate helena,i'm sad why rachel go, but it was happen, we'll see next week,, peaceee,, :D



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